What Are You Reading? (564)

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I’m still reading The Henchmen MC series by Jessica Gadizala. I’m reading Cash, which is the second book in the series. Cash is the VP of the Henchmen. I’d like to say that I’ll read this weekend, but things just keep coming up. It’s sad.


I read the Dominion Series by Juliette Cross this week. Darkest Heart (#1) and Coldest Fire (#3) were my favorites. Hardest Fall (#2) was the book I was most looking forward to reading and it was my least favorite. I’m not sure what I’m going to read next.


I’m making my way through the Demon Slayer mangas and this week was for reading volumes 1 (where it all started) and volumes 9 & 10. I’m starting volume 11 and waiting for my copy of volumes 12, 14, and 15 to be delivered so that I can read those too. I’m also reading The One We’re Meant to Find by Joan He. I should finish those over the weekend for sure.


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7 responses to “What Are You Reading? (564)

  1. DiscoDollyDeb

    I’m reading Leonie Mack’s ITALY EVER AFTER, about a divorced woman getting her groove back while chaperoning her daughter’s music class on a trip to Italy. It’s well-written but I seem to be having a hard time getting into it—perhaps because I loved Mack’s first book, MY CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE, and this book just isn’t grabbing me the way that one did.

    • Kareni

      I bought that second book, @DDD, after enjoying the author’s first book per your recommendation. I hope it will pick up for you.

      • DiscoDollyDeb

        It picks up about halfway through when we learn more of the MCs’ backstories (especially the hero’s). I just wish we’d had more time with the hero & heroine individually before they get thrown together. Final verdict: I liked ITALY EVER AFTER, but it’s no MY CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE.

        • Kareni

          Thanks, @DDD. I’m making progress in the book and am becoming more invested. I suspect my thoughts will align with yours when I’m finished.

  2. Kareni

    Over the past week ~

    — Project Hail Mary: A Novel by Andy Weir was a good read. I liked it more than Artemis but not as much as The Martian.
    — completed my reread of Anne Cleeland’s Acton and Doyle books by reading the last three books. I’m done… until such time as book 14 should arrive on the scene!
    — enjoyed Time Lost (Out of Time Book 2) by C.B. Lewis which is the second book in a series I recently began. I hope to read on in the series. This is a future set mystery/romance that involves a company dealing with time travel.
    — enjoyed rereading the m/m science fiction romances Dark Space, Darker Space, and new read Starlight by Lisa Henry.
    — enjoyed When Are You? by Addison Albright which is a romance with a time travel element.
    — read a compilation of two m/m novels and two shorter pieces by the same author, Vows Box Set by Addison Albright. I particularly enjoyed the first novel, Til Death Do Us Part, and imagine I will reread it.

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