Best of 2019: The Heroines

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Lauren Grahame from Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley: I wasn’t sure about Lauren at first, but as I got farther along in the book I couldn’t help but admire her. She’s forty years old and is reinventing herself in a new town with a new job. I couldn’t help but love her.

Elena Devereaux from Archangel’s War by Nalini Singh: Elena is a bad ass bitch. I love how hard she was about work and protecting Raphael, but so soft when it comes to loving Raphael and her family. I adore Elena. Adore.

Keely Black from Wild Like the Wind by Kristen Ashley: I really disliked Keely at the beginning at the book. I didn’t like how she treated Hound and the MC. Then I realized how strong she was. Keely went through one of the worst things when she lost her husband. She’s ready to move on, but the club won’t accept her and Hound together. She comes to Hound’s defense so swiftly it shows how truly loyal she is. I ended up really admiring and liking her.

Kate Daniels from Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews: Kate speaks for herself. She’s very Elena-esque. She’s strong and capable. She takes care of herself and those she loves. She’s magic.

Lainey Burrows from Getting Played by Emma Chase: I liked how self-sufficient Lainey was. While she fell hard for Dean, she didn’t need him in her life to be happy. I loved that about her.


Angelique and Delilah from Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Anne Long: Delilah is the heroine of Lady Derring, but it was the friendship between the two women that really drew me into the story. While I loved Delilah on her own, I loved the two of them together more.

Clementine Johns from Repeat by Kylie Scott: Clem was nowhere near perfect, but I really loved how hard she worked to accept her new reality, how she grew into herself and how self-aware she became.

Phoebe, Lady Clare from Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Klepyas: Phoebe was kind of quiet in the previous books, but she really shone in her own. As a mother, friend, daughter and lover, she set aside her grief to do what she needed to. I loved her.

Elena Deveraux from Archangel’s War by Nalini Singh: Elena has always been a kickass heroine, and that was even more true in Archangel’s War. I love her strength, her heart and how fierce she is in her love for Raphael.

Sabrina Cross from Hard Sell by Lauren Layne: I freaking loved Sabrina. She was strong and confident in herself and her job, stood up for herself when needed and still managed to show vulnerability enough to give her added depth. I kind of want to be Sabrina when I grow up.


Lotus DuPree from Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan: Lotus DuPree rocked my socks. She was so fierce and so strong and right from the very beginning, I liked her. I thought she was awesome in Iris’ book but once she stepped into the spotlight of her own book, she really shined. I didn’t think that I would like any heroine more than I liked Iris but I was wrong. DuPree is one of my top heroines of the year. She was flat out awesome.

Lennix Moon Hunter from The King Maker by Kennedy Ryan: Lennix Moon Hunter is another example of a strong woman. This girl was running peaceful protests and activism runs when shew as seventeen years old and she grew up to become an even stronger person. She wasn’t perfect but holy cow was she relatable and I admired the hell out of her.

Kate Henley from Huge Deal by Lauren Layne: I loved and adored Kate in the previous two books in this series but I wasn’t prepared for how much I was going to love and adore her in her own book. There is just something about Kate and the love she had for Kennedy (and his blind ass) that just hit me in all of my feels. I loved how strong she was despite the fact that she knew Kennedy didn’t feel the same way…but boy when he finally does start seeing her??? Boiiii….Kate really shined putting him in his place. I loved her.

Mercy Thompson from The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs: Mercy Thompson continues to be one of my favorite women in books. She is one of a kind, who loves with her whole heart and never leaves anyone behind. She fights for those who can’t fight for themselves, even when the odds are stacked against her. She may be down, but she’s never out and I completely love her.

Catalina Baylor from Sapphire Flames by Ilona Andrews: Catalina Baylor has a lot to learn about being a Prime, but she’s also got a lot to learn about being the Head of a House. She’s nowhere near the person she’s meant to be but I’m really interested in seeing her grow into her own. In the first full-blown book in her part of the series, Catalina proves to be made of stern stuff and I loved being a part of her journey. I can’t wait for the next book. Catalina was a highlight of the year for me and that’s why she’s on this list.

Who are your favorite heroines from 2019? Any heroines that kicked ass and took names that you fell in love with over the year? Share your favorite heroines in the comments!

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