Guest Review: The Highlander Takes a Bride by Lynsay Sands

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Guest Review: The Highlander Takes a Bride by Lynsay SandsReviewer: Tracy
The Highlander Takes a Bride by Lynsay Sands

Publication Date: July 28, 2015
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Sword fighting, swearing, and riding astride come naturally to Saidh Buchanan. Simpering and holding her tongue—definitely not. Raised alongside seven boisterous brothers, Saidh has little interest in saddling herself with a husband... until she glimpses the new Laird MacDonnell bathing naked in the loch. Though she's far from a proper lady, the brawny Highlander makes Saidh feel every inch a woman.

She has an angel's looks, a warrior's temper, and seeks out his kisses with wanton eagerness. Little wonder that Greer is intrigued by his comely guest. When reckless desire overtakes them, he's more than willing to make an honest woman of her. But Saidh is the target of a hidden enemy, and Greer faces the battle of his life to safeguard the woman he wants above all others.

Tracy’s review of The Highlander Takes a Bride (Highlander #3) by Lynsay Sands.

Saidh was raised with her seven brothers and her mother pretty much gave up on her being a lady. She is who she is and she enjoys it. She knows she probably won’t ever get married because of her rough ways but she’s ok with that.

Four years earlier Saidh had been at her cousin Fenella’s wedding. The groom ended up getting killed, by Fenella, and Saidh helped her with a cover and made it look like bandits killed him. Saidh’s at a friends house when she hears that Fenella’s fourth husband, in four years, has drowned. Saidh hadn’t seen Fenella since her first marriage and hadn’t been aware that she’d gotten remarried – four times! She’s suspicious about the deaths because of the Fenella’s first marriage and decides to visit her cousin to see if she can figure it all out.

When Saidh arrives she meets the new Laird, Greer. They are almost instantly taken with each other. They can’t seem to take their hands off each other but Greer wants to do things right. That doesn’t make her brothers happy when they show up for the wedding that Saidh knows nothing about.

On top of that there’s someone out there who is trying to kill Saidh and no one can figure out who it is or why they would want to kill her in the first place.

This was another fun historical by Sands. I really like her historical novels as they have so much humor in them and while some of the scenarios are unlikely they seem to work for me. In this book there wasn’t too much angst between the hero and heroine and I appreciated that so much. The author let the mystery of who the killer was be the big issue, besides Fenella’s possible involvement, and it was nice to have a simple romance come out of it all.

I really liked both Saidh and Greer a lot in this story. Greer didn’t think he would ever, or could ever, love a woman but he soon finds himself swayed by Saidh. She is just herself and doesn’t put on airs and he loves that about her. The fact that he fell for her hard and fast warmed my heart. Saidh was kind of thrilled to actually be married as she never thought she would be. She was wonderful with Greer and of course her many brothers. I loved the family dynamic and enjoyed seeing Greer fit right in.

In the end it was a pretty fast read with not too much angst, a little mystery, and a lot of lovin’. Good stuff.

Rating: 4 out of 5

This title is available from Avon. You can buy it here or here in e-format.


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