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Guest Review: Marry Me, Cowboy by Lilian Darcy

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Guest Review:  Marry Me, Cowboy by Lilian DarcyReviewer: Ames
Marry Me, Cowboy (75th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2) by Lilian Darcy
Series: 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: October 21, 2013
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 128
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Series Rating: three-stars

Champion barrel-racer Tegan Ash has nothing left to go home to in her native Australia and every reason to stay in the USA. But her visa is about to expire, and her prospective groom has called off their green-card wedding.

Jamie MacCreadie doesn’t actually want to marry a woman he can't stand, but his best friend and fellow rodeo rider Chet has just let her down and, somehow, he finds himself offering to do the deed instead.

There’s no chance it could turn into the real thing, because they have nothing in common… do they?

I feel bad that I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I wished I would. I love all things horses and barrel racing is right up there. And a hot cowboy? sigh

Tegan Ash is going to marry her friend Chet Wyndham so she can stay in America and continue to ride the rodeo circuit. She’s originally from Australia, but her father sold their family ranch out from under her so she decides to stay in America. The problem is, Chet ditches her at the altar the day of their wedding.

Chet’s obviously distraught about letting her down and Tegan understands, but she needs to find someone else to marry within six weeks or she has to go back home.

Jamie MacCreadie is Chet’s best friend. And right from the beginning, he and Tegan have not been able to get along. But Jamie is a fixer and one night a few weeks after Chet called off the wedding, he offers to marry Tegan. Tegan thinks he’s just doing it to help Chet out, because something is definitely eating him up. Tegan refuses. But when Chet comes clean to both her and Jamie about why he had to call off the wedding and what’s been eating him ever since, Tegan and Chet get to know each other better and eventually realize that they’ve been fighting like cats and dogs because they’re attracted to one another.

Ok, I knew what was Chet’s problem right from the get go. But it was a good way to get Tegan and Jamie to start talking to each other instead of constantly bickering. Their inability to talk to each other led to all kinds of assumptions and them finally talking to each other like adults led to a genuine friendship that shed light on all the assumptions. For its length Marry Me, Cowboy had some surprising depth. Tegan has some issues with her step-mother and the reasons why the family farm was sold. And Jamie has family trouble, mainly that his father and brother disapprove of his rodeo aspirations. I like how Tegan and Jamie helped each other with their family issues.

My main beef with Marry Me, Cowboy was the length. Some things definitely felt rushed because of how short it was. It does help that Tegan and Jamie have known each other for a while, even if it was only superficially. And one thing that took me out of the story the few times it happened was the perspective from the horses. That was unnecessary.

Marry Me, Cowboy is a quick read about two people who had the wrong idea about each other all along and overcoming those negative first impressions. 3 out of 5

This book is available from Tule Publishing. You can buy it here in e-format.


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