Review: The Kraken King Part VI: The Kraken King and the Crumbling Walls by Meljean Brook

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Review: The Kraken King Part VI: The Kraken King and the Crumbling Walls by Meljean BrookReviewer: Tracy
The Kraken King Part VI by Meljean Brook
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: May 20th 2014
Genres: Steampunk
Pages: 88
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The Kraken King, Part VIThe Kraken King and the Crumbling Walls

Reunited, Ariq and Zenobia must journey over the red wall and make a desperate appeal to the one woman with enough power to halt the marauders’ plans—the Empress of Nippon.

But even the Kraken King cannot demand the attentions of an empress. Masked and quarantined, Ariq and Zenobia are forced to bide their time. Despite the fact that they are as physically close as two people can be, Zenobia is trying to keep the man she can’t help but love at a distance, terrified she’ll be hurt again. And all the while, the mysteries of the Living City grow around them…

Warning: This review contains spoilers from Parts I, II, III, IV & V of The Kraken King.

Ariq and Zenobia arrive in the Red City to seek help for Krakentown from the French Ambassador and eventually the Empress. Ariq knows that he’s now fighting two wars – one to save his town and one to win Zenobia’s heart. He’s determined to win both of them. Because of his past as a rebel he knows that assistance from the Empress will be hard to come by. He even uses his parentage as an “in” in hopes that the connection may sway things in his favor. In order to go to the part of the city where the Empress resides they must be quarantined and masked. Zenobia decides to accompany Ariq as she feels safest with him. She also knows that their night of passion that was interrupted by an abduction will soon happen and the anticipation is killing her.

Zenobia, who had thought that the marriage the she and Ariq agreed to was prentend, is shocked to find out that it’s real. He believes her his wife but she’s not sure if he’s her husband. In the Golden Empire an agreement between the two parties is all that is needed to make it legit. Zenobia obviously didn’t know that but she agrees that she will stay with Ariq to try and get to know him and see if the marriage can work. The story gives us insights into Ariq’s life that are both fascinating and heart-wrenching.

Zenobia and Ariq are becoming closer and finally end up in bed together – wow, just…wow. Their love and passion make those scenes so wonderful and I can almost applaud Brook for making us wait so long as it was definitely worth the wait.

Once again the descriptions rocked.  The buildings made of coral, the ocean, the sunrise – it all made for a wonderful picture in my mind. I’m anxiously awaiting the time when Ariq meets the Empress (as I assume he will) to see what that will be like. As the plot thickens in this serial I find myself at the edge of my seat. I want Ariq and Zenobia together permanently, I want Krakentown to be saved and I want a HEA for everyone! lol I find myself getting impatient to see what happens next. This installment was much quieter than some of the others, but no less intense.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Meljean Brook


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