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Book Watch: Tempted Again by Cathie Linz.

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Marissa Bennett needs to start over, but the last thing she needs is a new man in her life. Enter sexy lawman Connor Doyle-the high school bad boy who took her innocence. She knows she should turn the page on her past, but Connor is irresistible. Has she come all the way home just to get her heart broken again?

To be honest, the reason this book caught my eye is because of the name of the hero in this book. His name is Connor Doyle. That’s my 16 year old nephew’s best friend’s name. So when I saw sexy lawman Connor Doyle, I didn’t think of sexy lawmen. I thought of the annoying blonde kid that calls the house thirty times before giving up and trying Chance on his cell phone. I thought of the too loud, doesn’t know when to shut up on the sidelines during Chance’s volleyball games little boy that annoys the snot out of me.

How on earth am I going to take this Connor Doyle seriously while I’m reading this book (because I WILL be reading this book dammit), I have no idea but that’s not going to stop me from trying. I mean, look at the blurb? It’s like it was written with me in mind. I LOVE these kinds of storylines so of course I’m looking forward to reading it. I just hope this Connor Doyle won’t annoy me half as much as the one I know in real life. =)

This book comes out on January 3, 2012 so we don’t have too long of a wait for it to be in our greedy little paws but who has plans to read this book? Besides me, of course. =)

This book is available from Berkley. You can pre-order it here or here in e-format.

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Review: Luck be a Lady by Cathie Linz.

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Publisher: Berkley, Penguin

Rowena’s review of Luck be a Lady by Cathie Linz.

Hero: Logan Doyle
Heroine: Meg West

A shocking announcement at her cousin’s Vegas wedding sends retro- loving librarian Megan West on a whirlwind tour across Nevada with brash cop Logan Doyle. It’s the gamble-and perhaps love affair-of a lifetime…

To be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a romance reading slump. Every time that I pick up a romance novel, something else will catch my attention and down the book would go. In the last couple of weeks, this is the only book that I’ve started and finished.

I liked this book. It was cute, fluffy and though there were some things that I felt weren’t explored enough in the book, I still enjoyed it. The story starts off at Megan’s cousin’s wedding in Las Vegas and during the ceremony, we meet the hero Logan as he tries to stop the wedding, thinking that his grandfather is marrying Megan’s grandmother. Logan wants to keep his grandfather from being arrested for bigamy and after everything has settled down, the story really begins.

While at the wedding reception, Megan overhears her uncle (the bride’s Dad) talking about her mother to her Dad. The mother that her father told her was dead turns out to be…not dead. Of course, Megan flips out and runs away. She runs right into Logan Doyle who is a sucker for a damsel in distress and he takes her out for some pancakes and then the adventure begins.

I really enjoyed getting to know both Megan and Logan. Megan was a do gooder with a heart of gold and Logan was a jaded stud of a man who was perfect for Megan. My favorite parts of this book were the parts where Megan and Logan are both front and center. The chemistry that everyone talked about at the wedding was felt by me and it leaped right off the pages. I enjoyed the romance that bloomed between the two of them and the way that they both fell in love with each other was just cute.

I was surprised at the end when the first of the two (Meg and Logan) confessed their love for the other. I totally thought it was going to be one person who said it first but I was wrong. I loved that I was wrong.

Overall, this book was cute. It was exactly what I needed to read at the time that I read it and it was just an enjoyable book that I’m glad that I read. I enjoyed the secondary storyline between Logan’s grandfather and Megan’s grandmother. Logan’s grandfather (who’s name is totally beyond me right now) is a hoot! He had me cracking up more than once throughout the book and I just loved him to death.

The whole deal with Megan’s mother took a backseat to everything else that was going on in the book that I didn’t really pay it too much attention but still, I enjoyed the book. So yeah, I recommend this book to lover of contemporary romance and to readers who want something light and fluffy to read.

4 out of 5

This book is available from Berkley Sensation. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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Book Watch: Mad, Bad and Blonde by Cathie Linz.

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Publisher: Berkley, Penguin

I’ve never read a book by this author before but I think Casee has and if I remember correctly, I think she enjoyed them as well so when I came across this cover (which I think is cute) and then I read the blurb…I’m sold. I want to read this book so it’s going on my list.

Check it out:

Book Cover

After being jilted at the altar, librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo, but doesn’t stay that way too long. And though her sexy rebound man has ulterior motives, feelings surface that neither of them are prepared for.

Has anyone read Cathie Linz before? Can you guys let me know if she’s good or not? This book comes out on March 2, 2010 so I have some time but help a sister out and let me know if this author is worth checking out…


This book is available from Berkley Sensation. You can pre-order it here.

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Review: Smart Girls Think Twice by Cathie Linz

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Where dangerously sexy men are concerned….SMART GIRLS THINK TWICE

With her job hanging in the balance, sociologist Emma Riley is back in her hometown of Rock Creek, Pennsylvania, for both her sisters’ weddings. As if that isn’t depressing enough, Emma also needs to stay focused on the research project that could save her job and launch her career. Her success hinges on sexy Rock Creek newcomer Jake Slayter.

