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Rowena: Please welcome Jill Sorenson to Book Binge today to share some naughty teasers for her new release Shooting Dirty, the second book in her Dirty Eleven MC series. I read the book and really enjoyed it. I hope you guys do too!

Shooting Dirty by Jill Sorenson

She’s his only salvation

Ace Clemmons has wanted Janelle from the moment he first saw her. Taking her captive while he carried out his last hit as a member of Dirty Eleven nearly broke him. Now that he’s gone straight, he’s back in her life, looking to stake his claim. He can’t erase the past but he’ll do anything to make it up to her.

Janelle Parker needs a new start, far away from the trailer park and the strip club. A down and dirty affair with a tattooed criminal is a step in the wrong direction, but she can’t resist Ace’s deliciously commanding touch, which has haunted her dreams for months. Soon they’re both in too deep, falling hard and fast—until an old feud with a rival motorcycle club explodes into an all-out war. Dirty Eleven’s enemies won’t hesitate to hurt Janelle to get to Ace. She has to fight to survive…and for the fiercest love she’s ever known.

Book two of the Dirty Eleven MC series

Jill Sorenson: Hello Book Binge! Thanks so much for having me! Today I’m sharing a naughty excerpt from Shooting Dirty (Dirty Eleven #2).


Ace was having a very dirty dream about Janelle.

They were back in the VIP room, and she was giving him a private dance. But she was fully nude this time, her sleek body undulating against his. She straddled his lap and thrust her gorgeous tits in his face. Her bare pussy was on display, rubbing all over his fly. He groaned as she climbed off him and dropped to her knees. Instead of feigning oral sex, like she had before, she unbuttoned his fly and did it for real. His cock sprang free, straining upright. She bent her head and closed her pretty mouth around him.


Then the buzzer sounded, ending the dance.

Ace awoke with a start. His muscles were tense, his heart pounding. He rolled out of bed and picked up his vibrating phone, wincing as his hard-on got tangled in the sheets. The caller ID showed Janelle’s number.


“Is this Ace?”


“It’s Janelle.”

“I know. What do you need?”

When she hesitated, he gripped his shaft and imagined her saying your cock. He was dying to give it to her.

“My son is missing.”

Ace paused, mid-stroke. “Your son?”

“My mom just sent me a message. He snuck out of the house. I’m worried that he went to Slab City or something.”

Her mother lived in Niland, only a few miles from Slab City. It was a tempting place for a boy his age, like Pleasure Island from Pinocchio. Ace released his jutting wood, hissing a breath between his teeth.

“I don’t get off work until two,” she said, sounding miserable.

“I’ll go look for him.”

“You will?”

Her voice was flat with shock, as if she hadn’t expected him to offer. Even though she’d obviously called in hopes that he would.

He didn’t want to, of course. He didn’t want to go anywhere near her son. It was after midnight, and this was a major inconvenience. The devil on his shoulder urged him to ask for something in return. What was she willing to do for him?

“I’ll fuck you,” she whispered. “I promise.”

“Christ,” he muttered, closing his eyes. Only a heartless asshole would agree to this deal. Although those two words described him pretty well, he couldn’t bring himself to accept. He didn’t want a goddamned martyr. He didn’t even want a sexy faker.

What really turned him on was the idea of turning her on.

Shooting Dirty Teaser

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jill Sorenson is the RITA-nominated author of more than a dozen romantic suspense novels, including the Aftershock series by HQN. She lives in the San Diego area with her family. She’s a soccer mom who loves nature, coffee, reading, twitter and reality TV.

Riding Dirty is her first erotic suspense novel.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Leave a comment for a chance to win a digital copy.

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  1. Kareni

    I’ve enjoyed your Aftershock series, Ms. Sorenson. I’m looking forward to reading Shooting Dirty. Thanks for the excerpt!

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