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Review: Crazy Love by Tara Janzen

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Review: Crazy Love by Tara JanzenReviewer: Rowena
Crazy Love (Steele Street #5) by Tara Janzen
Series: Steele Street,
Also in this series: Crazy Hot (Steele Street, #1), Crazy Cool (Steele Street, #2), Crazy Wild (Steele Street, #3), Crazy Kisses (Steele Street #4)
Publisher: Dell
Publication Date: June 27, 2006
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 368
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Government operative Dylan Hart has survived some of the riskiest missions known to man. But no nemesis could have prepared the Special Defense Forces commander for the newest member of his team. A street-smart heartbreaker in Day-Glo pink and black leather, Skeeter Bang has been recruited to aid and abet Dylan’s latest mission: steal a top-secret file and bury it before all hell breaks loose.

Teaming up with a man who may be the last bona fide defender of the free world is a risk Skeeter’s ready to take. Until a black-tie Washington soiree erupts in a bullet-flying free-for-all. Now Skeeter’s got danger on her trail and Dylan arousing every bad-boy fantasy she ever had. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is about to plunge one man and woman right into the sizzling line of fire….

Okay, this is the second to the last book of the series and the second to the last book of my TBR Challenge that Ames and I started in the beginning of the year.


Finally, we have Dylan Hart’s story. The story that brings Dylan Hart and Skeeter Bang (LOVE HER NAME) together forever, woo hoo!

I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for some time now, I think since Superman’s book, I totally wanted to skip Creed’s book and then read Kid and Dylan’s book. I was super excited to finally be able to read it and though I thought the book was better than I expected (I heard a lot of people didn’t really care for the book and for Dylan’s character in this book), it’s not my favorite of the books.

And Kid is still my favorite.

But, I really didn’t mind this whole storyline, I mean, Dylan is taken captive and then escapes, he’s been pumped with drugs that could at any moment end his life but he lives and he makes some boneheaded decisions but none of that matters because in the end, he ends up with the woman of his dreams.

He ends up with Skeeter Bang.

And what a woman to end up with, Skeeter Bang is a kick ass heroine. I mean, she can really kick ass but I hated that TJ felt the need to make Skeeter Bang a better shot than Kid Chaos. I think she could have been kick ass without having to steal Kid’s thunder but hey, that might be just my love for Kid talking, who knows. I’m not a fan of goth, punk girls outfits, you know the whole fishnet stockings, and leather, leather and more leather pants/skirts and then the whole chain mail stuff, yeah not my thing but it seemed to totally work for Skeeter, I wanted to know how she would have looked in that Versace dress though. It would have been nice if I got to see that but I guess it was all about fishnet stockings and pink bras and lace shirts.

Oh well.

Dylan Hart didn’t turn out into the man I thought he was going to turn out to be. I wasn’t really disappointed, but his constant issues with loving Skeeter did get on my nerves a bit. I mean, he didn’t want her on the mission even though Christian Hawkins, SUPERMAN for crying out loud said that she was the best person for the job, yet still Dylan didn’t want to take her. Christian read off how many missions she’s been apart of, the experience she got and still Dylan was like, “Nope, fat chance, not on my watch” and all because he was secretly in love with her, it got to be a pain sometime.

When Skeeter turns out to be a blessing on the mission, after the whole mission was shot to hell, I kept waiting for Dylan to thank her for the great job she did, SAVING HIS ASS!

And even though he disappears after everything goes down and leaves for a couple of months, I didn’t really get mad when Skeeter let him off the hook really quick, it was probably because I just wanted them to hurry up and be together already, they only had sex once in the whole book and I just wanted them to hurry up and get it on.

Some things that bothered me in the book was all the…


It was like, hello? Get on with the story already and It irked me how many times Dylan’s heart broke just by looking at Skeeter, all of the “She was so beautiful, she broke his heart.” crap, there were a few of those in there and I’m like, for all the times your heart broke just by thinking, looking and smelling Skeeter, it was no wonder that accompanied with the drugs in your system didn’t kill you clean off this Earth, I wanted to shake him and be like, GET OVER IT!

But I still loved Dylan. LOL.

