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Review: Torch by Karen EricksonReviewer: Rowena
Torch by Karen Erickson
Series: Wildwood Series #3
Also in this series: Ignite, Smolder (Wildwood Series #2)
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Publication Date: August 16th 2016
Pages: 336
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Series Rating: four-stars

Tate Warren has never met a woman he couldn’t charm—until now.

Wren Gallagher won’t give him the time of day and it’s making him crazy.

But he won’t give up without a fight… because there’s one thing he knows for sure:

Enemies make the best lovers.

Most women swoon over Tate’s devilish grin and firefighter uniform. But Wren couldn’t be less impressed by his good looks and flirtatious banter—in fact, she seems to downright despise him. She thinks he’s a player, but his attraction to her is no game. Wren is unlike anyone he’s ever known and he isn’t about to let the feisty, gorgeous woman slip through his fingers.

Wooing Wren would be so much easier if she didn’t hate him…
Or does she?

Torch is the third book in the Wildwood series and it features the third Gallagher sibling, Wren. Wren is the last man standing in her family and in her circle of friends. It really sucks that her circle of friends went and got paired up with her brothers so there’s no escaping the love bug that has bitten everyone.

It’s hard to be happy for her friends and her brothers when she wants what they have and she feels so …lost. She isn’t living the life that she thought she’d be living when she was younger and she is feeling unfulfilled. The very last person she needs sniffing around her is the guy that gets on her hot damn nerves but Tate Warren isn’t going anywhere.

He’s made no qualms about letting her know that he wants her but because he hasn’t been tied down, he’s got the playboy reputation thing going for him and Wren isn’t interested in becoming one of his girls. Things take a turn when the arsonist that’s been hanging around, burning shit down since the first book gets to her house. She’s got no home and she doesn’t want to be a thorn in her brothers and friends lives and she doesn’t want to deal with her parents so when Tate offers her a home with him, she grudgingly takes it.

This book was a quick read and I really liked that the romance didn’t feel rushed or forced. Erickson does a great job of pulling the reader along with what’s going on with Wren and Tate, the arsonist, Levi coming back into town and she did it all without a lot of page time but everything fit together and the story didn’t suffer for it.

I knew that I was going to like Tate from the earlier books and I’m glad that he lived up to the Tate I was hoping he’d be. He was hot, strong and extremely sweet with Wren and I loved getting to know him. Wren was a great heroine too but there were times when I wanted to smack some sense into her. Like the way that she treated Tate when he took care of her or the whole thing with Levi coming back but in the end, I thought this was a solid story and I’m hoping that we’re not through with these folks because the story isn’t done. We don’t know everything yet.

Overall, this book was great and while I was a little frustrated with that abrupt ending, I still enjoyed the book and have my fingers crossed for more.

Grade: 3.75 out of 5


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    • Tate was a wonderful hero. I enjoyed that once he set his mind on Wren, there was no turning back for him. He was all in and watching him bring Wren around, win her over was great.

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