What Are You Reading? (+ Tessa Bailey Giveaway)

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Casee: I finished up Shayla Black and Lexi Blake’s The Perfect Gentlemen series. The first two books in the series were my favorite. The second two were slow, which surprised me. After I finished Smoke and Sin, I decided that it was far past time to read Archangel’s Prophecy by Nalini Singh. I’ve had this book for over a month and haven’t read it. Something is seriously wrong with me. I’m just a few chapters in and was instantly reminded how much I love, love, love Elena and Raphael. Love. Love. Love. They are my all-time favorite couple in romance.

I’m listening to Phoenix Unbound by Grace Draven on audio. The narrator is so good. I’m not very far in and it’s a little slow, but I’ve been told that it’s really good so I’m looking forward to getting into it.

Holly: I finished listening to The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter (still $1.49 for Kindle). It ended in a cliffhanger, which was annoying and unexpected. I started reading book 2, The Singer, but I DNF’d it about 30% in. Up to that point it was moving really slow and repeating a lot of the information from the first book. The series is 7 books and the first 3 follow the same couple. I’m not interested in slogging through 70% more of this book, plus another entire book. I liked the premise and I’m curious about some of the other characters, so I may come back to it later, when I’m not so salty about the cliffhanger.

I also listened to How to Date Your Dragon and Love and Other Wild Things by Molly Harper. I tend to prefer more serious paranormal books, but these were perfect for my mood despite being light, fluffy listens. I’m sad there aren’t any other books available in the series.

I finished reading Archangel’s Prophecy, which slayed me. Nalini Singh is evil…in the very best way. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Then I read Lionheart by Thea Harrison. Oberon! I really loved it. I really wish these authors would release books faster. I need more! 😉

I re-read Soaring by Kristen Ashley and Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs so I can discuss it with Rowena. Iron Kissed gets me every time. My poor heart.

I’m currently listening to Natural Dual-Mage by K.F. Breene. I think I’m going to start reading Mornings on Main by Jodi Thomas.

Rowena: I’ve been distracted by baseball in the last couple of weeks, so reading has taken a back seat. I started some books but because my Dodgers have been stressing me out, I haven’t been paying much attention to any of them so I just put it off until I could concentrate again. I finished Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks for my book club and holy cow, that book made me all kinds of emotional. I wanted to fight all of the Montgomery women and I wanted to run Ian McHugh through with Graeme’s sword. Man, Eveline was a straight up boss for everything she went through. I adored her romance with Graeme.

After that, I read The Other Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn and enjoyed how easy it was to fall in with both Andrew and Poppy. Their romance was a little on the cheesy side but I didn’t care, I loved it all anyway. Julia Quinn writes great dialogue and witty characters that make me love them every single time. I just finished reading Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs and that was another emotional read for me. I stayed up until after midnight last night, finishing up that book and I was choked up for Mercy, for Adam, hell, even for Ben. Patricia Briggs has me hooked on this series.

I started Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs this morning, there is just no way that I’d be able to focus on anything else but Mercy Thompson right now. I need to know that she’s okay so of course I started the next book.

Giveaway Alert

We are very fortunate here at Book Binge. We have loads and loads of books to read and we want to share the wealth so each week, we’ll be tacking on a Freebie Friday giveaway to our What Are You Reading posts. This week, we’re giving away…

What Are You Reading? (+ Tessa Bailey Giveaway)Disturbing His Peace (The Academy, #3) by Tessa Bailey
Series: The Academy #3
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: April 24, 2018
Format: Print
Source: Publisher
Point-of-View: Third
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 356
Add It: Goodreads
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She’s got probable cause to make her move . . .

Danika Silva can’t stand Lt. Greer Burns. Her roommate’s older brother may be sexy as hell, but he’s also a cold, unfeeling robot. She just wants to graduate and forget about her scowling superior. But when a dangerous mistake lands Danika on probation—under Greer’s watch—she’s forced to interact with the big, hulking jerk. Call him daily to check in? Done. Ride shotgun in his cruiser every night? Done. Try not to climb into his giant, muscular lap and kiss him? Umm…

Greer doesn’t let anythingor anyone—distract him from the job. Except lately, all he can think about is Danika. He’s wanted the beautiful, cocky recruit since the moment he saw her. But she’s reckless and unpredictable, and Greer is painfully aware of what can happen when an officer doesn’t follow the rules. Probation seemed like a good idea, but now Danika’s scent is in his car and he’s replayed her voicemails twenty times. Christ, he’s a goner.

Danika’s melting Greer’s stone-cold exterior one ride-along at a time. Being together could have serious consequences… but breaking a few rules never hurt anybody, right?

What Are You Reading: Disturbing His Peace by Tessa Bailey

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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12 responses to “What Are You Reading? (+ Tessa Bailey Giveaway)

  1. Kareni

    I see some familiar titles listed above. Happy reading, Casee, Holly and Rowena.

    — I quite enjoyed Idyll Fears: A Thomas Lynch Novel and Idyll Hands: A Thomas Lynch Novel which are the second and third books in a mystery series by Stephanie Gayle.
    — read Empire of Bones (Book 1 of The Empire of Bones Saga) by Terry Mixon. (If you happen to have Amazon Prime, this is in their library of books.) I’m a bit surprised to see that the rating on Amazon for this book is about 4.5 out of 5.0, as I was not overly impressed.
    — re-read Katherine Addison’s The Goblin Emperor and also S.K. Dunstall’s Linesman trilogy.
    — Tessa Dare’s enjoyable historical romance The Governess Game was an entertaining read
    — Outbreak: A Nightshades Novel by Melissa F. Olson; I enjoyed the book (the third and final book in the series), but this is definitely a series that should be read in order.
    — re-read (yet again) Anne Bishop’s Lake Silence. While this could stand alone, I’d recommend starting with the author’s other series which begins with Written in Red.

  2. Jana Leah

    Killing Cousins by Rhett Macpherson. Torie is one of those characters you can see yourself being friends with in real life.

  3. Jana Leah

    Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams. There was a more to this story than I expected, which was a nice surprise.

  4. Celine B

    No romances this week, I read Station Eleven and The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. Station Eleven was an enjoyable, well-written read. 7 1/2 is like a classic British murder mystery meets Quantum Leap and Groundhog Day. I was definitely interested in figuring out the mystery both of the murder and what was going on with the paranormal aspect, but while the structure was what kept me interested in the mystery it also kept me from caring much about the characters. I feel like not enough time was spent on the reveal of what was going on with the paranormal aspect which made the book feel fairly shallow. So overall an interesting and clever, but ultimately not completely satisfying read.

  5. Yeah not a baseball fan…but I am a football nut and its been distracting. And I found a new tv show I like Jack Ryan…so addictive. And I think I read too many ARC in a row so just been doing some re reading to fix the book slump I am in, although I did listen to a Kathryn Le Veque book this week.

  6. Jana Leah

    Paid & Plagiarism by Molly MacRae. Enjoyed the mystery & I like the idea of four friends buying a bookstore in Scotland.

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