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Review: Diamond Fire by Ilona AndrewsReviewer: Casee
Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews
Series: Hidden Legacy #3.5
Also in this series: Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1), Wildfire, White Hot, White Hot (Hidden Legacy, #2), Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1), White Hot (Hidden Legacy, #2), Wildfire (Hidden Legacy, #3), Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1), Wildfire (Hidden Legacy, #3), Diamond Fire (Hidden Legacy, #3.5), Sapphire Flames, Wildfire, Emerald Blaze, Sapphire Flames
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: November 6, 2018
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Point-of-View: First Person
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 160
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Series Rating: five-stars

Nevada Frida Baylor and Connor Ander Rogan cordially invite you to join their wedding celebration. Summoning, weather manipulation, and other magical activities strictly forbidden.

Catalina Baylor is looking forward to wearing her maid of honor dress and watching her older sister walk down the aisle. Then the wedding planner gets escorted off the premises, the bride’s priceless tiara disappears, and Rogan's extensive family overruns his mother’s home. Someone is cheating, someone is lying, and someone is plotting murder.

To make this wedding happen, Catalina will have to do the thing she fears most: use her magic. But she’s a Baylor and there’s nothing she wouldn't do for her sister's happiness. Nevada will have her fairy tale wedding, even if Catalina has to tear the mansion apart brick by brick to get it done.

This book is the bridge between Nevada’s story and Catalina’s story. I wasn’t sure I would really like Catalina. She was okay, but Nevada and Arabella are my favorite, followed by Leon. I’m happy to say that I was wrong. Catalina was a breath of fresh air. I’m really looking forward to continuing this series.

After a disaster with her wedding planner, Nevada decides that Catalina is the one who can make her wedding go off without a hitch. Catalina highly doubts that, but she doesn’t tell Nevada. She recruits Arabella and Leon to help. Together they are going to give Nevada the wedding of her dreams. Then she turns into a bridezilla. All of a sudden, nothing seems to be going right. The cake gets poisoned, a Rogan family heirloom is stolen, and Nevada wants blue lillies. That completely clashes with the colors she originally chose, but Nevada is adamant.

Catalina is soon being dragged in a dozen different directions. One of Rogan’s relatives decides he needs to seduce Catalina so he can get the inheritance when Rogan dies. Never mind that Nevada will be the one inheriting. When Catalina discovers what is happening, she’s appalled. And angry. She continues to search for the heirloom, certain that it’s one of Rogan’s family members. Chaos ensues.

I really enjoyed this book. Like I stated above, I wasn’t wild about Catalina, but this one changed my mind. I think she’s going to be one hell of a heroine.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hidden Legacy


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