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Review: This One Moment by Stina LindenblattReviewer: Rowena
This One Moment by Stina Lindenblatt
Series: Pushing Limits #1
Publisher: Loveswept
Publication Date: April 5, 2016
Genres: New Adult
Pages: 264
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Series Rating: two-stars

Fame, fortune, and stadiums full of screaming fans are right around the corner for the rock band at the heart of Stina Lindenblatt’s steamy, intense Pushing Limits series. But it’s an epic love affair that steals the show in this opening act.

When Nolan Kincaid skipped town to chase the music career of his dreams, he knew he wouldn’t miss the reminders of his broken family—he wasn’t so sure he could forget the girl he left behind. Now his band is touring nonstop, the recording sessions go all night, and the groupies are crazed. But when he hears that Hailey Wilkins is in trouble, he drops everything.

Hailey thought she’d missed her chance with Nolan. Five years ago, the moment she realized she loved him was the moment he decided to leave. Now, when a brutal assault lands her in the ICU, Nolan flies straight to her bedside, acting like nothing’s changed. What’s a rock star like him doing, canceling shows and risking his record deal, just to nurse an old friend back to health? And why should Hailey believe he’ll stay this time?

With her attacker still at large, Nolan’s ready to rise to the occasion. He knows he let Hailey down once before, but he’s ready to give her everything, heart and soul—and he’ll fight for the chance to prove it.


The blurb for this book caught my attention since I love rock star romances and one with a hero that drops everything and rushes back to the girl he’s always loved because she was attacked and is in a coma? I was definitely interested in reading that one. I was curious to find out why he left the girl behind. I wanted to see this best friends to lovers romance come to life and while the book started off interesting, too much happened in the book that pissed me off. I kept reading, hoping that things would turn around but it never did. Gah.

Nolan Kincaid skipped town as soon as he could to chase his dreams of becoming a rock star. He left everything and everyone behind, including his best friend and the only girl he’s ever loved, Hailey. He lives in Los Angeles and left Nolan Kincaid in his past. He’s known as Tyler now and has no plans to ever go back to being Nolan until he gets a phone call from the one person he stayed in contact with from his past. Hailey has been attacked and is in a coma so Nolan runs back home to be with his girl.

In the beginning of the book, I enjoyed seeing how anxious Nolan was to get to Hailey. A lot of things were thrown on his plate right before his band went on stage but the one thing that he couldn’t get past was Hailey being in a coma. He rushed to the hospital as quickly as he could and stayed by her side until he felt she was safe.

Everything was going great until Hailey woke up and then everything happened at warped speed. Hailey opens her eyes and immediately lays into Nolan for being gone so long and for cutting her out of his life. Like, no big deal. I was just attacked, almost killed and woke up from a coma but I’m well enough to give my best friend hell for being a dick for the last five years. Really? Then she’s released and doesn’t seem to care that her attacker is still out running the streets. She almost just died but she’s not scared of her killer coming back to finish the job, she’s not even hurt anymore. She’s mad that Nolan thinks he’s staying at her house with her. I’m sorry but if I was attacked the way that Hailey was, so bad that the guy almost killed me, I’d be a lot more scared of my shadow than Hailey seemed to be. Don’t even get me started on her parents. They freaking still went on their planned vacation and left Hailey all alone. WTF kind of parent does that shit? I’m sorry but I’m stuck to my daughter’s side like glue until the attacker is behind bars or six feet in the ground. I’m not sipping mai tais on the fucking Carnival cruise ship.


There were a lot of things that ticked me off while I was reading this book. The way that Nolan handled his relationship with Hailey coming out to the public. The way that Nolan was the only person that seemed to care that Hailey’s attacker was still out there and then when he should have been with Hailey, he wasn’t and Hailey almost paid for that. The whole freaking time I was reading this book, I kept hoping that things would turn around. That Nolan would get his shit together and that Hailey would stop being a dumbass about everything but that never really happened.

The whole mystery behind who the attacker was? Yeah, I knew exactly who it was and what happened. So when I finally finished the book, I was glad to be done with it all because when all was said and done and they finally get their shit together, I wasn’t satisfied so I’m not planning on reading any further in this series.

2 out of 5


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  1. LOL at the image (not the cover). Had to go and read your review. Sigh. Perhaps instead of being attacked, the heroine could have just fell out the stairs and you’d get hte same results ^_^; why make it so dramatic? Thanks for the review, Wena!

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