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Review: Garrett’s Destiny by Rebecca Zanetti

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Review: Garrett’s Destiny by Rebecca ZanettiReviewer: Casee
Garrett's Destiny by Rebecca Zanetti
Narrator: Mia Barron
Series: Dark Protectors #15
Also in this series: Marked (Dark Protectors, #7), Fated (Dark Protectors, #1), Claimed (Dark Protectors, #2), Hunted (Dark Protectors, #3), Consumed (Dark Protectors, #4), Provoked (Dark Protectors, #5), Marked (Dark Protectors, #7), Shadowed (Dark Protectors, #6), Vampire's Faith (Dark Protectors, #8), Demon's Mercy (Dark Protectors, #9), Alpha's Promise, Hero's Haven, Guardian's Grace, Rebel's Karma, Immortal's Honor
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: October 25, 2022
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 304
Length: 11 hours and 27 minutes
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Series Rating: four-stars

Pulsing with passion, adventure, and paranormal suspense and romance, the latest novel inaward-winning and New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series delivers an immortal hero and a dream come true . . .
Love and danger . . .For most of his life, Vampire-Demon Garrett Kayrs, nephew of the King of the Realm, has carried a heavy mantle of responsibility with ease and control. Fate declared him heir to the throne, Fortune marked him with the power of the mysterious circle of Seven, and Chance promised more surprises to come. Nothing deterred him from his path. Until the nightmares began--agonizing dreams of having a female, the female, his mate, on the back of his motorcycle—only to have her torn away from his protection. He feels the menace around her, the danger she’s in, and he can’t rest until he finds her . . .
Duty and desire . . .Destiny Applegate bears the weight of her name with a respectful balance of fear and purpose. She has been given some direction, but not nearly enough to truly understand her duty, what she was born to do. Even as a child, she had a sense of him. The him, her mate. A dream moment or two with him that might have saved her—or possibly cursed her. So now, when he finds her, she has no choice but to jump on the back of his bike and do her best to hold on until she discovers her path—even if that means ending his.

I read this book when I first got it on NG, but didn’t review it. So I reread it. It was just as good the second time around.

Garrett Kayrs has been pulled in different directions his entire life. As the future King of the Realm, a member of the Seven, and a member of the Grizzly MC, Garrett’s loyalties are divided. When he meets Destiny Applegate, a human of all things, he is immediately drawn to her, but he doesn’t know why. For years he has been having dreams of his future mate being on the back of his bike, then trying to kill him. Destiny is as far from a murdering warrior as you can get, yet Garrett is drawn to her as he has been drawn to no other in his life.

Destiny is going to die. She has accepted it and only wants to enjoy the month she has left. When she meets Garrett, she immediately recognizes him from a dream she had years ago. He saved her from falling off a cliff at her school. Destiny has never forgotten that face & when she meets him, she wonders WTF is going on. Why did she dream of him? Was he just a figment of her imagination? When she propositions Garrett, she has nothing to lose. The tumor in her head will kill her sooner rather than later and she wants to really live and enjoy the time she has left.

When Garrett learns about Destiny’s tumor, he is convinced that his Aunt Emma, the Queen of the Realm and a doctor, can fix whatever is wrong with her. He doesn’t expect that Emma won’t be able to help. While he still hasn’t considered that Destiny is his murderous mate, he knows that he can’t let her die.

I really enjoyed Garrett & Destiny’s story. Destiny was everything that Garrett never expected. He knew that his mate would try to kill him, so he expected a warrior. Which means that he didn’t expect Destiny at all. Destiny was so sweet, the fact that she was Garrett’s mate never crossed her mind. She knows that she would never hurt him. Or would she?

I can’t wait to read Hope’s story next & I really hope she ends up with Pax. I don’t like Drake at all. I was perfectly happy when I finished the book. RZ has another hit on her hands.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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