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Guest Review: Kill Without Shame by Alexandra Ivy

Posted January 20, 2017 by Jen in Reviews | 2 Comments

Guest Review: Kill Without Shame by Alexandra IvyReviewer: Jen
Kill Without Shame by Alexandra Ivy
Series: ARES Security #2
Publisher: Zebra
Publication Date: December 27, 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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Series Rating: four-stars

Five brave military heroes have survived the hell of a Taliban prison to return home—and take on civilian missions no one else can. They’re the men of ARES Security. Highly skilled, intimidating, invincible, and one by one, tested again and again…

Lucas St. Clair’s prestigious family had a political future neatly planned out for him—one that didn’t include his high school sweetheart, Mia Ramon. Under their pressure, Lucas gave her up. But since surviving captivity, he’s a changed man—and a crucial member of ARES Security. When he discovers a dead man clutching a picture of Mia that bears a threatening message, his fiercest protective instincts kick in, and he knows he must go to her.

Mia has never forgiven Lucas for breaking her heart, and she’s convinced her feelings for him are in the past. But it’s soon clear that isn’t true for either of them. Now, determined to solve the crime and keep Mia safe, with his ARES buddies backing him up, Lucas will have to reconstruct the murder victim’s last days—and follow a lethal trail that leads right back to the fate of the woman he still loves…

“A fantastic blend of romance and suspense…thrilling to the end.” --Mary Burton, USA Today bestselling author on Kill Without Mercy

In Kill Without Shame, we meet yet another amazing security team of badasses, this time called ARES. The members are all former military guys who were held prisoner together in Afghanistan. Lucas St. Clair is one of them, though unlike the rough backgrounds most of them have, Lucas comes from a rich political family. He turned his back on that life for good after coming back home, and now he’s rich and successful all on his own. When he finds out his high school girlfriend Mia is in danger, he immediately rushes to her side. He left her once, but he never stopped loving her (naturally), and now he has to convince her that not only can he keep her safe but he wants back in her life for good. Mia and Lucas have to figure out who wants her dead and put a stop to their plans.

This was a fun and interesting book! As you can probably guess, it doesn’t exactly break new ground, what with the secret team, the “I dumped you for your own good but I never forgot you” that Lucas has going on, and the headstrong but smart heroine. Still, I enjoy those stories so for me this one worked. I liked that Mia doesn’t immediately roll over and let Lucas in. She doesn’t trust him at first, nor should she. Well, she trusts his skills at keeping her safe pretty quickly, but she doesn’t trust his intentions and makes him work to regain that trust. Even better, Lucas understands why she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t push her or get mad at her for her reticence. He knows he screwed up, and he knows he needs to earn her back. I did also appreciate that his reasons for leaving her originally aren’t totally bogus (just a little bit, ha). Looking from the outside in, we readers can see neither Lucas nor Mia was really ready to handle their love yet. We can see that time to mature and some tough life experiences for both of them have made them stronger and better prepared to be together.

I liked the mystery in the book. There are some pretty big twists and turns, and even though I could kind of figure out who the villain might be fairly early, that person’s motivations weren’t quite clear at first. The book isn’t action-packed but the pace was fairly steady. Unfortunately, Lucas and Mia do something profoundly stupid towards the end, which was out of character and unnecessary except as a way to allow the villain to get to them in a dramatic fashion.

For me, this was a solid book in a new-to-me series, and I’ll be looking forward to more.

Grade: 3.5 out of 5

*I received a review copy of this book from the publisher.


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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted May 18, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 9 Comments

My reading week started off with a bang with Duke of Shadows. I thoroughly loved it and highly recommend it! If interested you can read Chapter 1 here.

Then I moved on to The Darkest Night (The Lords of the Underworld Book 1) by Gena Showalter. This is the first book I’ve read by this author. I enjoyed this book though I had a few issues with some repetitive things in it. That definitely won’t stop me from reading the other books in this series. Excerpt

Next on the list was a short I received as a gift from Anne Rainey. She was running a contest on someone else’s yahoo group but I didn’t win. Several emails later she gifted me with the story. Although I enjoyed the story for the most part the hero in this short was a little too dominating for me…and not in a dom fashion. Just kind of in an annoying one! Excerpt

Kate Douglas told me about a free story called “68 and Climbing” on her Yahoo Group so I went on over and checked it out. It was a cute story with good characters and I very much enjoyed it!

Next on my list was Darkness Everlasting (Guardians of Eternity book 3) by Alexandra Ivy. I really enjoy this series. I’m not sure what it is about it that draws me book after book but I keep buying and reading them! lol You can read more about her series on her website.

Next up was the book I read for the TBR Challenge through avidbookreader.com which was Bride of the Mist. I will review this for you this coming Wednesday.

Last but certainly not least I reread Falling for Anthony by Meljean Brook, a novella in the Hot Spell Anthology. I just love this story. Meljean’s characters are always so vivid in their descriptions and I always feel like I’m right there in the room with them. Just love her books! You can read an excerpt here.

Happy Reading to All!

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