I did love the way the book ended, with the whole “Screw You” thing going on, I just thought it was cute. Just like this book, it was cute, it flowed well, the story didn’t really drag any where, there was a nice secondary story with Travis James and Gillian, though I’m disappointed because I kind of liked Jane whatever her last name was.

Why couldn’t Travis end up with her? So that’s it, we don’t find out what happens with the James kid, he just disappears, we don’t get to find out how Jane is doing in L.A. Why couldn’t Travis be with her? Goodness, I liked Jane.

Another thing, I liked Gillian the way she was, I’m not really digging the whole amnesia thing that I glimpsed in the first chapter of the book (which was included in the back of Dylan’s book) …why couldn’t Travis fall in love with the girl he met, the Gillian that I liked, what was wrong with her? Ugh, now she’s this billy bad ass killer girl and meh, I’m really not a fan of amnesia books so I’m not looking forward to reading this book, but I’m going to…Ugh.

Should you read this book? Yes, because Dylan is still hot as all get out and the story is fast paced and just not what I expected, but it was still good and enjoyable. So yeah, you should read it and you should enjoy it, I did.

Grade: 4 out of 5


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Review: Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen

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Review: Crazy Kisses by Tara JanzenReviewer: Rowena
Crazy Kisses (Steele Street #4) by Tara Janzen
Series: Steele Street #4
Also in this series: Crazy Hot (Steele Street, #1), Crazy Cool (Steele Street, #2), Crazy Wild (Steele Street, #3), Crazy Love (Steele Street #5)
Publisher: Dell
Publication Date: February 28, 2006
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 384
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Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: four-stars

Professional soldier Kid Chronopolous moves in stealth and shadow to take out the world’s deadliest threats. Now, after barely surviving a hair-raising mission in South America, the Special Defense Forces agent comes home to Panama City for some sorely needed R & R…and finds a bikini bottom that can belong to only one woman.

Nikki McKinney has never forgiven Kid for vanishing from her life after the mind-blowing passion they shared. Now he’s suddenly back on the planet, where she’s rising to the top of the local art scene. But her safe, sheltered world is about to be rocked to its core. Because there’s a bounty on Kid’s head–and his enemies don’t care if they take him dead or alive. With dangerous people gunning for him, Kid’s got Nikki running for cover…and right into his arms. Keeping her safe is his latest mission. Keeping their hands off each other is out of the question….

The fourth book in the Crazy series, I’ve got 2 more books to go before I’m done with this series. Dylan’s book and Travis’ book. But finally, I was able to read my sexalicious Kid’s book.

Kid frickin’ Chronopolous.

The ghost killer, the man of many talents, shooting you from way the hell back, keeping you in his sights long enough for him to blow you to pieces. There isn’t a person on the earth that Kid is scared of, there isn’t a person on the planet that Kid won’t hesitate to take out if you try to harm anyone he cares about.

He’s steady and he’s sure and he’s so hot damn sexy it makes me ache.

I loved Kid, even when he was being stupid and couldn’t get the words right with Nikki, I still loved him. I loved him for all the reasons I loved him in all the other books but more so because of the sweet gesture he did for Nikki. I loved how he loved Nikki even though he was so messed up in the head over his brother’s killing. I loved how even though she was engaged to someone else, he still loved the hell out of her. I just straight out loved Kid Chronopolous. I wonder if he was really stupid in the head and did something that irritated the hell out of me if I would still love him, I’m thinking yes because this guy couldn’t really do any wrong in my eyes, I LOVED HIM TOO MUCH!

Great job on that one, TJ!

Nikki, I liked this girl right from the time we met here in Regan and Quinn’s book, when she’s all into her painting of a naked Travis and not giving a damn what anyone thinks. I love that she acted her age, she was 21 and she acted that way, she wasn’t the most perfect of heroines who always made the right decisions, who was always so perfect in everything, I loved that she talked way too much when she was scared and I loved how her love for Kid stayed with her, every time that he up and left her. I loved that her love for Kid was solid and strong.

Even when he was breaking her heart.

The story as a whole was just great, I mean we’ve got Kid, the best killer in all the land trying to keep the woman he loves safe from HIS enemies, the enemies he made while avenging the brother he was closest too. The brother he loved with all that he had and grieved endlessly over. The killing of his brother changed him in so many ways from the man that Nikki McKinney fell in love with and when Nikki flies out to Panama or wherever Kid was, she’s almost killed by just being in the same house as the ghost killer.

