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Review: O Come All Ye Kinky edited by Sarah Frantz

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Christmas is a time of love and joy, and the New Year is a time of renewal. But they are also times of stress and strife, family drama, pressure and heartache—a potent mix of high expectations and conflicted emotions. Add in power exchange relationships, kinky gift swaps, and unconventional love in a sometimes unforgiving world, and you have a formula for a sizzling anthology of stories that tug at your heart. 

Tree Topper by Jane Davitt 

Stan and Martin have been seeing each other for 6 months and love each other but it’s just not working for Martin. He wants to dominate Stan and Stan is a born submissive but every time he tries something new with Stan it seems that Stan shies away. In the meantime Stan is getting more and more mouthy and disrespectful to Martin and of course Martin feels that everything is his fault as he just doesn’t have any Dom experience.

When it comes down to finally breaking down and communicating about what’s up Martin and Stand discover that it’s a little bit of problem on both sides of the fence. They work out a plan that will work for both of them and they’re both thrilled. Especially when Christmas presents bring lots of fun toys to play with.

This is a cute story of two men working their way through their D/s issues. I loved how they finally just sat down and worked it out and left nothing to chance. The play after Christmas was fun and I loved seeing Martin use his imagination with a little wrapping paper and tape.

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Twas The Night by Ava March

Percival and Michael have been having sex for a few months and they’ve both been having a great time. They have to be discreet as sodomy is against the law but they manage quite well. Michael, however much he likes Percy, and he does, has no idea what Percy likes when it comes to sex. Yes, Michael can tell that he likes to be dominated but he wants specifics. On this Christmas day he gives himself a present from Percy and that’s to have Percy tell him exactly what he wants. For Percy this is damned difficult. He’s only acknowledged his desire for men for a year and his guilt and shame at wanting to submit eats at him. He manages to let Michael break through his walls and the end result is fantastic.

I’m not normally a fan of m/m historicals but as this takes place mostly in a house I couldn’t help but like it. Michael is a kind, caring lover and I loved that about him. Yes, he is in command when he and Percy are together but he’s not cruel in any way. Watching Percy come out of his shell a bit and knowing that he will continue to grow in the relationship just made me smile. This was a great story I liked a lot.

Rating: 4 out of 5 

Fireworks by Katie Porter

In this story we meet Emma and Rachel who have been in a D/s long-distance relationship for 2 years. But it’s all over after New Years Eve as Rachel is moving to Tokyo for a year. Emma is crushed but wants this night to say goodbye.

Rachel is emotionally cut off. She’s been disappointed in people her whole life and though she’s the one who has always left when someone is disappointed in her she feels that everyone leaves her. She would love to have Emma go with her to Tokyo but she KNOWS that Emma will just end up hating her and abandon her in the end. Or will she? Rache’s fear of rejection might have her making all the wrong decisions in the end.

The f/f story brought a couple of feelings to the surface while I was reading. My heart ached for Emma because I knew she loved Rachel and wanted to be with her and a bit for Rachel as well as I could tell that she had had a hard time in life emotionally. That being said the sex was not my cup of tea. Rachel definitely dominated Emma and Emma loved it, got off on it, flew to unknown places in her own psyche because of it. I personally just didn’t care for the hair pulling, face slapping and Rachel’s attitude in general as it just read as more cruel than sexual. The name calling wasn’t something I enjoyed either. I wouldn’t like it in m/m or m/f either so I think that’s pretty standard with me. Those are my own preferences though so someone who likes that might enjoy this story more than I did. I’m happy to say that the big emotional scene was left to the end so I ended the story on a high note.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Candy Caning by LA Witt 

Nate and Stephen are doing their Christmas shopping but neither is really have a great time at it. Nate and Stephen, especially Stephen, like Christmas less and less each year. This because every year they spend Christmas Eve with Nate’s family and Nate’s mom’s is highly critical of both of them, especially Stephen. He can do no right, say no right and he’s certainly not good enough for Nate. Of course if Stephen wasn’t there then she’s be digging into Nate. Basically she’s just a critical woman.

Neither one of them is looking forward to that banner day but when they come across a very large, very thick candy cane while doing their Christmas shopping all thoughts of his mother flee his head because he has thoughts of candy caning floating in his head. Though Stephen mentioned it might be something to think about nothing is set in stone, or peppermint.

This was a great little short story. There really wasn’t a lot to it except that you could sense the depth of emotion from both Stephen and Nate and I love that about Witt’s writing. The sex scene – with yes, the cane, is very hot and kinky and oh so good.

