Review: The Wolf Siren by Karen Whiddon

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Review: The Wolf Siren by Karen WhiddonReviewer: Tracy
The Wolf Siren by Karen Whiddon
Series: The Pack series #15
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: April 1st 2014
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Series Rating: four-stars

When a werewolf and the beautiful siren he once saved meet again, resistance is futile…

As Pack Protector, Kane McGraw never gets involved with the victims he saves. But Lilly Gideon may be the one exception. She has intrigued him ever since he helped free her from a religious compound called Sanctuary. So when he learns that she's still in danger, he can't stay away—not even if it means exposing Lilly to the fanatics she's trying to escape.

Years of psychological torture have left Lilly without the ability to control her shifter nature. Any man she touches is driven mad by an all-consuming desire. Though she wants Kane more than any man, she's forced to deny him the release they most crave. That is, until he decides it's time to take matters—and her—into his own hands….

Lilly was imprisoned when she was just 15 and stayed that was for 15 years. The man who claimed to be her father (but wasn’t) starved her and the doctors at a place called “Sanctuary” experimented on her constantly. They thought she was an abomination because she was a shape-shifter.

Now Lilly is free but there are several Sanctuary members who were not caught when the place was invaded and shut down. Lilly’s twin brother seeks protection and receives it in the form of Kane McGraw. He’s more than happy to protect Lilly…especially as he’s been attracted to her since the first moment he saw her.

Kane drives Lilly across country to where his family lives in New York. She’s skiddish and frightened and believes that the wolf that lives inside her is a monster. She wants to never shift again but Kane has other ideas. While protecting her he gets her to see that she’s not the monster they brainwashed her into believing she is. As Lilly starts to gain some confidence she wants to act on the attraction she feels for Kane but Kane feels he’s taking advantage of her. When strangers show up in his hometown asking questions about Lilly Kane is put on alert and a larger protection detail shows up. Lilly is more confident now, however, and she’s not about to sit back and let life lead her around – she want to take control and that means with her life and with Kane.

I love stories where the characters come into their own in some fashion. This was one of those books as we saw Lilly go from a frightened shell of a woman to a much stronger, and definitely more confident woman.

The love story here was interwoven with both Lilly as a woman and Lilly as something to be protected – a job. This made Kane stop his actions at times as he felt he was taking advantage of Lilly when she was vulnerable. Lilly didn’t seem to mind, that’s for sure, but Kane was an upstanding and honorable guy and I appreciated his unwillingness to step over a line.

The story was very sweet. Kane and Lilly were quite perfect together and I loved the entire McGraw family and all their boisterous ways. Whiddon always comes through with readable paranormal stories and this one was no different.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Karen Whiddon


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