Review: Once Upon a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

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Review: Once Upon a Billionaire by Jessica ClareReviewer: Tracy
Once Upon a Billionaire by Jessica Clare
Series: Billionaire Boys Club #4
Also in this series: Beauty and the Billionaire, The Wrong Billionaire's Bed, Romancing the Billionaire, One Night With A Billionaire, His Royal Princess, Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: April 15th 2014
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Series Rating: four-stars

The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six men who have vowed success—at any cost. Not all of them are old money, but all of them are incredibly wealthy. They’re just not always as successful when it comes to love…

As a member of the royal family in a small European country, Griffin Verdi’s presence is requested at the wedding of the century. The scholarly billionaire feels out of his depth in social situations, so a good assistant is required—especially when dealing with royal etiquette.

Unfortunately for Griffin, he’s stuck with Maylee Meriweather, a pretty, charming, and thoroughly unsuitable woman who doesn’t know a thing about high society—but she sure can kiss. Her lack of polish may sink Griffin, because after all, even his money can’t buy class. But through Maylee’s eyes, he’s starting to appreciate the simple things in life—if simple means the most complicated woman he’s ever met.

Maylee is everything Griffin isn’t—and everything he wants—if he can let down his guard and step outside his sheltered world…

Griffin Verdi is about to leave on a very important trip when his assistant gets sick with the chickenpox. While at the regular poker game Griff has with his secret society, his friend Hunter’s girlfriend pipes up and offers Hunter’s assistant.

When Maylee hears that she can travel and make double in pay she’s all over the assignment. Unfortunately things don’t start off well when she meets Griff. She’s a complete mess on the plane, as well as having mixed 2 cocktails with her “happy pill” that makes it so she doesn’t freak out when she flies. Once she woke up, not having remembered what occurred while intoxicated, she tries very hard to make Griff happy but it seems impossible. He’s not happy with her wild curly hair, the way she dresses or her southern accent and he doesn’t keep his feelings to himself. He’s a complete snob and acts like an asshole. Despite this Maylee manages to see a nicer side of Griff and eventually he warms up to Maylee. They start to become friends of a sort and then eventually lovers.

The relationship between Griff and Maylee is sweet and while hot as hell, they don’t completely consummate it until later in the story – which I loved. Maylee appreciates the lighter side of Griff when she sees it but he can’t seem to break his snooty attitude or stop caring about what other people think. This gets him into loads of trouble with Maylee and almost ends the best thing that’s ever happened to Griff.

Another great story from Jessica Clare. I love her billionaire boys, that’s for sure. I think what I like so much about them is that they really can be jerks but honesty they come out smelling like roses in the end. For Clare to get me to like a couple of these guys is practically a damned miracle – but she does it every time.

Take Griff for example – what an ass. Seriously. Ok, so he grew up as a royal and expected everyone to do his bidding and he certainly didn’t have to watch what he said to “servants,” but I felt he’d been away from the snobbery for long enough that he’d learned that you just can’t treat people that way. The problem was that he DID know when he was acting like a jerk but he usually didn’t figure it out until after the fact and then he’d end up apologizing. He did apologize though and that went a long way in my book.

Maylee was a kick. That girl was so very southern and had the energy of a freaking wind up toy. She really was a lovable person and while she took a while to grow on you I really liked her by the end of the book. She was a bit much to take – even as a reader – so I can’t imagine how hard it was for Griff (but that certainly didn’t excuse his actions).

The story ended up being very sweet and I really liked it in the end. Griff is perfect for Maylee and I loved them together. I can’t wait to read the next installment in this series!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Jessica Clare


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  1. I adore this series and can't believe I missed on the Netgallet ARC for it. Gotta wait till release day to devour this.

    Btw, great review!

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