Guest Review: Born to Be Wilde by Eloisa James

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Guest Review: Born to Be Wilde by Eloisa JamesReviewer: Tracy
Born to Be Wilde (The Wildes of Lindow Castle #3) by Eloisa James
Series: The Wildes of Lindow Castle #3
Also in this series: Wilde in Love, Too Wilde to Wed, Born to Be Wilde (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #3), Say Yes to the Duke, My Last Duchess
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: July 31, 2018
Format: eARC
Point-of-View: Third
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
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Series Rating: four-stars

The richest bachelor in England plays matchmaker…for an heiress he wants for himself!

For beautiful, witty Lavinia Gray, there's only one thing worse than having to ask the appalling Parth Sterling to marry her: being turned down by him.

Now the richest bachelor in England, Parth is not about to marry a woman as reckless and fashion-obsessed as Lavinia; he's chosen a far more suitable bride.

But when he learns of Lavinia's desperate circumstances, he offers to find her a husband. Even better, he'll find her a prince.

As usual, there's no problem Parth can't fix. But the more time he spends with the beguiling Lavinia, the more he finds himself wondering…

Why does the woman who's completely wrong feel so right in his arms?

Lavinia has had a thing for Parth since she met him.  Sure, she’s managed to tell herself that it’s really nothing to get excited about but when she proposes marriage to him in order to save her family’s finances, and he turns her down, she realizes her feelings were deeper than she thought.  She’s hurt by his refusal and even more hurt when she hears that he’s courting an Italian Contessa and plans to ask her to marry him.

Lavinia bounces back by going to London with Parth’s adoptive aunt and Willa, once her mother’s ward. While putting together Willa’s trousseau and arranging dresses for the Duchess and family.  She’s offered commission from the fabric seller and modistes in order to get the Wilde’s outfitted.  She realizes that she can make money doing what she loved.  Yes, she loves bonnets and shoes and fabric and clothing, but what woman doesn’t? Right?

While Lavinia knows that Parth doesn’t think much of her, Parth is thinking he things too much of her.  He’s had a thing for Lavinia for years and though he thought he wanted the Contessa he realizes that he won’t be happy with anyone but Lavinia.

This was another great story in The Wildes of Lindow Castle series. I really liked Parth and loved reading about his story.  The fact that the Wildes’ took him in when his family died was touching and heart-breaking.  I wish that he hadn’t been so harsh with Lavinia at first but the man didn’t know his own mind.  He made up for it as the book went on.

Lavinia…I liked her but her self-esteem issues started to wear on me after a while.  I was happy to see her strong and loving what she was doing with the clothing, but that undertone of “woe is me” just got old.  I was very happy when she stood up to Parth and told him how she felt.  That was an awesome scene.

Overall this was a lovely romance and I highly recommend it.  Actually, if you haven’t started the series you should do so NOW.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Wildes of Lindow Castle


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