Guest Review: Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler

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Guest Review: Her Wild Hero by Paige TylerReviewer: Tracy
Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler
Series: X-Ops series #3
Also in this series: Her Perfect Mate, Her Lone Wolf, Her Fierce Warrior, Her True Match, Her Dark Half
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: May 5th 2015
Genres: Suspense
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Series Rating: four-stars

Name: Kendra Carlsen Rank: Trainer, Dept. of Covert OpsObjective: Get out of the office and into the field.

Name: Declan MacBride Rank: Tracker, Dept. of Covert Ops Status: Bear ShifterObjective: Protect Kendra at all costs.

The steamy Costa Rican jungle brings out the bear in Declan MacBride when he and new operative Kendra Carlsen are ambushed. In the midst of relying on each other to survive, and fighting his explosive attraction to Kendra, this shifter is about to lose control...

Tracy’s review of Her Wild Hero (X-Ops #3) by Paige Tyler

Kendra has been working in the office at the Department of Covert Ops for years. She’s been wanting to get out into the field and has finally gotten her chance. She’s sent with a team down to Costa Rica but only to observe. Unfortunately the DCO team, along with the others they are with, get ambushed by hybrids (humans that are injected with shifter DNA) and the mission goes to hell. Kendra and Declan are left together to try and get back to safety while trying to stay alive.

Declan has had a thing for Kendra for years. He had asked her out on multiple occasions but Kendra had always turned him down. Kendra had a thing for Clayne who is also a shifter but when they actually went out there was no chemistry at all. Now that Kendra is finally interested in Declan she thinks he’s given up on her. Being in the Costa Rican jungle together and fighting for their lives pushes them together and forces them to talk. All their feelings come out but they may not be alive to have it go anywhere.

Her Wild Hero is book 3 in the X-Ops series and it was just as good as the first two books were. It has romance, action & hot shifters – a great combination!

Declan was a gentle giant. He’s a bear shifter but had never let his full shifter abilities come to the forefront. He was ashamed of his shifter side and thought he would be shunned because of them – because he had been by a former lover. He was a good guy and cared about his job and his friends. He was definitely protective and loyal to those he cared about. He had thought that he would never get Kendra to notice him and had tried to tell himself he was over her but he knew he wasn’t.

Kendra was a bit pig-headed to have not seen Declan all those years for the wonderful guy he was. She was so blinded by her infatuation with Clayne that she couldn’t see what was right in front of her face. I could have slapped her for that. lol I was happy to see that she finally got her act together and realized was a wonderful person Declan was. I also really liked her acceptance of him. He needed to be accepted for who he was as that had never happened before.

I did wonder – and I wish this was explained – how he became a shifter. He mentioned that neither of his parent were shifters so I couldn’t figure out how he became one. Where would he have gotten his shifter DNA if not from his parents? Very curious.

The hybrid part of the story was pretty exciting. There was lots of action and fighting and definitely included some intrigue. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the series so that I can hopefully see who’s behind all the dangerous hybrids.

If you haven’t read this series but love action and shifters then you should definitely pick it up – it’s worth reading.

Rating: 4 out of 5

This title is available from Sourcebooks Casablanca. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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