What Are You Reading? (571)

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I re-read White Lies by Linda Howard, which is an old favorite. Then I read The Monster MASH by Angie Fox. It was just okay. I read Waking the Dragon by Juliette Cross. It didn’t really work for me. I had a hard time buying what the author was trying to sell. I may try another book in the series, but I’m going to hold off for awhile.

I started reading The Adversary by Thea Harrison, but I realized I didn’t remember enough from The Unseen and decided to re-read it instead. I’ll go back to The Adversary after I finish.


It’s been such a long week for me at work so I’m looking forward to the long holiday weekend. I’m trying to relax and not do anything that I don’t want to do for three days straight. As busy and long as my week has been, I still managed to read two books. Yay me. I finished The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary and really enjoyed it. I adored the note writing, the friendships, and the romance so that was a sweet romance. I also read So We Meet Again by Suzanne Park and enjoyed that one as well. Jess and Danny were an adorable couple and even though there were times when I wanted to smack Jess upside her head, that romance was another sweet one that made my work week a little better.

Right now, I’m reading Sweethand by N.G. Peltier and though it’s still early days, I’m liking it. I should finish it over the weekend and then I plan on jumping into Battle Royal by Lucy Parker. Have a great weekend, guys!

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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3 responses to “What Are You Reading? (571)

  1. DiscoDollyDeb

    I just finished a very good m/m romantic-suspense (published in 2014): WHEN ALL THE WORLD SLEEPS by Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock. It’s about the relationship between a local cop and one of the small town’s only openly gay men—a person who suffers from a severe sleepwalking disorder. It was an excellent book, but cw/tw for homophobia and homophobic violence.

  2. Kareni

    Since last week ~

    — His Majesty’s Dragon: Book One of the Temeraire by Naomi Novik. I read this a dozen years ago and remembered only the basics of the story; now you know why I’m a frequent rereader! I enjoyed this a lot.
    — The Vacuum of Space: A Funny Sci Fi Mystery (Space Janitor Book 1) by Julia Huni; this was entertaining, and I might read on.
    — Three Tales by Mason Thomas; this was a pleasant collection of stories; however, I preferred the author’s longer work that I recently read.
    — The Witness for the Dead by Katherine Addison. I enjoyed the book and will likely reread it at some point, but I don’t see it becoming a comfort read like the author’s The Goblin Emperor.
    — My library’s summer reading program challenged me to read a book of poetry, so I reread The Apple That Astonished Paris: Poems by Billy Collins. I enjoyed it once more.
    — My library’s summer reading program challenged me to read a biography; I chose the illustrated memoir, The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir by Thi Bui. It was a moving family history, and I learned a fair bit about Vietnam.

  3. Glenda M

    I’m currently reading 2 books: Jenny Proctor’s Love Redesigned it is entertaining but very predictable in places. I’m also reading Janna MacGregor’s A Duke in Time and am loving it! I also read and enjoyed a couple of the Lyon’s Den books: The Lyon Sleeps Tonight and A Lyon in Her Bed.

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