Rating: 4 out of 5 

Submissive Angel by Joey W. Hill

Six months earlier Robert found Ange beat up in the alley behind Robert’s vintage toy shop. He gave Ange a room and a job…and his heart. Robert knew from minute one that Ange was the submissive for him but he never made his move. Now it’s Christmas and Robert can’t hold back any longer. He heads to the toy shop, as Ange has a room in back, and finds Ange dancing. Ange of course has been waiting months for Robert and is very excited to have his master finally do what he’s been waiting for.

While this was a very sweet story it just didn’t work for me all that well. Something about Ange rubbed me the wrong way. He was almost too sweet and while it was a nice story I just couldn’t get into it as much as the previous stories.

3 out of 5 

Open Return by Elyan Smith 

Zach is back from a 15 year absence. He had contacted his foster parents and “friends” just a couple of times after he took off without a goodbye or a backward glance all those years ago. When he heads into his small home town in Illinois his foster parents are having a Christmas party and his old lovers, Laura and Scott, are there as well. Zach has to deal with his feelings as he returns to his somewhat close minded town and people who will always see him as Hannah and not Zach. He also is anxious to get back to Laura and Scott, who are now married with kids, and what they had to offer in the bedroom.

While this was a decent story I was kind of lost to the point of it all. Besides reconnecting with old lovers and showing us a sex scene that was very bdsm extra lite, I was that connected with the characters. Laura and Scott weren’t delved into at all and Zach…well, Zach confused me. He just seemed so up in the air about what he wanted in life. He had a great job in Australia but would give it all up to be with Laura and Scott, who didn’t seem all that completely into him? IDK, I just didn’t understand his thinking. I think the story was too short to fully realize all the emotion that Zach was feeling and I wish the story would have been longer.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Ring Out the Old and In the New by Alexa Snow 

It’s Christmas by Evan isn’t feeling the holiday spirit, as much as his partner tries to get him to. Evan, some months earlier was mugged on the tube and his face scarred. After being stared at his whole life for his beauty now he fears he will be stared at because of his monstrous face. Russell is also trying to help Evan as he hasn’t left the house – he just doesn’t feel safe.

This was a cute story. It was Russell gently taking care of his sub, Evan, and making him feel safe that was the basis of the story. Russell uses his domination to help Evan feel safe and know that he is loved, no matter what he looks like. Nothing too kinky involved but yet very sweet.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

His Very Last Chance by Kim Dare

Drew is freaking out. His Dom, Kingsley, overheard him saying something that was taken the wrong way and now he’s afraid that Kingsley is going to end their relationship. What Kingsley really wants is to let Drew know that he couldn’t be more wrong about him and that he loves Drew.

Another cute story with some bondage and wax play. Kingsley was trying to show Drew how he felt about him. I didn’t really feel all that much emotion in the story, except Drew’s fear that he’ll be pushed aside, but I really enjoyed the scene in the end.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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DFRAT Review: Portside by Elyan Smith

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Life on the dole in a dying town is defined by drinking when you can, smoking to pass the time, and, if you’re gay, going down to the barracks at the old port to get some. Iwan’s got the cigarettes and the booze down pat, but he lacks experience, so he sticks to online porn and watching the lads portside.

Everyone else seems to have learned how to get what they want, yet Iwan can’t get past everything that could go wrong. He knows who he is, regardless of labels. But no matter how often his best friend tells him to just go for it, he doesn’t trust others to see past his mismatched body.

Paying for what he’s afraid to get for free may seem absurd, but it’s better than just watching, and it’s better than porn. It may not change the world he lives in, but with luck, it will change him.
Iwan has a crush on Jonah. Jonah hangs at the barracks and while Iwan knows that what his ultimate goal is is to be with Jonah (in a sexual way – I wasn’t really getting the romance vibe) he lacks experience. For Iwan this creates a huge problem. He doesn’t want to look like a fool in front of Jonah and since the extent of what he knows lies in what he’s seen on online porn he makes a bold move. He ends up contacting a guy online and heading to London from his home in Wales to pay for sex.
This was a pretty short book but it was a good one. I understood that Iwan felt there might be more barriers for him in his hometown obtaining the experience he felt he needed as he was a transgender male, but the risk he took in heading to London had me screaming, “No! Don’t do it!!” In the end it did work out for Iwan but it still had me on a bit of pins and needles.
I really liked the writing in the story. It truly gave me an idea of the depressed state of Iwan’s town, his home life and his fear of rejection for his inexperience. The focus of the book wasn’t on the fact that Iwan was a transgender male, and I didn’t quite pick that up from the blurb, but since it was worked into the story so well I was focused more on Iwan’s sexual issues – rather than his identity – as that was what the story was about. Being a romantic I have to say that I really would have liked to have seen more interaction with Jonah rather than the guy he paid in London but since it’s not a romance I didn’t get that. lol
As I said, I enjoyed the writing and will definitely keep Smith on my radar.
Rating: 3 out of 5

