Guest Review: Just One Spark by Jenna Bayley-Burke

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Guest Review: Just One Spark by Jenna Bayley-BurkeReviewer: Tracy
Just One Spark by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Series: Just One... #1
Also in this series: Just One Spark (Just One... #1)

Publication Date: October 7, 2014
Format: eARC
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Series Rating: two-stars


Hannah Daniels reads steamy romance novels so she can forget her lack of a personal life and the fact that the one time in her life she took a risk on love, her heart was left in pieces. Her busy schedule means she reads whenever she can make time. Like at the laundromat while sitting on top of a washing machine.

Mason McNally has waited his whole life for a woman who stirs his soul. When he finds her, she s nose-deep in a racy paperback, perched atop a vibrating washing machine. Her beauty, boldness and raw sensuality definitely stir something in Mason. But there s a problem. He s forgotten he s wearing a wedding ring.

No amount of hasty explanations that it s for his brother s psychology experiment keeps her from disappearing. Now he s consumed with finding her again and convincing her that her first impression was wrong, and their spark of attraction is oh so right.

Mason sees Hannah in the laundromat and knows immediately that she was the woman for him. Unfortunately for him he’s wearing a wedding ring because he was helping his brother with an experiment – he’s not really married. Hannah thinks that Mason is married and hitting on her and she’s disgusted – no matter how good looking she thinks he is.

A short amount of time goes by and Mason’s brother, Derek, meets Hannah at a party at her sisters house. Once Derek connects the dots and realizes that this is the woman that his brother has been trying to find he arranges to have them meet. From that moment on Mason doesn’t want to let Hannah out of his sight. Of course she has a very demanding and rewarding job which she loves but she works long hours which doesn’t let them spend a lot of time together.

Though Hannah is leery to start up with Mason she believes that they can have a sex only relationship and it will work. Mason, however, wants a lifetime and convincing Hannah of that won’t be easy.

Hannah has serious trust issues. She was dating a guy and was totally giving him her heart and was planning on getting married to him. Her sister and brother-in-law, however, didn’t like him and hired a PI to investigate him (which I have such an issue with). What they found is that her fiance was already married – with 2 kids! Hannah now believes that her judgment is completely skewed and she trusts no man to be honest with her. Though she really likes Mason she can’t give him her whole self because she just can’t trust him – or any man for that matter.

Mason is ready to settle down. He knows that Hannah is his soul mate right after meeting her and he’s not afraid to go for the gusto. It’s almost to the point of ridiculousness how he’s constantly around her and even when he hears her moving around her apartment (coincidentally he lives right above her) he immediately runs down there – almost every time. He invites himself in, is completely forward, wants to spend every minute they’re not working with her – and this is after they’ve known each other like a day. Quite frankly if a guy did that to me I’d escort him out of my house. Go stalk someone else, please. I think the author here was going for committed and sweet and it came out totally creepy.

Hannah was skiddish and distrusting, Mason was ready to marry her the first hour he met her and between the two of them I couldn’t see the good in the relationship – couldn’t see the love. I didn’t connect with either character on any level and almost stopped reading a time or two when they started to annoy me, but I kept reading. I was kind of happy they worked it out in the end but even then Hannah was hesitant to commit and sadly that just didn’t scream HEA to me.

Needless to say I wasn’t a fan of this book. I guess it was ok but I can’t say I recommend it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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