Guest Review: The Accidental Abduction by Darcie Wilde

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Guest Review: The Accidental Abduction by Darcie WildeReviewer: Tracy
The Accidental Abduction by Darcie Wilde
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: September 2nd 2014
Format: eARC
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Harold Rayburn is about to be taken for the ride of his life…

After having his proposal rejected by a beautiful but flighty woman, Harry vows he is done with unpredictable and impetuous women for good. Until beautiful and fierce Leannah Wakefield barrels into his life, inadvertently kidnapping him while on a wild carriage ride and leaving him all too eager to get back in the saddle…

Leannah would sacrifice everything to protect her family. So upon hearing of her sister’s intended elopement, she races across London to stop the ill-advised ceremony before it can happen. However, when her mad journey picks her up an unlikely stowaway, one who ignites her desire beyond all reason, she’s the one who ends up hastily wedding a handsome and secretive stranger.But as Leannah and Harry immediately encounter opposition, jealousy, and suspicion of their hurried nuptials, they begin to doubt that their unquenchable passion can truly lead to a happy marriage—especially when both the bride and groom have devastating secrets to hide…

Tracy’s review of The Accidental Abduction by Darcie Wilde

Harry is devastated when he asks the woman he thinks he’s in love with to marry him – and she laughs in his face. He just wants to be alone and after a talk with his sister he heads to his club. He gets his drink on in a big way and when he leaves the club he’s not really firing on all cylinders. When he sees a carriage flying down the street and realizes a woman’s driving he believes she’s lost control. Despite his drunkenness he manages to clamor onto the carriage and attempts to save the woman. He soon realizes that she’s not lost control but is very much in control of her team. Eventually, however, one of the horses throws a shoe and the mad dash comes to an end. This is when Harry gets to see his “captor” for the first time and he’s entranced. He soon finds out that the woman is trying to go after her younger sister who she believes has headed off to Gretna Green with the wrong man and she intended to stop them. Harry feels horrible about her predicament and he can’t exactly leave her in the middle of the night on a dark road so he ends up walking to team to The Three Swans – an inn right by the London gates.

When they arrive they find that they were expected – only it wasn’t really them, it was Leannah’s sister, Genevieve, who is expected. Despite their traumatic beginning Harry and Leannah start talking and realize that there’s an incredible attraction between them. Neither want to give it up so after lots of events that happen at The Three Swans the end up getting married!

Their both thrilled but Harry’s parents definitely aren’t and think he’s a dupe. Leannah finds herself falling for Harry but she realizes that once he hears about all of her family and their background that things will end. She just wanted something of her own to love and Harry seems to be it.

I’ve got to hand it to Ms. Wilde – this is certainly not your average way to fall into a hasty marriage. I really appreciated her imagination with the whole beginning and how Leannah and Harry meet. I can’t say I blame Harry’s parents for having some misgivings but I do believe they were a bit too harsh without having all of the facts. Harry believed in Leannah and their relationship until almost everyone he knew started bad-mouthing her. Then he couldn’t help but start to doubt his own decision making. I got that but I just wanted him to actually talk to her and ask her rather than keep it all inside. Typical man. lol

Leannah was so used to taking care of everyone in her family that she’d never really taken anything for herself. When she meets Harry it’s a whirlwind start to their relationship but one she covets. Despite that she knows that all good things must come to an end. That’s how she’s lived her life and she expects nothing more than for it all to fail which ends up being a self fulfilling prophecy.

I did wonder why Leannah never was bothered by the fact that Harry was so soon off a marriage proposal. Did you never think she was “rebound woman?” I would have thought that that would be an issue but it was only an issue with her family, in the end.

I very much liked the writing in the book but I can’t say that I always liked the story itself. It’s filled with secrets and whispers and evasions that did annoy me at times, I must admit. I just wanted everyone to be truthful! There were also two villains involved in the book but they played a minor role in the book. I think it was meant to have more of an impact but for me it really didn’t.

Overall a good read but definitely a different type of romance, imho.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

This title is available from Berkley Sensation. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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