Guest Review: Pushing the Limit by Emmy Curtis

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Guest Review: Pushing the Limit by Emmy CurtisReviewer: Judith
Pushing the Limit by Emmy Curtis
Series: Alpha Ops #3
Also in this series: Dangerous Territory, Over the Line, Pushing the Limit, Compromised, Over the Line
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: November 4th 2014
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 300
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Series Rating: four-stars

After their one-night fling at a wedding, archaeologist Henrietta "Harry" Markowitz thought she'd never see war hero Matt Stanning again. So when they're paired up to investigate a military plane crash in Iraq, she's not sure if the three-month reunion is serendipitous or cursed. What she does know is this gorgeous man lights her body on fire-and incredible sex is always a welcome distraction.

Air Force Sergeant Matt Stanning has been called a hero, but he feels nothing like one when he realizes the sexy blonde in his bed is the widow of his fallen brother-in-arms. Even worse, he actually has to work with her, and she's unearthed evidence that points to a military conspiracy. If they dig deeper, they'll put their lives in danger. If they don't, they'll never know the truth-not only about the mysterious plane crash, but about each other.

More in the Alpha Ops series: Dangerous Territory (novella) Over the Line Compromised Risk of Exposure

After reading the preceding novel in this series, I felt compelled to get the next book and I am so glad I did.  Even though the action at the family wedding wasn’t continued in this story, the characters certainly are.  Add in the fact that Matt discovers an unexpected connection with Henrietta, an archaeologist he met at James Walker’s sister’s wedding, a woman who certainly piqued his interest and with whom he shared a night of passion, and one who is finally open to moving on from the grief over her husband’s death in the Middle East eight years earlier.  Harry, as Henrietta is fondly known by her friends, is an investigative scientist working for a foundation at various sites around the world.  She loves her work and especially loves being back in Iraq where she has friends and associates of somewhat long standing.  However, the discovery of a strange artifact which isn’t at all antique, spurs the appearance of studly Matt Stanning, the man who took her on a passionate erotic journey three months earlier.

All of the books in this series are filled with intrique that is characteristic of the intelligence community, and this particular novel features some of the action that continues in the Middle East.  There are still after effects of the Iraqi conflict and Harry becomes aware that this simple artifact may be important to discovering why the tension around her dig has escalated.  In addition, Harry becomes aware that quite possibly the foundation she is working for may be something other than what she has been led to believe so that the suspicions of Matt curiously coincide with hers and others of her colleagues.  Things just keep on getting curiouser and curiouser and Harry begins to wonder if it is only her reputation she must guard.  Perhaps her very life is on the line.

Lots of action in this book and it is interwoven with a love story that is unexpectedly influenced by recent history.  And as is so often the case in stories of this genre, who to trust is possibly the most serious question.  I know that as I was reading I kept looking for indications that might give me clues about who was trustworthy and who was the perpetrator of evil.  It is that mysterious component that keeps me glued to stories of this kind.  Makes my brain work and that’s a wonderful part of reading for me.

This is another beautifully written book, a story well told, a good balance between love and war, good and evil, friends and those who will eventually turn out to be not so friendly.  It was released late in 2014 but like all good books, its worth as good fiction has not been at all diminished.  This entire series is fabulous and I highly recommend this as such a good read.  I give it a rating of 4 out of 5.

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Reading Order:
Dangerous Territory
Over the Line
Pushing the Limit
Risk of Exposure


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