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What I Read Last Week

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Good Afternoon!
How are you? Things here are good. Life has been pretty quiet with my oldest already out of school. She’s bored already and she’s only been out of school for a little over a week – oy. lol My youngest’s last day of school is Wednesday and she’s thrilled about that fact.
DFRAT 2012: Thank you to all the authors who are participating! We’ve had a great response to the Read-A-Thon and there’s definitely more to come with 3 weeks left of June. Lots of guest posts and giveaways!
I don’t have the schedule from other blogs that are participating in DFRAT but the schedule here on Tracy’s Place this week will include the following authors:
June 12th – Jeffe Kennedy
June 13th – Rita Henuber
June 14th – Daisy Harris – while not necessarily participating in DFRAT she is a digital first author – woohoo!
June 16th – Christine D’Abo
June 17th – Julie Korzenko
I’ll post the schedule for all the blogs as soon as I get it
This past week I read 4 digital first book. I actually didn’t pick up a paperback book at all this week as all my reads were ebooks but only the 4 were digital first. 🙂
So on to what I read:
First up for the week was Messenger’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden. This is a series about the 4 favorite archangels who had mates that were made especially for them. They of course are searching for said mates and in this book Gabriel meets his woman – Juliette. The story had the angst of their relationship as well as the trials and tribulations of them running from the bad archangels. The story was a bit fantastical for me which seems weird to say since I knew there were archangels involved but beside that it was too contrived for my liking. I read this for Book Binge so I’ll let you know when my review posts. 2 out of 5
Next was Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy. Book 6 in the Fast Track series was a cute fun read. Eve Monroe is uptight and can’t relax – she starts dating her brothers jackman, Nolan Ford. The pair are cute together and I really liked their dynamic but I thought that there were a bunch of stuff that wasn’t resolved by the end of the book. Entertaining book, just a little frustrating for me. 3.25 out of 5 Read this one for Book Binge as well.
Next was Portside by Elyan Smith. This was the story of Iwan who lives in Wales and wants nothing more than to hang out down at the docks and get a little action from one of the guys – one guys specifically, Jonah. I’ll be reviewing this book this week so keep your eyes open to read more.
I’m Not Sexy and I Know It by Vic Winter was an adorably cute story about a guy who has no self-confidence when it comes to meeting guys and dancing. At a bar one night a guy comes up behind him and starts to dance with him and kind of direct his moves. This gives him a huge boost and makes him feel oh so sexy. The story is a good one about friends to lovers and well worth the read. 3 out of 5
More Than A Stranger by Erin Knightley is the story of Evelyn who is completely put out when her brother, who is her best friend, heads to Eton and his letters start to be filled with constant talk of a new friend, Benedict Hastings. Evelyn is completely put out that she might be replaced so decides to write to said new friend and let him know in no uncertain terms that he is NOT her brothers BEST friend – that would be her. Pretty big talk from an 11 year old girl. lol The two become correspondents for 5 years until Hastings breaks Evelyn’s heart. Now Benedict is at Evie’s home under an assumed name. The pair start to fall in love but Benedict knows that he can’t get close to Evie cuz he’ll just have to break her heart all over again. This was an interesting book. I loved the correspondence aspect of the book and many other things but the story really was told in almost 2 separate stories and not interwoven well imho. I read this one for Book Binge so I’ll let you know when my review post. 3.5 out of 5
Mind Magic by Poppy Dennison was a good paranormal read about a mage who saves some were cubs from death by a demon. He then meets the alpha of the local werewolf pack, Gray, and sparks fly. The story is about the romance as well as the them trying to find out who took the cubs and why. I’ll post my review for this one this week so keep your eyes peeled.
Last for the week was The Tin Star by JL Langley. The story of a 21 year old who comes out to his father and brother and all hell breaks loose. I read this one for my TBR Challenge read and will post my review for this one on Wednesday.
My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:
Happy Reading!!

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