It kind of put things into perspective for her, I think. I mean, it explained why he stayed away from her for so long or why he stayed away from home because he was still trying to kill everyone that was trying to hill him and for him to find the time to do what he did for Nikki, just solidified my love for this man. Goodness, that was just SO sweet, Awwwww…

Kid’s biggest enemy, Juan Consuelos is looking for him and gunning to get him since Kid is the bane of his existance, not only is Kid killing off all of his men, but he’s putting a real wrench in his drug dealing business, the man hates him some Kid and wants to destroy him and everything he loves.

But in true romantic form, the good guys come out on top (YAY KID) and I was quite content with the way this book ended, I loved the very last chapter because it was just sweet of girly girl Nikki to do something for Kid, make one of his dreams come true like he does for her, this entire book was really good and has made me ever so curious about Travis James and his book. I’m not like jumping at the chance to read it (I’ve got too many new books to peep out to be excited about any one book) but I did like the Travis and Jane bits.

It was nice getting to know the Rat Queen and Travis better, I even like Travis’ cop friend, Cody. It’ll be nice to see him try to get at Skeet in her book to Dylan, I started Crazy Love and so far so good but I’m not completely blown away or anything but it’s Dylan and I love him so I can’t wait to keep reading more! =)

The only thing that I didn’t really care for in this book was Kid’s inability to talk to Nikki, everything for him in the beginning (even in the other books) was all about sex with her. He doesn’t know how to tell her exactly how he’s feeling at any given time so he just doesn’t say anything and just kisses her until they’re doing the wild monkey dance, it’s like, COME ON, SAY SOMETHING MEANINGFUL already…but other than that, the book is a sure winner for me!

This book was a good read, I loved Kid’s story second of all, Kid is my favorite Crazy man but Superman’s book is still my fav of the series, there’s just something about that Superman that I absolutely love! Read this book, it’s really good and you’ll totally enjoy it and plus, Kid kicks some serious ass in this book and it’s hot!

Grade: 4.75 out of 5


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Review: Crazy Wild by Tara Janzen

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Review: Crazy Wild by Tara JanzenReviewer: Rowena
Crazy Wild (Steele Street, #3) by Tara Janzen
Series: Steele Street #3
Also in this series: Crazy Hot (Steele Street, #1), Crazy Cool (Steele Street, #2), Crazy Kisses (Steele Street #4), Crazy Love (Steele Street #5)
Publisher: Dell
Publication Date: January 31st 2006
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 386
Add It: Goodreads
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: four-stars

It’s a long way from the jungles of Colombia to a Colorado library, where Special Forces operative Creed Rivera is staking out one of the world’s most dangerous women. With her prim librarian looks, Cordelia “Cody” Stark doesn’t look like a nuclear arms broker. But nabbing her is Creed’s latest mission–until a trio of thugs shows up and he’s suddenly forced to play hero....

Armed with secrets that could ignite a global inferno, Cody was already running out of places to hide. And now a hotshot government agent has blown her cover by throwing himself between her and certain death. Trusting the hero who just saved her life is not an option. Resisting him is something else entirely. And when bullets start to fly, a man and a woman running out of time are gearing up for the wildest adventure of their lives….

The third book in the Crazy series and Creed Rivera’s book. This story takes place in the jungles of Denver where Tangos, or terrorists known to us civilians are running wild trying to find, Cordy Stark. Creed has just gotten back from South America where he was with Kid, killing everyone that had a hand in torturing him and killing JT. Creed hasn’t been the same since he witnessed JT’s death and even after the whole killing spree, he’s still not all there.

With everyone out, Dylan Hart has no choice but to send in the Jungle Boy on an assignment to capture and keep a well known terrorist, Cordelia Dominwhatever safe until he can turn her over to Dylan and Dylan can turn her over to General Grant and he can turn her loose on the government peeps that want her. Cody is in negotiation with every bad terrorist in the world over some nuclear bomb that only she knows where its at. The location of the bomb is hidden in the depths of a book that Cordy has and that’s what everyone wants.

