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Guest Review: Cowboys for Christmas by Liz Talley, Kim Law & Terri Osburn

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Guest Review: Cowboys for Christmas by Liz Talley, Kim Law & Terri OsburnReviewer: Tracy
Cowboys for Christmas by Liz Talley, Kim Law, Terri Osburn
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: November 18th 2014
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3 cowboys…2 weeks…1 wedding!Three all-new stories by Kim Law, Terri Osburn, and Liz TalleyClaire, Georgia, and Mary Catherine couldn’t be more different, but they promised they would be there for one another no matter what. And when they all gather in Holly Hills, Texas, for Mary Catherine’s Christmas wedding, they’ll find they have one thing in common: hearts that are about to be branded—by unforgettable cowboys.In “Love Me, Cowboy” by Terri Osburn, wallflower Claire would be more excited about the wedding if it didn’t mean running into Mary Catherine’s brother—the bull rider she once had a scorching one-night stand with…Ivy League volleyball coach Georgia never wanted to see Holly Hills—or another cowboy—again. But a sexy veterinarian is making her rethink her vow to never marry a Texas man in “Kiss Me, Cowboy” by Liz Talley.Claire and Georgia both think that Mary Catherine is getting hitched to the wrong man, despite how perfect he is. And in “Marry Me, Cowboy” by Kim Law, a local rancher with a wild reputation gives Mary Catherine a glimpse of what might have been—and what could still be...
“Magic and miracles are in the air in Cowboys for Christmas. It’s one of those wonderful holiday books that you wish would never end and you darn sure can’t put down once you start reading. It makes you believe…truly believe in the power of love!” —New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown “A trio of tasty cowboy tales.”—New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde
Praise for Kim Law, Terri Osburn, and Liz Talley“[Terri Osburn] continues to enchant.”—Fresh Fiction on Up to the Challenge“Talley’s characters are well drawn and complex.”—RT Book Reviews on His Brown-Eyed Girl“[Kim Law] made me fall in love with her fictional characters the minute they were introduced.”—Book Lovin’ Mamas on Sugar Springs
Terri Osburn is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Anchor Island series. She makes her home along the coast of Virginia with an eye-rolling teenager, three fat tabbies, and a hyper yorkiepoo.Liz Talley is a former English teacher who lives in North Louisiana with her high school sweetheart, two rough and tumble boys, and a gaggle of pets.RITA-nominated and Golden Heart winner Kim Law is a former computer programmer, now spending her days writing happily ever afters. A native of Kentucky, she lives with her husband and a passel of animals in Middle Tennessee.

Tracy’s review of Cowboys for Christmas by Liz Talley, Kim Law & Terri Osburn.

In Love Me, Cowboy, Claire Campbell is a teacher who has lived in Holly Hills all her life. Her father is the Mayor of the town and while she enjoys living there her mother gets harder and harder to live with every year. Claire is helping her mother with refreshments for Claire’s best friends’ bridal shower when she almost literally runs into Tyler – her friend Mary Catherine’s little brother. Only Tyler isn’t so little any longer. He’s a bull riding man and Claire can’t seem to get her eyes off of him. She’s had a crush on him for forever but doesn’t believe that he wants anything to do with her – even after they had a one night stand years earlier. She has self-esteem issues from her mother’s demeaning comments about her weight – even though she’s recently lost 40 pounds.   Little does she know that Tyler has had a crush on her as well and believes he doesn’t have a chance with Claire.

Watching this couple get together was a joy. They were friends who became so much more. The way that Osburn had Tyler – being as manly as he was – having doubts about himself when it had to do with Claire was sweet but not overdone.

In Kiss Me, Cowboy Georgia is a girl who grew up in Holly Hills on “the wrong side of the tracks” so to speak. She couldn’t wait to get out of Holly Hills and make something of herself – which she did. Unfortunately she’s been having a bit of an issue with her Ivy League job lately but that won’t stop her from getting out of Holly Hills as soon as Mary Catherine is married on Christmas Eve. Even if she does love being with her best friends and maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t hate Holly Hills as much as she tells everyone she does. She meets the local vet, Reed, when he helps her out when she runs out of gas. The attraction grows between the two but neither one wants to fall in love – it’s just a short little affair while Georgia’s in town. Only…neither one really believes that. They both fall in love and then decisions need to be made.I have to say that I really didn’t love Georgia all that much in Claire’s story so I wasn’t too excited to read her own romance when it came along. I wanted to get the whole story of all the friends, however, so I dove in. I’m really glad I did because Georgia wasn’t who I thought she was at all. Yes, she’s brash and has a mouth on her but she’s not as tough as she wants everyone to believe. Luckily she let Reed into her life and he managed to bring out the best in her. I really enjoyed this quick but fun love story.

Mary Catherine. Throughout the first two stories we learn that she’s to marry Brad and that neither of her friends think she’s making the right decision about that. MC was once in love with Jax Tipton and MC’s friends want her to re-think the life-long commitment she’s about to make – especially as they believe she’s still in love with Jax. When we get to Marry Me, Cowboy, we get to know the background on MC, Jax and Brad. MC had been dating Brad throughout high school until their senior year. They decided to just be friends as they didn’t want to have any pressure after they graduated. The fact that they could actually move so easily into friendship told me that it was no great love affair. MC then started dating Jax and it was a love for life. They were wonderful together even though everyone looked down their noses at Jax. They planned to get married and were actually eloping when her father and step-mother stopped them. MC realized that they probably were going too fast and thought to slow things down. Unfortunately Jax took that as them breaking it off and MC leaving him. He never spoke to her after that and they each moved on – or so they thought.

Now it’s ten years later and while MC plans on marrying Brad she can’t get her mind off of Jax. When they finally do speak it’s like no time has passed and the love that was there all that time ago never changed. I adored seeing this couple together. It was SO meant to be and I ached for the two of them and their stubbornness. I just wanted MC to tell Brad to go find a woman who really wanted to be a society wife as he certainly didn’t understand her. Needless to say things work out but you’ll have to read the story to find out exactly how. I’ll just say that it’s worth the read. (Can you tell this one was my favorite? I just loved Jax so much.)

Overall a great collection of stories that involved hot and wonderful cowboys and the women they were meant to be with. Fun stories that were sexy and moving as well. I also really enjoyed the friendship between the three women and the bond that was created when they were kids. I love reading about friendship that last years and years.

Rating: 3.75/4 out of 5

This title is available from Intermix. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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