Review: Sweet by Tammara Webber

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Review: Sweet by Tammara WebberReviewer: Holly
Sweet by Tammara Webber
Series: Contours of the Heart #3
Also in this series: Easy (Contours of the Heart, #1)

Publication Date: April 27th 2015
Genres: Fiction, New Adult
Pages: 340
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Series Rating: five-stars

From the author of NYT bestsellers Easy and Breakable - a new standalone novel in the Contours of the Heart series
He's the love of her life, but he doesn't know it.She's his one moment of sacrifice in a lifetime of survival.He was damaged and wild, but resilient.She's always been obedient; now she's restless.
Home for the summer between college and med school, Pearl Torres Frank knows two things: Boyce Wynn is the embodiment of everything she should run from, and everything she wants to run to. Rebellious and loud. Unconcerned with society's opinion of him. Passionate. Strong. Dangerous.
And one more trait he hides from everyone but her:Sweet.

We first met Boyce and Pearl in Breakable, a retelling of Webber’s smash hit Easy, as told from the point-of-view of Landon Lucas Maxfield, the hero of Easy. We learned more about his mother’s death and his downward spiral during his teen years there. Boyce was his tormentor for awhile, and eventually one of his best friends. As I noted in my review of Breakable, the bits with Boyce and Landon were some of my favorites.

Boyce and Peal grew up together in a small coastal town. (Aside: I had this picture in my head, from Easy and Breakable, of an East Coast small fishing village, but I’m pretty sure this was set in Texas, which totally threw me off.) He saved her life when he was seven, and has kind of looked out for her ever since. They formed a great, if unlikely, friendship that they maintained even while Pearl was away at college. When Pearl comes home after graduation with plans to attend the local marine biology program instead of med school, her parents kick her out and she ends up moving in with Boyce. For years they’ve skirted around their attraction to each other, but living in close quarters makes it hard for them to deny how much chemistry they have.

When they give in to the inevitable, both know it’s nothing but scratching an itch, because what they have is way too important to ruin with messy emotions. Except it’s never that easy, and before long both hearts are engaged.

This book started out a bit slow, with very little happening between Pearl and Boyce and a lot of info dumping. As soon as they started interacting all the time, the story really picked up and I fell right into it. I loved their relationship. They truly were best friends who relied on each other, opened up to each other and had a deep and very sweet bond.

Boyce’s need to care for Pearl, both emotionally and physically, was really adorable. I loved that he kind of adopted her as his responsibility, not out of obligation, but out of love and caring. It wasn’t a one-way street, though. He opened up to her in ways he couldn’t with anyone else. He trusted her with every part of himself, even the stuff he didn’t give to Landon, his best male friend.

I finished the book with a smile on my face and flutters in my belly.

4 out of 5


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