Review: When He’s Sinful by Suzanne Wright

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Review: When He’s Sinful by Suzanne WrightReviewer: Holly
When He's Sinful by Suzanne Wright
Series: The Olympus Pride #3
Also in this series: When He’s Dark
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: March 1, 2022
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
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Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 371
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Series Rating: four-stars

Aspen Montgomery was nine-years-old when she befriended Camden Priest—a boy with dead eyes and dark urges. Since that day, they’d been inseparable. She hadn’t expected to later develop a major crush on him. Or expected that the crush would fail to pass. Or ever thought that she'd grow to wish that she could one day claim him as her mate. It’s never going to happen. She knows that. To him, she's a friend, nothing more. So it’s time to make some changes to establish some better boundaries. Which would be a hell of a lot easier if he didn't fight her on it.
There is only one person in the world that Camden Priest gives a damn about—Aspen. She's his best friend, his anchor, his conscience, the very reason he's sane. There's only secret he ever kept from her … he wants more than friendship. Knowing she doesn't feel the same, he put a chokehold on his need for her. But when some asshole claims to be Aspen's true mate and danger starts closing in on her, Camden's control becomes precarious and platonic lines are crossed. He knows what he should do—leave it at a one-night stand to protect their friendship. He's just not so sure he can.

When He’s Sinful is the third book in Suzanne Wright’s Olympus Pride series, which is set in the same world as the Mercury and Phoenix Pack books. Havana, Bailey and Aspen have been best friends for a long time. The three of them worked for the Movement and all three are ruthless when they need to be. Aspen and Camden were in a group home together as kids. Aspen decided they were going to be friends and Camden bonded to her in a way he hadn’t even bonded with anyone. They’ve been together through thick and thin ever since, as roommates and best friends. Aspen has always wanted more, but she knows Camden doesn’t, so she suppresses those thoughts and urges…until Cam suddenly makes it clear he wants all of her.

I liked Aspen and Camden in previous books and was looking forward to their story. I really loved that they had a soul-deep connection from childhood that just grew and changed as they did. I especially liked that she was his touchstone. There was just something very sweet about it. Unfortunately, that’s about all I liked of this story. The villains were pretty over the top and ridiculous and the external plots were predictable and kind of dumb.

I also feel like Wright has gone a little OTT with these animal shifters. Bearcats, Pallas Cats, Bush Dogs…. It’s fine in the moment, but if I think about it too long or hard I can’t embrace the silliness of it, especially since they’re all vicious and deadly and OMG so adorable.

Rating: 3.25/3.5

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  1. DiscoDollyDeb

    I tried to read WHEN HE WAS DARK when it was released and had to DNF. The book was full of info-dumps and action coming to a complete halt every time a new character was introduced and their entire backstory provided. I just gave up. I don’t think Wright is the author for me.

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