Guest Review: Freedom to Love by Susanna Fraser

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Guest Review: Freedom to Love by Susanna FraserReviewer: Tracy
Freedom to Love by Susanna Fraser
Series: Freedom to Love #1
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: January 5, 2015
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
Point-of-View: Third
Cliffhanger: View Spoiler »
Genres: Historical Romance
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Series Rating: four-stars

Louisiana, 1815

Thérèse Bondurant trusted her parents to provide for her and her young half-sister, though they never wed due to laws against mixed-race marriage. But when both die of a fever, Thérèse learns her only inheritance is debt—and her father’s promise that somewhere on his plantation lies a buried treasure, if she can find it before her white cousins take possession of the land.

Then British officer Henry Farlow, dazed from a wound received in battle outside New Orleans, stumbles onto the property. Thérèse insists he stay with them to recover, and he is quickly captivated by her intelligence and beauty. Thanks to her care, he is back to full strength just in time to fend off an attack by her cousin, inadvertently killing the would-be rapist.

Knowing they will find no justice in the law, the trio flees. Henry risks being labeled a deserter, but more than duty compels him to see the sisters to safety, and Thérèse comes to rely on Henry for more than protection. On their journey to freedom, they must navigate another new territory—love. But when they arrive in England, an unexpected inheritance puts their newfound commitment to the test.

Henry Farlow is a British officer who was injured in battle.  He was left there after the battle, everyone presuming he’s dead. He manages to leave the field where the battle took place and finds himself at a plantation.  He comes across a woman and a girl who are digging in the lawn.  They take him to the house and take care of him, but they want him to leave asap.  Unfortunately, despite the fact that the plantation house belonged to their father, it doesn’t belong to them.  Their father has died and left it to a nasty relative.  Unfortunately that relative shows up while the trio is there.  He’s drunk and when he tries to take advantage of Thérèse’s sister, Jeannette – who’s a slave, Henry protects her and accidentally kills him.  Then the three of them are on the run. Henry must make it to a fort to prove he’s not a deserter.

Thérèse’s father was a plantation owner but Thérèse’s mother was his mistress and a seamstress.  She is cuarterona (someone who is ¼ African descent) but she’s also Native American. Though Henry doesn’t care and starts to fall in love with her, she’s not sure what their future looks like.  They decide they’ll make their way to Canada, where slaves are free, and start a life.  With Henry and Thérèse pretending to be married, and Jeannette their slave, it puts them in close quarters.  Henry and Thérèse start to fall in love, but how can they be together when interracial marriages are illegal?

Right when they think things are looking up for the trio, they head to England to deal with Henry’s parents (to prove that he’s alive) and then they’ll head back to Canada to start their life.  Once they get to England, however, they find that Henry’s life will never be the same, which means Thérèse’s won’t either.

I really loved the first part of this story.  I loved Thérèse and Jeannette and their determination to make a better life for themselves.  I really liked Henry and his honor.  The trio’s journey was fraught with danger and I was completely sucked in.

Then they got to England. I wish I could say that even that part was wonderful, but I personally think it got boring.  It was definitely more personalized because of Henry’s family and how they dealt with Thérèse, but I started to dislike Henry a bit and it just wasn’t as good as the first part of the book.

Despite things changing for me in the second half of the book, it was still good.  I’d still definitely recommend this as it was well written and kept my attention.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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