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Edited: Taking A Break From Romance…

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Edited: Taking A Break From Romance… bring you this literary masterpiece. I have no words…but that’s alright, because a picture speaks a thousand of them… Edited because the links weren’t showing. You really need to see this…children’s book for yourself. *Special thanks to KateD of Damned Scribbling Women for bringing this wonderful book to my attention.

Publishers or Authors…Who’s Responsible?

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When I did my review for Dara Edmondson’s Compromising Positions back in January on Sanctuary’s Finest, I mentioned the issues I had with the constant typos and grammatical errors. At the time I said I wasn’t sure where to assign the blame for it, and that hasn’t changed. I’m noticing a continuing trend here, however, […]

RE: The hub-bub in Romancelandia

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We’ve all been there, done that. Yes, yes, we know. Reviewers are meanies and poor delicate editors and/or authors don’t understand why we have to be that way. Is the horse dead yet? I say we move on. So, what has everyone been reading lately? Anything I can’t live without. I seem to be in […]

We Have A Winner

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We want to thank everyone who participated in the Pimp Book Binge Contest. We’re so pleased so many people decided to join us in our new venture. Change isn’t always easy, but we’re very excited about this one and appreciate all of you who shared in that excitement. As promised, we’re announcing the winner of […]