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Review: Shadow Game by Christine FeehanReviewer: Casee
Shadow Game by Christine Feehan
Series: GhostWalkers #1
Also in this series: Predatory Game, Street Game, Ruthless Game, Power Game, Murder Game, Covert Game, Toxic Game, Phantom Game, Ghostly Game
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: August 26th 2003
Point-of-View: Third Person
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352
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Series Rating: four-stars

The classified experiment is the brainchild of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter, Lily. Created to enhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron, it can transform their natural mental powers into a unique military weapon. But something goes wrong. In the isolated underground labs, the men have been dying-victims of bizarre accidents. Captain Ryland Miller knows he is next. When Dr. Whitney himself is murdered, Ryland has only one person left to trust: the beautiful Lily. Possessed of an uncanny sixth sense herself, Lily shares Ryland's every new fear, every betrayal, every growing suspicion, and every passionate beat of the heart. Together, they will be drawn deeper into the labyrinth of her father's past…and closer to a secret that someone would kill to keep hidden.

I do so enjoy this series. I decided to re-read the entire series because I haven’t read the last few books in the series and when I read the blurbs, I was lost. The GhostWalker themselves branched out to several different groups and I thought it would be a good idea to start from the beginning so I wouldn’t be lost. I’m glad I did because I remembered why I liked this series so much. These are a tight knit group of men that would die and kill for each other.

Captain Ryland Miller and his men volunteered for Dr. Peter Whitney’s GhostWalker program to become better soldiers. Nothing more, nothing less. They wanted an edge on the enemy so they could help their country. They didn’t count on becoming lab rats, yet that is exactly what they have become. Psychically enhanced then separated from each other, the only way they can communicate is telepathically and even that proves to be difficult. Then Ryland meets the Lily, the other Dr. Whitney who has come in to consult on the GhostWalker project. Ryland knows if he and his men don’t get out of the lab, more of them will begin to disappear. He is sure that Lily is his answer.

Lily is appalled by the conditions in which the men are kept, but she knows it is necessary to protect their minds from the psychic backlash they will feel if they leave. Lily and Ryland soon discover that she is an anchor–someone that can shoulder the burden of the outside world from minds that can’t shield themselves. Lily herself is gifted, can read people and their emotions and soon realizes how deep the rot goes with the people involved in this project. She knows that she has to get the men out or they’re all dead.

Her father’s disappearance has left Lily adrift, but knowing that she has to protect these men from those who want them dead. The only safe haven for them is Lily’s home. It is there that Lily begins to discover that Peter Whitney is not the loving father that she’s always thought he was; in fact he’s not her real father at all. Nor is this his first experiment to test psychic abilities. Together, Ryland, Lily, and the other GhostWalkers start to unravel the true evil that is Peter Whitney while Lily tries to reconcile that man with the father she knew.

This is a fast paced read that will leave you wanting more. I thoroughly enjoyed this book the first time around and liked it even better the second time. If you like Christine Feehan, you will enjoy this look into a new series.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.



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