Guest Review: Pregnancy Plan by Tina Gayle

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Guest Review: Pregnancy Plan by Tina GayleReviewer: Tracy
Pregnancy Plan by Tina Gayle
Publisher: Tina Gayle
Publication Date: November 9, 2011
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley
Point-of-View: Third
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 208
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A full-length contemporary romance
Pregnant shopkeeper Jillian Wilson prepares for single parenthood until high-risk security specialist Derrick Harris, the baby’s father, is caught in an explosion that changes everything.
Confused, Derrick returns to the States with amnesia. Jillian believes she has it all a husband, a baby, a perfect life, to bad that her dreams hang on Derrick’s faulty memory and a lie.

Jillian is excited to start a new phase of her life.  She wants to have a baby but doesn’t want to wait for the right guy to come around.  She tells her brother’s best friend, Jason, about it so when she calls him to tell him she’s in town, she just says, “Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant.” When Jason’s brother, Derrick, picks up the answering machine message he’s livid.  He dated Jillian about a year earlier and she was definitely pro “get married before you have sex”.  Believing that she was now having an affair with his engaged brother, he storms to her hotel room to tell her to back off of Jason.

Jillian’s not thrilled to see Derrick as he had ghosted her a year earlier after a few dates.  He said it was because he was out of the country, but she wasn’t falling for that.  Jillian laughs when Derrick states why he’s there.  Jillian explains what she meant by the pregnancy comment and lays out her plans.  Derrick wants to know how she’ll accomplish getting pregnant and she gives him her options.  Derrick decides, quite quickly I might add, that he wants to be the one to get Jillian pregnant.  This was a little surprising to Jillian (and me as the reader) but she goes along with it.  They spend a weekend wrapped in each other’s arms and it’s wonderful.  When Monday comes around Derrick insists they get married, which was not something that had been mentioned or had been on Jillian’s radar.

Derrick leaves for the Middle East which is where his next job is located.  When Derrick is on his mission (he works for a security company and is out of the country more than he’s home) he is the victim of a bombing.  He lives, but can’t remember some things.  He tells his brother that he’s married to Jillian, and she says to Jason, yes, that’s true.  Derrick arrives home and Jillian takes him home for his recovery.  They start their life as a married couple and work together well, but Derrick has a hard time with emotion now, and definitely a hard time communicating, which puts a strain on their relationship.  What also puts a strain on the relationship?  The fact that they’re not actually married and Jillian is lying to Derrick and everyone else.

This was a quick read and one that I found to be just ok.  Everything with Jillian and Derrick moved so fast from moment one, and I couldn’t understand why Jillian was going for it.  She wasn’t the impulsive type so it didn’t make sense.  They did say she was a people pleaser and wanted to make everyone happy, so maybe that had something to do with it.  IDK, it was odd though.

When Derrick gets home after being injured, he seemed emotionless and remained this way for most of the book.  He never actually turned back into his fun-loving self and that wasn’t great.  I knew it would take time, but it wasn’t ever shown to us in the book.  I can’t say I loved his reaction to the news that he wasn’t actually married, but the problem wasn’t drawn out and was rectified quickly, which was nice.

I do have to say that Jillian annoyed me a bit with her meddling. Because of the people pleaser aspect of her personality, she was always in other people’s business. I found that a truly annoying part of the book.  She had enough issues with her own relationship, she needed to deal with that and stay out of everyone else’s problems.

The story wasn’t my cup of tea, but I know that some people will like it. I think if I would have liked Jillian better I might have liked the story a bit more, but I still wouldn’t have loved it.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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  1. Kareni

    I have to admit that the to/too error in the book blurb is an automatic negative for me.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tracy. I think I’ll be passing on this.

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