After a few hours in her company, Creed has decided that she’s basically innocent and and then after just one night with her, he’s convinced that he’s in love with her.

And she’s in love with him too.

So he’s waiting for the perfect opportunity for him to sweep her away and not let her serve any jail time because of course she’s innocent and she doesn’t want him to die or get in trouble because she loves him so of course she’s going to try to fix things and blah blah blah.

This story wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either. I mean, I guess the timing of this whole story was off for me because in the other books, Creed was mostly in the background and while I was reading this book, I still felt like Creed was a background character to Skeeter and Dylan’s story.

I didn’t get a sense of what kind of man Creed was, only a troubled one because of what he went through with JT. It would have been nice to see Creed’s family, get to know Creed a little better all the while he’s jumping through flying bullets to save Cordy’s life and well, I just didn’t feel like I knew Creed, the way I knew Christian or the way I knew Quinn after reading their books. And what is up with the falling in love after one night thing?

With Quinn and Christian, their books were the falling back in love with their first loves and then with Kid and Creed, it’s the after one night with these women, they’ve fallen deep in love. Are you serious? One story, maybe I can believe, I guess the way Kid and Nikki met, Kid was sent to protect her and she wasn’t the bad guy but with Creed…she WAS the bad guy and in ONE NIGHT, he falls in love with her and is ready to run from the law just so he can stay with her?

Yeah, it was just hard for me to believe and their chemistry was just rushed. They met one minute and the next, she runs from him and he’s like, “Damn but I love her” okay so that’s a gross exageration but still…it’s kind of hard to believe that Creed, stone cold ghost killer that he is, would fall in love so fast with someone he just met….who is supposed to be a Tango! Let’s be real now.

And Cordy, I just couldn’t really get a fix on her. I knew she wasn’t bad since she was the heroine of this story but she didn’t really wow me with anything. With other heroines, I can see why the hero would fall for them but I didn’t get that with Cody. I got, ohh I feel sorry for her but that’s not enough for me to be like, “Oh she’s perfect for Creed” …I just didn’t get that with this story.

I did love the little snippets of Skeeter and Dylan. Man but I’m excited to read their story, even if nobody liked it (did anyone like it? I’ve only heard bad things about Dylan, am I going to hate him? Oh hell no). I love Skeeter, I think she is so awesome with her platinum blonde pony tail, her scar on her forehead and just her personality. She’s going to be a kick ass heroine and I’m so excited to read her book. I also love me some Dylan Hart too and am anxious to see what he turns out to be in his own story…man, but I love that man and his little crush that he’s got on Skeet is SO cute. BRING IT ON!

This whole story was just too fast and too furious and had too slow to start. Throughout this book, I looked forward to the Dylan and Skeeter parts more than the Creed and Cody parts and then half way through the middle I wanted to hurry up with the book so that I could start Kid’s book already. I’m really really excited for Kid’s book.

So was this story good? It was okay. It was average. Regardless of the lack of depth to the characters in this book, I found it enjoyable but it’s not going to get a reread anytime soon and it’s a good set up for Dylan and Skeeter’s book which is next after Kid’s book, right? YAY…so yeah, read this because it’s part of the series but don’t expect fireworks or anything because you’ll end up only with a couple of BOOMS and that’s about it.

Grade: 3 out of 5


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Review: Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen

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Review: Crazy Cool by Tara JanzenReviewer: Rowena
Crazy Cool (Steele Street, #2) by Tara Janzen
Series: Steele Street #2
Also in this series: Crazy Hot (Steele Street, #1), Crazy Wild (Steele Street, #3), Crazy Kisses (Steele Street #4), Crazy Love (Steele Street #5)
Publisher: Dell
Publication Date: October 25th 2005
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 448
Add It: Goodreads
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: four-stars

She's sizzling hot...He's icy cool.

