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Welcome to Our New Home!

Posted May 2, 2007 by Rowena in Giveaways | 35 Comments

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Holly, Isabel and myself used to post for Sanctuary’s Finest. But sometimes, a fresh start is in order and we felt that we needed a fresh start.

So now you can find us here at Book Binge where we’ll talk about anything and everything romance novel related. You’ll catch the latest on what we’re reading, what we want to read and what we’re looking forward to reading.

You’ll also find that we’ll be talking about the latest drama’s, gossip and anything else we feel needs to be immortalized on our blog from around the blogosphere. We’ll also be having several contests for free books and other great prizes here as well. We’re really excited about this book blog and we can’t wait to get started. We hope to find our old readers from SF over here, but also new readers who share a love for books with the same passion that we do.

Reading about adventurous journeys to that happy ending is something that we love to read and talk about so you’ll find a lot of those kinds of things here.

We’re a friendly bunch, who love meeting new people and talking books. So if that’s something you love as well, you’re more than welcome to come along as we journey through good books, bad books and hot heroes for sure.

For those new readers of Book Binge, we’d like to invite you to participate in our PIMP BOOK BINGE CONTEST (dude, try saying THAT three times real fast). All you have to do is post a blog up introducing Book Binge on your blog and then come back here and leave a comment, letting us know that you did it and your name will automatically be entered in a drawing to win your choice of any 3 books you want.

You can choose to post these two little thingy’s up on your blog to get the word out, thanks bunches!

Or this one…

The winner will be announced next week Wednesday at 7pm, PST. So go forth and pimp our new blog out and if you’re lucky, you’ll be the winner of three new books come next Wednesday!


So with all that said, Welcome to Book Binge.

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