Suzanne Brockmann Co-Wrote a YA book?

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SuzanneMelanieBrockmannSuz has long been one of my favorite authors of romantic suspense. Her Troubleshooters and Tall, Dark and Dangerous series are old favorites of mine that I like to re-read every once in a while.

I was surprised to find out that Suz co-wrote a Young Adult book with her daughter Melanie.  Now, I love me some Suz Brockmann and some YA books so I’m super excited to read this one.

Here’s the summary:

Sixteen-year-old Skylar Reid is thrown into a strange world when she discovers that she has unique telekinetic and telepathic powers. After Sasha, the child she babysits, is kidnapped and believed to be murdered, Sky and her best friend Calvin are approached by Dana, a mysterious girl who has super-abilities similar to Sky’s. With the help of Dana and her sidekick Milo, the four teens embark on a quest to discover who killed Sasha, and to bring the killers to justice.

With Dana as Skylar’s surly and life-toughened mentor, Sky attempts to harness her powers to aid them in their quest. Complicating an already complex relationship with the older girl, Sky starts to fall for the dangerously handsome and enigmatic Milo – and begins to suspect that the attraction is mutual. But then Sky realizes that Sasha might still be alive, and the unlikely foursome’s mission becomes one of search and rescue, pitting the heroic teens against a very deadly enemy.

This one sounds like a good one. I’m completely on board with reading this one so I’m sure you’ll see my review of this book on the blog.  The cover is pretty nifty as well, check it out:


But that’s not all. Suz and Melanie are releasing a free novella, DANGEROUS DESTINY on August 26th so be on the look out for that. Night Sky releases on October 7, 2014.

Lots of goodness going on in this post. This is what I look like right now:

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