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Review: Heart Sight by Robin D. OwensReviewer: Holly
Heart Sight (Celta's Heartmates) by Robin D. Owens
Series: Celta's Heartmates #15
Also in this series: Heart Fate, HeartMate, HeartMate, Heart Thief , Heart Duel , Heart Choice, Heart Quest , Heart Dance , Heart Fate , Heart Dance, Heart Journey, Heart Fire, Heart Legacy, Heart Change, Heart Secret

Publication Date: December 5th 2017
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 416
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Series Rating: four-stars

Journey back to the planet Celta with award-winning author Robin D. Owens in this novel about shadowed enemies and unimaginable psi power.

Muin "Vinni" T'Vine has been the prophet of Celta since he was six years old. A unique and lonely child, his strong psi power made most people wary of him. But now that he's older, he's ready to marry and protect the girl he's known was his HeartMate for years.

Avellana isn't as fragile as Vinni believes...nor as compliant. She fights to be considered Vinni's equal and a strong member of her Family and community. Both of them have kept Avellana's main power secret for over a decade.

But rumors of her strange psi talent are spreading, and Vinni is experiencing premonitions of danger to Avellana--even from the highest people of the land. When the whispers become threats, Vinni and Avellana must discover and defeat their secret enemies before they can finally claim happiness together.

I’ve been waiting years for this book. Vinni and Avellana were introduced in the 2nd book and had parts as children in some of the following books. Now they’re all grown up. Vinni, the Premier Prophet of Celta, keeps having terrible visions of Avellana’s death. For years he’s been sending her to remote places to keep her safe. Now a woman of 24, Avellana is tired of being away her home and loved ones. Even though Vinni still senses danger in her future, she refuses to leave. She wants them to fight together, not spend their time apart, cowering from some unknown threat.

As excited as I was about this couple finally getting a book, I went into with some trepidation. After all, these two were young children when I started reading the series, and young adults in the last book I remember them in. Owens did a great job of showing them as grown adults.

The main conflict is Vinni’s over-protectiveness when it comes to Avellana because of his visions, and how that’s damaged them both over the years. I really enjoyed seeing them grow, accept each other as they are, and come together as an adult couple and as HeartMates. Unlike other couples, they’ve both known since her birth they were fated for each other. That made things easier for them in some respects, but much harder in others.

I liked that Avellana stood up for herself. For years she’s been passively accepting of her family and Vinni’s over-protectiveness. She finally realizes she can’t continue to allow them to send her away.  Not if she wants to finally live the life she was meant for. Her inner strength really came through and I ended up admiring her in the end.

It would have been easy to hate Vinni for forcing Avellana away all those years, except he truly was terrified for her safety. His obvious love and devotion for her came through so strongly it was impossible to hate him. Like Avellana, I got angry with him over his determination to do things “for her own good”, but as he accepted who Avellana had grown to be, it was easy to let go of that anger. I was fully rooting for them in the end.

I always love returning to Celta. The world is so well-drawn I’m always fully immersed. This novel is at turns sweet, suspenseful and angst-filled. It was lovely.

4.25 out of 5


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