Review: One and Only by Jenny Holiday

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Review: One and Only by Jenny HolidayReviewer: Rowena
One and Only (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #1) by Jenny Holiday
Series: Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #1
Also in this series: It Takes Two (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #2), Merrily Ever After (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly, #2.5), Three Little Words (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #3)
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: February 27, 2018
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 337
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Series Rating: four-stars

Miss Responsibility meets Mr. Reckless

With her bridezilla friend on a DIY project rampage, bridesmaid Jane Denning will do anything to escape - even if it means babysitting the groom's troublemaker brother before the wedding. It should be a piece of cake, except the "cake" is a sarcastic former soldier who is 100% wicked hotness and absolutely off-limits.

Cameron MacKinnon is ready to let loose after returning from his deployment. But first he'll have to sweet talk the ultra-responsible Jane into taking a walk on the wild side. Turns out, riling her up is the best time he's had in years. But what happens when the fun and games start to turn into something real?

One and Only kicks off Jenny Holiday’s Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series and it was released early last year. I’d been hearing many great things about this series so I bought the books last year but never got around to actually reading them…until now. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to read these because I really enjoyed Jenny Holiday’s writing, the characters she introduces us to in this series and the romances for each couple. I also really, really enjoyed the friendship between Jane, Wendy, Elise, and Gia. They were total squad goals.

So in this book, we get Jane’s romance. Jane is a bridesmaid for her friend Elise’s wedding and her normally sweet-tempered friend has turned into a Pinterest Bridezilla with a to-do list for her bridesmaids that is low key driving Jane insane. So when Elise starts going on and on about her fiance Jay’s bad boy brother coming to town and is sure that he is going to ruin their wedding, Jane jumps at the chance to babysit him for Jane. Babysitting the brother will get Jane out of Pinterest Wedding Hell and so she’s totally in.

Jane picks Cam up from the airport and already she can tell that he’s trouble. He looks like he’s bent on causing trouble and like he can’t wait for it all to happen but not on Jane’s watch. Jane is dedicated to becoming Cam’s cockblocker and she takes it seriously because Getting Married Elise is a scary person right now.

Cameron was a complex character who had a reputation that he wasn’t that proud of. I mean, technically, everything that was said about him was true but they weren’t the entire truth and after a while, defending yourself got tired so Cam let everyone think what they wanted to believe of him and in a way, he started to believe them too. After his latest screw up, he had every intention of coming back to Canada and tearing shit up. Of forgetting what his life had become…but meeting Jane is proving to be an even better distraction.

Over the course of the week leading up to Jay and Elise’s wedding, Cam and Jane spend a lot of time together and while they’re both dealing with their own internal issues, they spend a lot of time being there for each other and give each other the break from life that they both desperately need. I thought Jenny Holiday did a wonderful job of bringing these two together. I loved seeing them get to know and then understand what the other is going through and then become each other’s rock. They both needed each other and didn’t even know it. Their romance was a lot of fun and I could not wait to jump into the next romantic adventure of the next friend, Wendy. This was a good one!

Grade: 4.5 out of 5

Bridesmaids Behaving Badly


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7 responses to “Review: One and Only by Jenny Holiday

  1. JenM

    I just finished the third book, Three Little Words and loved it. Now I need to go back and catch up on the second book. One thing I loved about this series was the way the friendship between the 4 women was portrayed. Even when Elise was being a bit of a Bridezilla, her friends still loved her and were totally there for her. This theme of them supporting each other no matter what runs throughout all of the books and made me very happy because it’s so like my own friendships.

    • Same! I thought it was such a great book and though Gia’s book didn’t end up being my favorite, it was still a great addition to this series. I adored all of the girls and yes, their friendship was such a great one. Squad goals for real!

  2. Nikki H

    I just finished this and loved it! I then went back and read the prequel novella, Once Upon a Bride, which tells the story of Elise and Jay. I loved it, too! So the rest of the series are definitely on the TBR. Great review!

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