What Are You Reading? (563)

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Casee: I’m reading a series by Jessica Gadizala called The Henchmen MC. It’s very Kristen Ashley-esque with the “babe” and “bitches” talk every other page. It was eye-rolling at first, but just like Kristen Ashley, I got used to it. I read Reign, the first book in the series & am now reading Cash. There’s something like 20 books in the series so I’ll be busy for awhile.

I was listening to Wild Wind by Kristen Ashley. I still haven’t finished it and it’s been something like two months.

Holly: I finished Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas, which I enjoyed, though there were some problematic themes. I read The Princess and the Pea and Beauty and the Beast by K.M. Shea, which are part of the Timeless Fairytales series. I enjoyed elements of both, but I don’t know that I’ll continue the series. While I liked the individual stories, I’m not really interested in the over-arching plotline.

I re-read Honor’s Splendour and The Wedding by Julie Garwood and listened to How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper for the second time. All three are so good. Definitely worth revisiting.

I read Darkest Heart by Juliette Cross, the first book in the Dominion series. I believe it’s part of another series, but I don’t feel like I missed anything by starting here. I really liked the world and the romance. I immediately started the second book, Hardest Fall, which features two characters I’m very curious about.

Rowena: I’ve discovered anime and right now, I’m all about Demonslayer. I watched the first season and then the movie that just released a couple of weeks ago. I’m loving everything about this world and the characters. I’m super curious to see where the creators take Tanjiro and his crew. I’m telling you, once Tanjiro and his crew finish their training, it’s over for those demon bitches. Team Rengoku! I love this anime so much that I started reading the manga’s. I read books 7 and 8 this week and now I’m reading book 9. I’m starting the storyline that follows the movie and I’m super excited!! I have books 10 and 11 lined up once I’m finished and I plan to jump into those right away.

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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4 responses to “What Are You Reading? (563)

  1. DiscoDollyDeb

    I’m in the middle of Rina Kent’s dark & twisty Deception Trilogy (VOW OF DECEPTION, TEMPTED BY DECEPTION, CONSUMED BY DECEPTION) about a troubled homeless woman who is taken off the streets and coerced into impersonating the late wife of a Russian mob boss. There’s a lot of gothic overtones and elements of JANE EYRE, VERTIGO, GISELLE, and Tana French’s THE LIKENESS. I know dark/crime romance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but so far (I’ve finished the first book and am about halfway through the second) the Deception Trilogy is keeping me riveted.

  2. Peggy P

    Thanks DDD – I just spent an hour reading Rinka Kent’s KU book descriptions – they all sound good! This could keep me busy for weeks, I kove me some KU.

  3. Glenda M

    I read the last 2 books in Sofie Darlings’ Shadows and Silks series, To Win a Wicked Lord and At the Pleasure of the Marquess. I have finally started reading the Bromance Bookclub too!

  4. Kareni

    Over the past week ~

    — The Night Tiger: A Novel by Yangsze Choo for my book group. I found this an intriguing read. Those who like historical fiction set in unusual locations (it’s set in 1930s Malaysia) or with an element of magical realism might enjoy this.
    — quite enjoyed That Distant Dream (The Satura Trilogy Book 1) by Laurel Beckley; the only problem is that it ended on a cliffhanger and the next volume is not yet published. This seems like military science fiction but it also has a fantasy element.
    — enjoyed Fire Ant (The Navy of Humanity: Wasp Pilot Book 1) by Jonathan P. Brazee which was a quick read; I’d describe it as military science fiction. This is currently FREE for Kindle readers.
    — enjoyed the fantasy novella, The Solstice Kings by Kim Fielding, but I don’t expect to read it again.
    — Last month I started rereading the Acton and Doyle mysteries and read the first three books. I’ve continued on and have now reread through book ten. I enjoyed revisiting them all.

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