Review: The Kraken King Part V: The Kraken King and the Iron Heart by Meljean Brook

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Review: The Kraken King Part V: The Kraken King and the Iron Heart by Meljean BrookReviewer: Tracy
The Kraken King Part V by Meljean Brook
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: May 13th 2014
Genres: Steampunk
Pages: 107
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The Kraken King, Part VThe Kraken King and the Iron Heart

With their lives and the fate of an empire at stake, Ariq is forced to leave Zenobia behind. Held captive by their enemies, Zenobia can only pray that Ariq keeps his promise to come for her—until a terrible loss prods her to action.

Ariq has no intention of handing over the Skybreaker to the two men responsible for the marauders’ attacks against Krakentown—but without a ransom to give them, Ariq must risk everything to rescue Zenobia and stop the swarming forces bent on destruction…

Warning: This review contains spoilers from Parts I, II, III & IV of The Kraken King.

Zenobia and Ariq have been kidnapped and separated. Ariq has been taken to show the rebels the location of the Skybreaker, a war machine that the rebels plan on using against the current Khagan. Ariq, of course has no desire to see the Skybreaker in the hands of the fools who want it. Not only would it destroy the Khagan and his followers, it would also destroy many innocents as well, and Ariq wants no part of it. He also wants nothing more than to get back to Zenobia. He promised her he would rescue her and so he will.

He risks a daring escape to find her, but Zenobia is not where he left her. The ironship that carries Zenobia has sailed and Zenobia worries that Ariq won’t be able to find her. On top of that the man who holds her captive forces her to stop writing and tells lies about Ariq that makes her start believing that Ariq won’t come for her. Her old doubts and fears about her worth rear their ugly heads and Zenobia decides that she must escape on her own.

While Zenobia and Ariq spend the better part of this installment apart I never felt that they were far from each other in spirit. They each had the other foremost in their minds and it solidified the importance of the relationship in my mind. The fact that while they feared for their own lives but were still thinking of the other first, spoke to me of selflessness and true love.

Ariq also finds out from Zenobia some disturbing information about Krakentown. He needs to get back to the Red City to secure help from Helene’s husband, the French Ambassador, but he knows it won’t be easy. He looks forward to spending more time with Zenobia but knows that he must do his all to save Krakentown.

Man I love Ariq! He’s one hot man but he’s always putting others first – thinking of Zenobia and Krakentown before himself. I love what a protector he is to those he loves. Zenobia in this story showed me her true inner strength.  Her determination to save herself and the plan she had to execute it was pretty brilliant.  I applauded her as she went about wielding her sleeve full of gold coins – they packed a punch!

The descriptions of the airship that Ariq is on, the ironship that Zenobia is on and then eventually of a balloon were so vivid I almost felt as if I was riding in each one of them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Brook’s writing. She sucks me in and doesn’t let go – no matter how long or short the episode/novel is. I’m so looking forward to seeing how the relationship between Zenobia and Ariq progresses.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Meljean Brook


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