He called her Bad Luck Dekker, a gorgeous socialite who trailed trouble in her wake. Christian Hawkins should know. Thirteen years ago he saved Kat Dekker’s life—only to spend two years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Now it’s déjà vu all over again when he rescues Kat from an explosion that rips through a Denver art auction. This time Christian—now an operative with an elite U.S. task force—plans to keep her close until he figures out why somebody wants to kill her. That is, if he can keep his cool around this sizzling-hot lady.…

The daughter of a senator, Kat hasn’t forgotten the hot summer nights of passion in Christian’s arms before everything went wrong. Now, as the bullets start flying, the sexy, self-appointed bodyguard is back in her life in a major way. Especially when Christian kidnaps her and they go roaring into the night in his brute-powered muscle car. But staying out of danger is tough for two people who are this hot for each other, a little bit crazy, and a whole lot in love...

Oh goodness this book was good!

This is the second book in the Crazy series and it’s Christian Hawkins aka Superman’s book. When he was 19 he met beautiful Katya Dekker in a dark alley where she was fleeing for her life trying to escape a group of boys from her school who were trying to do very bad things to her. Christian saved her life and spent 2 years in prison for the murder he didn’t commit.

Now thirteen years later, Christian is a field operative for an elite U.S. task force and is thrown off a case to do some security work for an art show which brings him face to face with the woman he gave his young heart to and the only woman that could bring him to his knees. The woman he has tried desperately to forget but couldn’t, not completely anyway.

Someone is trying to frame him again but he doesn’t know that, he thinks that the bad guys are after Katya again and so he takes her under his wings (literally, hehe) and doesn’t let her out of his sight, he’s determined to protect her and clear his name all the while he’s trying unsuccessfully to not fall back in love with her.

He knows that he should hate her for letting him go to prison for a crime she knew he didn’t commit but once they’re back together, it’s so hard to hate her and even harder to stay away from her. Now they’re trying to find out who’s after her and why the case from so long ago has been brought back up and Christian is trying to keep his cool around Kat while Kat is desperately trying to make things right for Christian.

She feels guilty about the way things went down all those years ago and she hates herself because she wasn’t strong enough to stand up to her mother and she doesn’t want a repeat of the last time she was with Christian Hawkins.

With everything against them, these two set out to take down the bad guys and keep her dragon of a mother off their heels while they try to fight for their lives and a love that has lasted over 13 years.

I really enjoyed this book, from the beginning to the end, it was one big roller coaster of emotions for me. I felt sad for the characters and rejoiced in their accomplishments and I just really loved the unity of the SDF team. I love how everyone is going through their own little trials in all of their lives but they’re still there for each other when they’re needed the most. They’re a family of street thugs turned government operators and I just love this cast of characters. Each of them are unique and such a strong part of the overall story and Tara Janzen did an amazing job of bringing these guys together and forming their individual stories to blend wonderfully into Christian’s story. They didn’t overwhelm me and they all just blended well together and have me salivating for more.

Christian Hawkins is my favorite hero. I’m still mighty intrigued by Kid Chronopolous and he might end up being my favorite hero but right now, I love me some Christian Hawkins. I thought he was a fantastic hero, one that had me swooning with delight one moment and quaking in my boots because I knew he was going to whip out a can of whoop ass any minute and take his enemies down. He played by his own rules and he wasn’t scared of anyone, except Kat.

I loved how he was fearless with everyone but with Kat, he was vulnerable. She got him and you can just feel the wealth of love that he had for her and I just gobbled his love and just him up.

Kat Dekker, the heroine of this story was easy to like. She wasn’t the strongest heroine that I’ve ever read about and she knew it, she was just like any normal woman and I found that very likeable because though she was beautiful on the outside, she was a mess on the inside and she knew it and what I liked about her the most was that she had a record, that’s so hood and just so funny that it made me laugh…a lot. Kat was everything Christian needed and wanted and I was glad she ended up with him, cause man together, they were really hot and I loved it!

The other characters that rounded out this story was a welcome addition as well. I loved finally meeting Skeeter Bang and seeing Travis’ get all hot under the collar for her. I’m really interested in reading more on Creed Rivera too, I wonder if they’re related, him and Travis…I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I liked seeing hottie Quinn all happily married to Regan and still there for the team. It was good to see Nikki and Kid again as well, goodness I’m really itching to read their story, read what is next for these two because holy goodness I love me some Kid Chronopolous. That storyline has got to a good one considering everything that’s happened to Kid, I can’t wait to read it.

What book is next? I guess I’ll find out after I finish this.

