Guest Review: Hope Burns by Jaci Burton

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Guest Review: Hope Burns by Jaci BurtonReviewer: Tracy
Hope Burns by Jaci Burton
Series: Hope series #3
Also in this series: Hope Flames, Hope Ignites, Hope Ignites, Love After All, Make Me Stay, One Perfect Kiss (Hope #8)
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: September 30th 2014
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Series Rating: four-stars

Molly Burnett dreads returning to her hometown of Hope for her sister’s wedding, especially knowing she’ll have to endure a weekend with the one man she never wants to see again. It’s only a couple of days, so Molly will try to forget her painful past with high school sweetheart Carter Richards. Because despite the bitter memories, she still can’t forget what they once meant to each other.

But when Molly is forced to extend her stay, Carter sees this as his second chance to do things right, to start over again with the only woman he’s ever loved. This time, he isn’t going to let Molly run. Together they’re going to confront the past and put it behind them, and hope for a future as bright as the flame that still burns hot between them.


Tracy’s review of Hope Burns (Hope #3) by Jaci Burton

Molly Burnett has returned to Hope for the first time in 12 years. She’s there to attend her sister Emma’s wedding and though she’s looking forward to the wedding she’s not looking forward to having to face her ex-boyfriend from high school, Carter. Carter and Molly started dating when she was a freshman and he a sophomore and they were inseparable until Molly graduated – then the shit kind of hit the fan.

Molly and Carter got pregnant and while scary they were making plans for the future. Then Molly lost the baby and while she was devastated, Carter just seemed…relieved. He was incredibly upset about it but he’s a guy and of course doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve so the pair ended up fighting about it and Molly ended up leaving town.

While Molly had been harboring horrible feelings about Carter and not letting the matter go – Carter moved on with his life. Not that he ever got over his love for Molly, or his heartache over the baby, but he realized there was nothing he could do about either subject. He has made his life in Hope and has built a booming business. Carter knows that he wants to be with Molly but she is only staying as long as it takes to get through the wedding and then she’s out of Hope once again. Except that her mother gets injured and Molly decides to stay to help her.

Carter and Molly finally sit and talk and clear the air. They decide to be friends but one thing leads to another and the passion they always felt for each other flares once again. Molly states that it’s just sex but Carter plans on getting Molly to stay in Hope permanently.

I have to say that I really love the town of Hope. I want it to be a real place with all of the wonderful people that Burton has filled it with. Most of the townspeople seem incredibly nice and they have a great camaraderie. Of course then there are the MC’s from the previous two books who are in this book as well and they’re still awesome. 🙂 I really loved seeing Luke and Emma again and loved the outings that Molly, Emma and their girl crew had together.

Carter was amazing. My Lord that man is a catch! Kind, giving, friendly, sexy, established in his career, loves being at home…what’s not to love? He pretty much was the total package, that’s for sure. Molly was smart, and got along with her female friends and parents wonderfully well. She actually was pretty great with Carter once she realized that she’d been holding on to her hard feelings toward him for too long. Unfortunately it took her quite a while to realize that. My main concern when it came to Molly was her desire to leave Hope and her unending habit of telling people – constantly – that she wasn’t staying in town. My question was…once she realized that she could deal with Hope and its inhabitants as well as get along with Carter, why did she still feel the need to run? Yes, I could see her running from her emotions, which she ended up doing, but even when things were going well she still was set on leaving. I guess with her being intelligent I would have liked to have seen her get a clue and settle down, at least temporarily, into thinking that maybe Hope wasn’t such a bad place. That never happened and it got a bit frustrating for me, I must say.

Despite my issues with Molly I really liked the story. It was very enjoyable and I loved reading about Hope once again.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

This title is available from Jove. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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