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Review: Midnight Captive by Elle KennedyReviewer: Rowena
Midnight Captive by Elle Kennedy
Series: Killer Instincts #6
Also in this series: Midnight Revenge, Midnight Rescue, Midnight Alias, Midnight Games, Midnight Pursuits, Midnight Action, Midnight Revenge, Midnight Captive, Midnight Target, Midnight Target
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: June 2nd 2015
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 368
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Series Rating: four-stars

“For those who enjoy their romantic suspense on the dark and steamy side,”* here’s the blisteringly sexy new novel in the Killer Instincts series by the author of Midnight Action and Midnight Pursuits...

Former CIA agent Bailey Jones has spent months trying to forget her night of passion with mercenary Sean Reilly. An elite and methodical assassin, she has no room in her life for a reckless, rule-breaking Irishman, and she’s vowed to steer clear of the tempting bad boy who lured her into his bed under false pretenses.

When Sean is implicated in the robbery of a Dublin bank, Bailey knows something isn’t right. So what if she can’t trust him? There’s no way Sean would end up on the wrong side of the law. In fact, he’s stuck in the middle of a dark and dirty conspiracy that could put his twin brother’s life at risk with one wrong move. And Bailey’s life too when she agrees to help.

As the stakes are raised and Bailey finds herself torn between two brothers, the fine line between danger and desire is crossed…and it’ll take more than a killer instinct to survive.

*New York Times bestselling author Christy Reece

Midnight Captive was the book in this series that I didn’t know I wanted.

Sean and Bailey played very minor roles in the previous books in this series so while I was excited about getting their book, I was more excited about getting a new book in this series but that’s okay because Elle Kennedy did a great job of selling me on these two particular characters. I adored the chemistry between them and really loved how their romance came together.

Bailey is taking a break from work and is hanging out with Paige (Noelle’s IT gal) when she sees news coverage of a bank robbery that went south in Dublin. While she’s watching the news story, she recognizes one of the robbers and her blood runs cold because that’s Sean freaking Reilly holding up that bank with a bunch of other villains and her spidey senses are tingling, telling her something is up.

Without breaking a sweat, Bailey takes off for Ireland to find out just what Sean has gotten himself into because she knows that whatever it is, he needs help.

Meanwhile, Sean is pissed to high heaven that he’s one of the bad guys because his brother is in danger but he’s got a plan (sort of) and is going to get himself out of this just as soon as he can so when Bailey shows up and ruins his plans, he gets pissed to high heaven again because 1) he still wants her and 2) his plan just got a lot more complicated. Sean is under the impression that Bailey is in love with his brother Oliver and Bailey is okay with him thinking that since 1) she still wants him but is pissed that she wants him and 2) he was a dick to her and she’s still mad about that. None of that matters now since she knows the only reason Sean would go villain is because Oliver is in danger and whether he wants her help or not, he’s getting it.

Normally, when heroines are stubborn and they put themselves in harms way after the hero tries to tell them to stay out of harms way, I get really mad at the heroine but I didn’t get mad in this case. Bailey is a hired gun. She’s a freaking assassin and Sean trying to protect her wasn’t really necessary so I actually liked how Bailey dug her heels in and wouldn’t let Sean chase her away.

Bailey was a ballsy, in your face kind of heroine and I thought that worked well for her. She was very protective of those she cared about and you saw that come across as the story wore on. I liked seeing her with the other girls (Paige, Isabel, etc..) but I also really liked seeing her with Sean. They bickered and argued over everything under the sun but it didn’t bother me one bit. I thought they were cute even though they’re freaking assassins who are more deadly than cute. Still, I really liked the two of them together.

Sean was a very alpha hero. He marches to his own tune and the only person he needs watching his back is his brother but in the time that we’ve come to know him, he’s slowly letting more people in. He cares deeply for those in his inner circle and seeing his inner circle grow and grow made me happy. He was a great person to have at your sixth and I loved how he didn’t want to put anyone in danger but nobody would leave him alone. They wouldn’t let him battle the Irish on his own and I think that was one of my favorite things about this series is that both Jim and Noelle’s team of assassins are family. They stick together and one of them is in trouble, you can bet your ass the others are coming and they’re coming deep.

This was a book of surprises. I wanted another book from this series but if I’m being honest, I wanted D’s book. I will say that I am not at all mad that I got Sean and Bailey’s story. Their story surprised me in the best possible way and I really enjoyed this addition to the series. It was fun, exciting and fast pace which is really all of the makings of a fantastic read.

Reading Order:

Midnight Rescue
Midnight Alias
Midnight Games
Midnight Pursuits
Midnight Action
Midnight Captive
Midnight Revenge

Grade: 4 out of 5


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