Guest Review: The Trouble with True Love by Laura Lee Guhrke

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Guest Review: The Trouble with True Love by Laura Lee GuhrkeReviewer: Tracy
The Trouble with True Love (Dear Lady Truelove #2) by Laura Lee Guhrke
Series: Dear Lady Truelove #2
Also in this series: The Truth About Love and Dukes (Dear Lady Truelove, #1), The Trouble with True Love (Dear Lady Truelove, #2), The Trouble with True Love (Dear Lady Truelove, #2), Governess Gone Rogue (Dear Lady Truelove, #3), Heiress Gone Wild
Publisher: Harper Collins, Avon
Publication Date: January 30th 2018
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
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Series Rating: four-stars

Dear Lady Truelove,

I am a girl of noble family, but I am painfully shy, especially in my encounters with those of the opposite sex . . .

For Clara Deverill, standing in for the real Lady Truelove means dispensing advice on problems she herself has never managed to overcome. There’s nothing for it but to retreat to a tearoom and hope inspiration strikes between scones. It doesn’t—until Clara overhears a rake waxing eloquent on the art of “honorable” jilting. The cad may look like an Adonis, but he’s about to find himself on the wrong side of Lady Truelove.

Rex Galbraith is an heir with no plans to produce a spare. He flirts with the minimum number of eligible young ladies to humor his matchmaking aunt, but Clara is the first to ever catch his roving eye. When he realizes that Clara—as Lady Truelove—has used his advice as newspaper fodder, he’s infuriated. But when he’s forced into a secret alliance with her, he realizes he’s got a much bigger problem—because Clara is upending everything Rex thought he knew about women—and about himself. . . .

Clara is in a pickle. Her sister runs the family’s newspaper and their most popular feature is an advice column called Dear Lady Truelove. Clara’s sister Irene is the one who answers all of the letters. When Irene left on her honeymoon she left enough material for the time she’d be gone. Unfortunately for Clara, Irene and her new husband have decided to extend their trip. Clara has to write advice to someone and she has no idea what to write because the author of the letter could be her! She’s in the same boat as the person in need of advice. She heads to a tea shop to concentrate and instead hears a man giving his friend advice on how to avoid marriage. Clara takes notes and prints almost everything he said in the Dear Lady Truelove column.

When Rex Galbraith finds out what has happened he’s understandably very angry. He confronts Clara and she eventually tells him about the column and then has a brilliant idea – have Galbraith write the column while Irene is away! He does it for a fee but this puts the two of them close together on a regular basis.

Rex has absolutely no interest in marriage – ever! When he meets Clara, however, he finds that while he normally avoids innocent women, he’s impossibly attracted to her. He can’t keep himself away – even after their pretend courtship disintegrates.

This was such a cute story. I loved how Rex just couldn’t keep himself away from Clara. She wasn’t incredibly beautiful, until she smiled that is, and then his world tilted on its axis. I loved that! I appreciated that he was always completely truthful to Clara about his plans for the future and that they could still be friends.

The end of the book was a good one and I found the HEA very satisfying. This story has friendship, love, family and sexy times – a great combination that became a really great romance.

Dear Lady Truelove Series

Rating: 4 out of 5


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