Unfortunately, Jake wants nothing to do with Emma — or her big project. He has his own motives for being in Rock Creek, and if there’s one thing he can’t afford, it’s a distraction in the form of a brainy beauty like Emma. Too bad Emma has made it perfectly clear that she’s way too smart to let him stand in her way. Too bad Jake has made it perfectly clear that he’s way too smart to take no for an answer!

I’ve really enjoyed Cathie Linz’s books and Smart Girls Think Twice was almost as good as I expected. Emma Riley returns to Rock Creek for both her sisters’ weddings. She’s also there to do a research project that will save her career. All she needs is to get bartender Jake Slayter to agree to talk to her about his time as an extreme adventure sports athlete.

Jake Slayter has his own reasons for being in Rock Creek and being a part of Emma’s research project isn’t one of them. After watching his best friend die and almost dying himself, Jake’s priorities have changed. Number one on his list is finding his birth mother. He has several candidates, all from Rock Creek, but needs to narrow it down.

Jake and Emma are complete opposites which is what makes their relationship so good. Jake is a risk taker, Emma is a scholar. Jake is a doer, Emma is a thinker. There’s a variety of different things that makes them different, but attractive to each other at the same time. Jake has never been as attracted to someone as he is to Emma and he knows that Emma is just as attracted to him.

One thing that I didn’t like about this book was Sue Ellen, Emma’s sister. In the last book, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Sue Ellen finally got her happily ever after (after being the secondary character in a few other books). She always seemed to be misunderstood and it was just sad b/c she deserved to be happy. I couldn’t stand her in this book. What was sweet in prior books grated in this book. She was a whining harpy who wanted the attention on herself. Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed if she had been like that in the beginning, but I did and I hated it.

Emma’s family doesn’t really know her, which is one thing that is abundantly clear. Jake is the only one that sees Emma for who she really is. While the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING at the end is a little overdone, I was happy with Emma and Jake.

4 out of 5.

This book is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

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Hey kiddles! How’s tricks? Things are good in the Tracy household. Never a dull moment. My oldest sprained her ankle and has been on crutches for the past few days but she’s walking on the foot now so I’m sure she’ll be crutch free by tomorrow. My youngest fell off an apparatus at school and banged her head. She was a trooper though and luckily there was no outer or inner damage. 🙂 Gotta love those kids with hard heads! lol She obviously takes after her mother.

I’m looking forward to this next weekend when Lisabea of Nose In A Book will be visiting our little slice of America. We’ll have a So Cal. Blogger Get-Together on Sunday which will be fun, fun, fun I’m sure. According to weather.com it’s supposed to be 70 and partly cloudy that day. Hopefully we can pull out some great CA weather for her.

Ok, reading…I started off with 2 great books by JL Langley: Without Reservations and With Caution. Both m/m werewolf books and both wonderful. I really liked how JL brought these men together and showed us their lives. I can’t wait for the next story in this series…which according to JL’s WIP page will be Matt’s story. Very cool.

Next up I read Sizzle by Jennifer Crusie. According to Crusie’s site the novella was the first book she wrote and she’s trying to forget it. I don’t know, it had a pretty hot scene with a desk involved. lol Although it had some great dialogue and funny scenes I didn’t love it. The hero didn’t listen and the heroine was trying to get him to do so…but I wasn’t all that interested in the heroine because in her own way, she wasn’t listening to him either.

Smart Girls Think Twice by Cathie Linz was my next read. It was a pretty cute book. There were some things I didn’t care for – like when the hero was trying to push the heroine away because he was scared of his feeling he was downright nasty – being one of them. I just don’t think there’s ever a call to be that nasty, but I can’t love every word of every book, now can I?

Next I read a short called Sandwich Play by Brigit Zahara. Ok, I hate the name of this book! I get that the guys played football in high school and that was one of the names of their plays…but I still hate it! lol It was very short but there was some incredibly hot sex involved. A widowed cop and the two men she had the hots for back in high school run into each other and love play ensues. But when the men aka vampires tell her what they are she accepts it just too easily for me. And then the book is done. Wha…??? I was wondering where the rest of it was! 🙂 I know it was a quickie but a few more pages would have done the story a world of good.

I started reading Border Moonlight by Amanda Scott with great expectations. I’d not read one of her novels but really liked the blurb for this one. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me and was my first DNF for 2009. I read it for The Book Binge and my review will be up sometime so if you’re interested in more details keep your eye out. 🙂

My last book for the week was my first foray into the work of Megan Hart. I’ve seen so many great reviews about her books I was looking forward to reading one of her novels. She did not disappoint. Broken was the book I read and it was amazing. Narrated by Sadie it brought me into her struggles with every day life having a quadriplegic for a husband and also her weakness in meeting the same man the first Friday of every month to hear about his sexual adventures. It was so incredibly well written and even when my heart was hurting for so many different reasons I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. This isn’t a light read by any means and it’s not a romance – just so you know. But it is an incredibly amazing book.
Here are a couple of reviews that go in to more depth about the story if you’re interested: Dear Author, I Just Finished Reading

Happy Reading!

Oh I almost forgot. I added a new feature over to the right…a list of books read in January and their ratings. Enjoy!

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