This book was filled with more non stop action and more laughs than I’ve had all week. I loved seeing the guys in action, going against impossible odds to come out on top. I loved seeing Kid in action but what I loved most about this book was a quote that Christian told Kat at the end, it made me so friggin’ happy for him and Kat and just had me smiling all goofy like for all to see. (I finished reading this at the front desk at my work and I got a lot of questions as to what I was reading).

“Don’t worry babe,” he assured her, a very confident smile on his face. “I can handle coconut oil. I’m Superman.”

The way he said it and just the arrogance behind that made me laugh and made my heart sigh with pleasure…I loved it and I love him! The reason this book didn’t get a solid A is because the book started out a bit slow in the beginning for me but after about the fourth chapter it picked up and really took off, it was really really good and man am I jazzed for the next installment.

Read it, I promise you’ll like it. This book is the bizomb and Christian Hawkins is HOT!

Grade: 5 out of 5


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Review: Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen

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Review: Crazy Hot by Tara JanzenReviewer: Rowena
Crazy Hot (Steele Street, #1) by Tara Janzen
Series: Steele Street #1
Also in this series: Crazy Cool (Steele Street, #2), Crazy Wild (Steele Street, #3), Crazy Kisses (Steele Street #4), Crazy Love (Steele Street #5)
Publisher: Dell
Publication Date: January 1st, 2005
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Add It: Goodreads
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: four-stars

Only the most dire emergency could send paleontologist Regan McKinney racing across the West in search of a man. But her grandfather has mysteriously vanished, and Quinn Younger could be the missing link. What the bad-boy-turned-American-hero is doing in the deserted tumbleweed town of Cisco, Utah, is an even bigger mystery…until danger trails Regan right to his front door and the sexy ex–air force pilot becomes her sole hope of survival.…

Quinn figures things can’t get worse than being stuck in tiny Cisco on an impossible special-ops mission. Then the dinosaur doc’s granddaughter roars into town with bad guys on her tail. Once, Quinn was on the fast track to a life of crime…until Regan’s grandfather rescued him. Now Quinn owes it to them both to find the old guy. But throw in a deadly terrorist and some hot dinosaur bones, and a man could get himself killed. Because facing down danger with this revved-up lady is one endless adrenaline-rush of pleasure—especially when they’re falling crazy in love… and hanging on for dear life.…

Non stop action.

That’s what I liked about this book.

I loved meeting the team, it was like meeting the Troubleshooters again, there’s something about men that are in teams that work in covert operations for the government that I just find utterly sexy. I loved meeting the men in Quinn’s team and even meeting Quinn himself. I find myself drawn to Kid Chronopolous though, I really look forward to reading his book with Nikki. I thought they fell in love rather quickly but hey, whatever rocks your socks Kid. I’m really looking forward to their book and getting to know them better.

Quinn was a great hero, I love these younger years crushes that turn into true love as grown ups. There’s something about these kinds of storylines that totally grab me and make me want to gobble them up, which is what I did with this book. Quinn’s little crush on Regan and his little prank that he did on Regan’s ex husband, I thought that was so cute and just oh so sweet. I kept grinning like a fool while reading the little tid bits that Quinn would share about his crush on Regan and how he wanted to better himself so that he would have a shot with Regan and then to see Regan’s crush on him and just everything made this book just so friggin’ cute.

I loved it.

I thought Regan was a cool heroine, not my favorite or anything but I thought she was cool, the whole Jeanette chaos at the end made me roll my eyes but I didn’t not like Regan because of it, she was cool stuff.

I enjoyed meeting the other characters and reading their little stories that lead into their own books in the future and I’m really looking forward to reading more about these characters. I think Christian Hawkins is a total stud and Dylan Hart too..YUM! Even though he’s average looking, I bet he’s the most intense of all of othe SDF guys…hehe, I’m giddy to read his book. Hmmm, I really want to read more about J.T. and Creed, they make it out alive, right? Oh goodness, I hope so, I haven’t checked out any of the other books to see who’s book is next and what not, I want to be surprised but man am I looking forward to the reading that I’ve got ahead of me with the rest of the books.

So excited, so though this isn’t my favorite book of all or even of this year, I still enjoyed this book a whole lot and this book is totally B worthy! A great read!

Grade: 4 out of 5


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