Books to Binge On: March 2023

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Books to Binge On

Our Books to Binge On feature is pretty simple in its purpose. Every month, we put together a monthly new releases list of books that we’re all looking forward to. These are the books that we can’t wait to read and want everyone to add to their monthly binge-reading lists. Here are the books that we plan to binge on in March of 2023.

The King’s Queen (Gates of Myth and Power #3) by K.M. Shea

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Holly: This is the third book in the Gates of Myth and Power series and I am anxious for the conclusion.

Conquer the Kingdom (Gargoyle Queen #3) by Jennifer Estep

Magic reigns, plots abound, and a new love might not conquer all, in this must-read finale to the epic Gargoyle Queen trilogy by international bestselling author Jennifer Estep.

Time is running out for crown princess Gemma Ripley. Despite being a cunning spy and a powerful mind magier, Gemma hasn’t been able to track down the most dangerous enemy her kingdom of Andvari has ever seen. Adding to her worries is the Sword and Shield tournament. With gladiators flocking to the capital city of Glanzen, Gemma can’t tell who is friend—or foe.

Determined to protect Andvari at any cost, Gemma hatches a bold plan, but things aren’t what they seem. Soon, everything she holds dear is being threatened, including her burgeoning relationship with Prince Leonidas Morricone.

With the kingdom she holds dear slipping through her fingers, Gemma will have to conquer her fear and unlock the true secret of her magic—or watch her friends and family die and her beloved Andvari fall . . .

Holly: I’m waiting until this book releases to start the trilogy. I can’t wait to see what happens with Gemma and Grimm. I loved them in the previous books.

Nevermore Bookstore (Townsend Harbor #1) by Kerrigan Byrne and
Cynthia St. Aubin

Cadence “Cady” Bloomquist knows two things for sure: First, shelving books at her shop, Nevermore Bookstore, totally counts as cardio. Second, staying late every Thursday night to take a certain mysterious customer’s order is not the same as waiting by the phone for some man.


Until the calls with the man who identifies himself only as “Fox” last for hours, and become the highlight of her week. Which leaves her to wonder, if his jagged velvet voice can kindle her fire over the phone, what sort of alchemy might it inspire if they met in person?

There’s nothing Roman Fawkes wants more than the brilliant, beautiful bookstore owner, but Roman Fawkes knows it can never happen. Secreted in his mountain hideaway high above sleepy little Townsend Harbor, his hermit’s existence shields him–and those around him–from the pain of his past.


Until one of their weekly calls is interrupted by a break-in, and Fawkes is powerless to protect the woman who has become his one link to the world. Orchestrating a trap for the fool who dared harm her, Fawkes finds himself not just ensnared, but beguiled by her. Now so close to Cady, he discovers she’s fallen for “Fox”, and yet he’s unable to reveal her heart’s desire is closer than she thinks.

Can Fawkes resist the temptation to get between Cady’s covers, knowing they’ll never have a happily ever after?

Holly: I’m really intrigued by this premise.

A Tempest at Sea (Lady Sherlock #7) by Sherry Thomas

Charlotte Holmes’s brilliant mind and deductive skills are pulled into a dangerous investigation at sea in the new mystery in the bestselling Lady Sherlock series.

After feigning her own death in Cornwall to escape from Moriarty’s perilous attention, Charlotte Holmes goes into hiding. But then she receives a tempting offer: Find a dossier the crown is desperately seeking to recover, and she might be able to go back to a normal life.

Her search leads her aboard the RMS Provence, sailing from Southampton for the eastern hemisphere. But on the night Charlotte makes her move to retrieve the dossier, in the midst of a terrifying storm in the Bay of Biscay, a brutal murder also takes place on the ship.

Instead of solving the crime, as she is accustomed to doing, Charlotte must take care not to be embroiled in this investigation, lest it become known to those who harbor ill intentions that Sherlock Holmes is abroad and still very much alive.

Holly: A new Lady Sherlock novel! Yessssss.

What books are you looking forward to reading this month? Share in the comments!

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2 responses to “Books to Binge On: March 2023

  1. DiscoDollyDeb

    OFF THE MAP (March 7) by Trish Doller is a road-trip romance between a woman who has been traveling on the open road for the past decade and a man who makes maps. Have we had a cartographer hero before? I loved Doller’s FLOAT PLAN and enjoyed THE SUITE SPOT, but her books do tend to be pricy. The Kindle edition of OFF THE MAP is $11.99—a little too rich for my blood. I’ll be waiting for the library copy or a price drop.

    THE PLAYING GAME (March 9, postponed from February) is a welcome return for Ainsley Booth (who has recently been publishing more frequently under her alternate pen name of Zoe York). Booth’s books are generally sexier, leaning more toward erotic romance, than the ones she publishes as Zoe York, so I’m expecting this m/f hockey romance to be smoking hot!

    TROPICAL STORM (March 9) is the third book in Skye Warren & Amelia Wilde’s Deserted Island trilogy, an MMF romance about a couple stranded on an island after a plane crash and the man who lives a solitary life there. The previous book (NATURAL DISASTER) ended on a cliff-hanger, and I’m expecting TROPICAL STORM to pick up right where it left off.

    POSSESSION (March 10) is the next book in A. (Adriana) Anders’s Kink Camp series set at, well, a kink camp. In this book, an actor’s kinky side is exposed in the media. As the scandal explodes, the actor’s “wife” (they’re married, but it’s a fake relationship) follows him to the kink camp—only to discover her own tastes aren’t quite as vanilla as she had always thought.

    A SECRET HEIR TO SECURE HIS THRONE (March 28) is Caitlin Crews’s latest offering for Harlequin Presents. The title gives you the basic plot outline: a king who has spent years plotting revenge against the murderers of his parents discovers he has a child from a long-ago liaison. He wants to marry the heroine and legitimize their child, but will the heroine agree to be a pawn in a political game?

    ECHO (March 28) is the next in Sybil Bartel’s long-running Alpha Elite romantic-suspense series. The books hew very closely to a template that includes a woman in trouble through no fault of her own, good guys using technology and massive amounts of fire power to their advantage, and plenty of D/s sex.

    LOVE THY BROTHER (March 29) is the fourth in Garrett Leigh’s Rebel Kings series of motorcycle club romances. This book features the “brother’s best friend” trope with one MC being the brother of the Rebel Kings club president and the other MC being the president’s best friend. I’ve liked the previous books in the series, but they’re all extremely angsty with quite a bit of violence.

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