Review: The Viscount and the Vixen by Lorraine Heath

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Review: The Viscount and the Vixen by Lorraine HeathReviewer: Rowena
The Viscount and the Vixen by Lorraine Heath
Series: Hellions of Havisham #4
Also in this series: Falling into Bed with a Duke, The Earl Takes All, The Earl Takes All, When the Marquess Falls
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: November 29th 2016
Pages: 384
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Series Rating: four-stars

Love begets madness. Viscount Locksley watched it happen to his father after his cherished wife’s death. But when his sire arranges to marry flame-haired fortune hunter Portia Gadstone, Locke is compelled to take drastic measures to stop the stunning beauty from taking advantage of the marquess. A marriage of mutual pleasure could be convenient, indeed... as long as inconvenient feelings don’t interfere.

Desperation forced Portia to agree to marry a madman. The arrangement will offer the protection she needs. Or so she believes until the marquess’s distractingly handsome son peruses the fine print... and takes his father’s place!

Now the sedate—and, more importantly, secure—union Portia planned has been tossed in favor of one simmering with wicked temptation and potential heartbreak. Because as she begins to fall for her devilishly seductive husband, her dark secrets surface and threaten to ruin them both—unless Locke is willing to risk all and open his heart to love.

The final hellion gets his story told in this book and as always, Lorraine Heath delivers a dramatic but intensely compelling story about two people who didn’t trust each other and yet were drawn to each other at every turn. Their passion turns into so much more than either of them wanted or was prepared for.

Locke is the lone bachelor in the hellion bunch and he is a-okay with that. He’s not in any rush to get married or sire an heir because he’s not ever going to fall in love. He makes this decision because he grew up with a father who turned away from life and went crazy over the loss of the love of his life. Locke’s mother. Locke has lived his life without a mother and because of how crazy his father goes after her death, he lived his life without much of a father as well. I mean, sure Marsden is around and he loves Locke but Locke lived a pretty lonely life when he was a kid before the other hellions came to live with them. As an adult, Locke prefers his own company instead of being part of a crowd or what not and that probably has a lot to do with being surrounded by whispers about his mad father but his reasons are his own. When Portia comes waltzing into his home, claiming to marry his father, Locke is taken aback because 1) who the hell does she think she is and 2) she is a hot mama and he wants her instantly.

Portia has a secret she is determined to keep and she’ll do whatever it takes to protect this secret. Like, marry a complete stranger because she is in dire need of the protection only a Lord of the aristocracy can give her. Her plan to marry the Marquess of Marsden is perfect because he’s old as hell and she’ll be able to live a peaceful life as his companion but when her plans get turned around and she ends up married to Marsden’s younger and more virile son, Portia’s world tilts and she has no choice but to ride it out.

Heath brings the angst with every book she writes and she does a great job of pulling the reader along for the ride. I was curious about what Portia’s secret was and even though I thought it took her far too long to come clean about it all, I thought the whole drama made for an entertaining read. Seeing Locke fall head over heels for Portia at the same time that Portia was doing the same thing had me happy sighing all over the place. These two were determined to do their duty and that’s it but life doesn’t always go the way you think it will and I loved seeing Portia and Locke work their way to that happy ending.

This was a great addition to the series and overall, I enjoyed the emotional journey through each book. Heath did it again, she rocked my socks with a romance that I ate right up and I definitely recommend this one.

Grade: 4 out of 5


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  1. oh wow….I see that this is a must for me. I do love Lorraine Heath and she writes some of the most emotional and compelling stories. I am not a huge fan of secrets especially when they are dragged out, but I have heard some great things about it. Lovely review hun.

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