What Are You Reading? (540)

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Casee: I’m reading a series by T.M. Frazier called King. This is a new-to-me author whom I’m really enjoying. The books in this series are dark and gritty which is exactly what I’ve been in the mood for lately. I’m currently reading the 7th book in the series, Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Three. Yes, that’s honestly the title. Like for real. And it fits the series perfectly.

I’m listening to Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews. It’s got me like this…

It’s the last book in the series and I’m having a seriously hard time letting go. I don’t want to let go of these characters.

Holly: I read a few more books in K.M. Shea’s King Arthur and Her Knights series. Embittered, Embark and Enlighten. I was waiting for a certain event to happen. Now that it has, I’m finished reading that series, even though there are a couple books I didn’t read. The series is probably a solid 3 overall; not great and not one I’ll re-read, but I did enjoy aspects of each book. I also read Beneath the Skin by Lauren Dane, a book I’ve had in my TBR pile for ages. It was great revisiting some of the characters from that world, and I enjoyed the romance.

I reread Castles by Julie Garwood after a conversation with Tracy about it. I still don’t like it. The hero drives me crazy, though I do like how smart the heroine is. I also reread Complicated by Kristen Ashley. I also reread Never Have I Ever by Lauren Blakely.

I started reading Coming Home by KB Alan, but set it aside about halfway through. I wasn’t feeling it at the moment. I’ll come back to it later. I was looking for a new audiobook and decided on The Earl Takes a Fancy by Lorraine Heath, which I was able to get from the library. Then I got the audiobook of The Scoundrel in Her Bed, another book in the series. I ended up reading and listening to them, since I was too impatient for just the audiobook. Now I plan to start The Duchess in his Bed. I’m reading the series all out of order. I requested the audio of Beauty Tempts the Beast from the library, but the way it 29 weeks long, so I’ll probably just read it.

Rowena: This past week was for reading and being sad that I’m done with Kate Daniels (I feel your pain, Casee) and all caught up with the Hidden Legacy series since I finished Emerald Blaze. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. While I’m trying to figure out what my next Ilona Andrews read is going to be, I’m jumping back into Shine by Jessica Jung. I’m a newly converted KPop fan though I don’t know how true that is since I only listen to BTS, Jay Park, Gaho and the songs from my Korean Dramas but I’m curious about the whole Kpop world so I was stoked to get a review copy of Shine. I’m about halfway through and the life of idol trainees is fierce, competitive and I would have gotten kicked out because I would have fought all of those bitches already. LOL. Still, I’m enjoying the book.

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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  1. Kareni

    This is two weeks of reading ~

    Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh — this was an enjoyable novella. The main characters were Tobias Finch, who lives in Greenhollow wood and Henry Silver, the new owner of Greenhollow Hall and a folklorist. Henry’s mother plays a role as do dryads and a malevolent spirit. If you like fairytales, you will probably like this. I will happily read the next book in the series.
    Paladin’s Grace by T. Kingfisher — Grace, a perfume maker in a vaguely medieval town, meets Stephen, a paladin whose god has died. Feelings ensue. There is romance, murder, a spy, a lawyer with they/them pronouns, and education about perfume making. I laughed a lot and will definitely read more by this author.
    Felix and the Prince by Lucy Lennox — Felix, a graduate student studying stained glass, meets Lio unaware that he is a prince about to ascend the throne. (Lio’s father is about to ‘retire’ … not abdicate?) Lio, gay and closeted,sees this as a last chance for a fling; however, the two men soon establish an emotional connection. There is a nice supporting cast of family, friends, and staff. I enjoyed this.
    The Knight and the Necromancer: Book One: The Capital by A. H. Lee — I bought this in May, long enough ago to forget hearing the book ends ABRUPTLY. Be warned! I quite enjoyed this fantasy about Roland, brother of the Queen, who flirts with a man at a tavern only to be horrified to learn the next day that he kissed a necromancer. I definitely will read on.
    Language Lessons by Jay Bell (owned since 2017; no longer for sale) — almost 17 year old Joey hooks up with his old crush who is now in college. That leads Joey to matchmaking and an encounter with Phillip who isn’t interested in a fling. Joey matures (and grew more likeable) during this short story as he begins his first relationship.
    Worth Searching For by Wendy Qualls was an enjoyable male/male contemporary romance.

    I read the Taking Shield series by Anna Butler. Ten thousand years ago, ‘the earth went dark’ and people from its colonies went in search of a new home. After three thousand years, they settled on Albion. Some things are familiar – politicians and the military, inches and feet, death (TW for so much) and taxes, Latin in religious ceremonies, homophobia, and size 13 shoes, but much is different – primarily the Maess with whom Albion has been at war for over a hundred years.

    Gyrfalcon (Taking Shield book 1) by Anna Butler –(FREE for Kindle readers) was a reread. Shield Captain Bennet is in an open and tense relationship with his partner, Joss, who is unhappy with his frequent absences. While on assignment, Bennet meets Flynn (a pilot), and they connect on many levels. It’s clear that their relationship will develop as the series progresses.

    New read for me: Heart Scarab -I was impressed at the author’s ability to make me care for a character who I’d found unsympathetic in book one. This book had me pondering the difficulties of caring for someone with a dangerous profession and considering how relationships can change with time. It made me cry but left me eager to read on.

    Makepeace -this book, set several years after the first, revolves around Bennet’s mission to the planet Makepeace in Maess space.

    The Chains Of Their Sins -this book deals with the ugly aftereffects of the Makepeace mission. Bennet and Flynn are on the same ship but not together due to regulations. This was another book that had me crying.

    Day of Wrath -the final book in the series went somewhere that I never expected.

    This was an excellent series, and I’m glad the challenge had me read it. I recommend it highly to those who might like military science fiction with a side of romance.
    Into Deep Waters by Kaje Harper — (FREE for Kindle readers) was a lovely tale of Jacob and Daniel beginning in world war 2, when they meet while serving in the Navy, and following their life together for some sixty years.
    Slippery Creatures (The Will Darling Adventures Book 1) by KJ Charles –– was set in London after the Great War featuring a bookseller, Will Darling, and Kim Secretan, a well-to-do young man. There are thugs, spies, various weapons, lies, many books, and a mystery. There is danger that didn’t feel too real to me. I enjoyed this and look forward to reading on in the series.

  2. DiscoDollyDeb

    Three highly-recommended books this weeks: MY CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE by Leonie Mack, a lovely book about two musicians from different cultures who fall in love when their label has them record a Christmas duet; COMMON GOAL by Rachel Reid, the fourth book in her Game Changer series of m/m hockey romances; and CAPTIVATED BY THE BEAST by Lindsey Hart, about an artist mired in complicated grief and the model who becomes his muse, a beautifully-written novella about seeing and being seen.

  3. Rita Wray

    I’m reading How To Lose a Duke in Ten Days by Laura Lee Guhrke. It’s a good book, I like the characters.

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