Guest Review: Night’s Honor by Thea Harrison

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Guest Review: Night’s Honor by Thea HarrisonReviewer: Tracy
Night's Honor by Thea Harrison
Series: Elder Races #7
Also in this series: Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1), Storm's Heart (Elder Races, #2), Serpent's Kiss (Elder Races, #3), Oracle's Moon (Elder Races, #4), Oracle's Moon (Elder Races, #4), True Colors (Elder Races, #3.5), Lord's Fall (Elder Races, #5), Kinked, Lord's Fall, Kinked (Elder Races, #6), Pia Saves the Day & Peanut Goes to School, Dragos Takes a Holiday, Night's Honor, Dragon Bound, Midnight's Kiss, Midnight's Kiss, Dragos Goes to Washington, Shadow's End, Pia Does Hollywood, Liam Takes Manhattan, Pia Does Hollywood, The Chosen: A Novella of the Elder Races, Planet Dragos (Elder Races, #9.8), Planet Dragos (Elder Races, #9.8), Lionheart (Moonshadow, #3), Spellbinder
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: September 2nd 2014
Genres: Fiction
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Series Rating: four-stars

On the run from her former employer, Tess knows that she’s vulnerable on her own amongst the Elder Races. That’s why she decides to audition to become the human attendant of a powerful Vampyre of the Nightkind demesne. But while her position affords her the safety she seeks, her protector turns out to be more than she bargained for.

The right-hand man of the Nightkind King, Xavier del Torro is both terrifying and alluring. While his true nature frightens Tess, she can’t ignore the appeal of his innate sense of integrity and self-restraint. Thrown into Xavier’s world, Tess must quickly learn to navigate the dangers—both to her life and to her heart. But the biggest threat comes from her own past…


Tracy’s review of Night’s Honor (Elder Races #7) by Thea Harrison

Tess is on the run from her previous employer who is a Djinn. She is positive that when he catches her he will kill her and she’s not really ready to die quite yet. She is in San Francisco and decides to attend the Vampyre ball to see if she can become on of their attendants. She is actually chosen and by none other than the right hand man of the Nighkind King. She’s scared shitless. She thinks of vampyres as monsters and can’t quite wrap her head around them but she holds her ground and when offered a job as Xavier’s attendant she takes it thinking that she’ll be safe with Xavier and protected on his grounds.

Xavier runs a type of spy ring and he plans on training Tess to be one but that doesn’t exactly turn out the way he plans. Once she gets in shape she’s not quite as, well, forgettable as she was before and will stand out in a crowd. This creates a problem, especially when he finds himself attracted to her.

At first Tess is so frightened she doesn’t know how to handle Xavier but as time goes on she starts to see him as the person he is – kind, giving, protective and hotter than hell. Before she knows it they’re in bed together but she’s not sure she’ll be alive much longer to enjoy Xavier’s company.

This was an interesting book. For me it wasn’t quite as exciting as the previous elder races books. Part of that had to do with Xavier being absent for the first six weeks that Tess is in training and that takes up a large part of the book. Tess didn’t get to know him at all during that time but when he returns they start to spend time together. I was just starting to see the attraction bloom between the two and then bam they were together. I actually went back in the book to re-read because I thought I’d missed something. The build up and anticipation that I think Harrison writes so well with her h/h was missing for me in this book. The relationship was just taking baby steps and then it fell off a cliff. Too fast for my liking.

That being said I loved Xavier to pieces and while Tess was tough she almost seemed to be a bit too much of a frightened mouse for most of the book. She came into her own but it took a good long time. I think together they made a great couple – after Tess got a new mind-set – and hopefully we’ll get to see them together in future books.

While this wasn’t my favorite of the Elder Races books it was a good one and a book that I think needs to be read to understand the overall story arc and what will happen next.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

This title is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format. The book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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