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Every year, authors make their way onto every readers favorites or not so favorites lists. Sure, we like a lot of authors fine but this list is for the authors that we loved. The authors that rocked our socks.



  1. Nalini Singh: Nalini has been on my Best Of list for the past 10 years, since I first read Slave to Sensation in 2006. I honestly don’t know how she can continue to live up to my high expectations.

  2. Christine Feehan: Christine Feehan is an auto-buy for me and she really never lets me down. Of course I’m often frustrated by her heroes, especially in her Carpathian series, yet it never stops me from buying her books. I especially love her Sea Haven series. I can’t get enough!

  3. J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts: Does this woman ever let us down? She is magic. Absolute magic. It doesn’t matter what book comes out, it is like the first book she’s ever written. She never gets stale or old. I love her.

  4. J.R. Ward: As much as she drives me crazy, I’m always pulled into her books. The Bourbon King series is one of my favorites this year. While I’ve been let down by the BDB, the Black Dagger Legacy series is a fresh new series that gives a new peek into the BDB.

  5. Karen Rose: I love Karen Rose. She’s such an amazing author. I usually read her books in one day. I’m glued to my seat and just can’t put her books down. She’s my favorite romantic suspense author.



  1. Sarina Bowen: Bowen has fabulous talent as an author. I love her voice, characters and stories. She never fails to pull me in, and she tackles some pretty deep subjects for all that her books feel like light reads. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this year.

  2. Nalini Singh: Singh is an auto-buy for me. I know she’ll deliver no matter what she writes.

  3. Ilona Andrews: 2016 was the year of Ilona Andrews for me. I glommed their entire backlist and binge-read every book they’ve written. Although I enjoyed some more than others, there wasn’t a single book I didn’t like. The world-building and pure imagination in each series is unique and spellbinding.

  4. Patricia Briggs: Briggs is another fabulous talent. I always fall right into her books and I’m always sad to see them end.

  5. Kristen Ashley: I didn’t love the couple releases Ashley offered in 2016, but she remains a favorite. I consistently reach for her backlist when I need a quick re-read, and I expect good things from her upcoming erotica series.

Honorable Mentions: Julie James. Lauren Dane. Elle Kennedy. Chrisine Feehan. All of these authors are auto-buys for me. I can’t wait for their next releases.



  1. Nalini Singh: This year I glommed the heck out of the Psy/Changeling series and I loved every single book that I read. After that, I started the Guild Hunters series because I just couldn’t get enough of Nalini Singh. She is a fantastic writer and was definitely a favorite of mine this year.

  2. Lauren Layne: Lauren Layne was a new to me author in 2016 and right from the very first book I read of hers, I loved her. She wrote, probably my favorite book of the year, Someone Like You. She just keeps right on writing books that I fall in love with and I love her to pieces. I know that she’s going to keep the party going in 2017 because there are already books I’m looking forward to from her. She’s great, great, great.

  3. Elle Kennedy: Elle Kennedy’s Off Campus series is one of my favorite New Adult series out right now and Kennedy released two books from there. She also released more Killer Instincts book and launched the Royals series with Jen Frederick that I really enjoyed as well. Elle Kennedy entertained me for a lot of hours this year and I loved all of the books that I read by her.

  4. Jen Frederick: Jen Frederick continues to delight me with every book she releases. I’m in love with her Gridiron series but I’m also enjoying her Woodlands series. I’m also an avid reader of her newsletter because I am a huge fan of her weekly serial, Lainey’s List. I have loved everything she’s come out with, including the Royals series she released with Elle Kennedy so yeah, she made my favorites list this year.

  5. Sarina Bowen: Sarina was another author that gave me lots of hours of entertainment this year. She was a busy woman writing the True North series, the Brooklyn Bruisers series, and I’m confident that I will continue to love her stuff in the new year. She seriously rocks.

Honorable mentions go to Tessa Dare, Emma Chase and Jessica Lemmon. All wrote some fantastic books and I’m looking forward to their upcoming releases.

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