Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

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Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie RiceReviewer: Holly
Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice
Series: Ghost Ops #1

Publication Date: November 6th 2012
Genres: Fiction, Erotica
Pages: 304
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Series Rating: three-stars

Ghost Ops. A small unit of super-elite soldiers so secret only two men know of their existence. Betrayed by their commanding officer while on an antiterrorist mission, the team is massacred. Only three survive—and find themselves framed and disgraced. But en route to the court martial, they escape . . . and disappear.

Beautiful, brilliant, and determined, Dr. Catherine Young is on a mission to find a man who has vanished into thin air. Walking into a high-tech hideaway bearing an essential message to Tom "Mac" McEnroe, Team Leader of the betrayed Ghost Ops force, is the most dangerous thing she has ever done. The soldier she encounters is frightening and suspicious, but her senses reveal the man underneath: tough, honorable, and so breathtakingly masculine Catherine feels weak in his presence . . . But to surrender to Mac's passionate desires would put her life in dire jeopardy. Catherine has a gift that enables her to see into the heart of others—and looking into Mac's is like staring into the very heart of danger itself.

This book is so full of crazy. I’ve read Lisa Marie Rice and enjoyed her (though I freely admit the romance works better for me than the suspense), but this is

It starts off with SEAL Team 6 going rogue about 10 years in the future and taking out a pharmaceutical company on American soil, then being charged with treason for it. Only they escape and disappear.  They think they were betrayed by their commanding officer. They’ve retreated to a hideaway in the hills where they’ve created a community of sorts..with Tom ‘Mac’ McEnroe as their leader. Only it turns out they weren’t really betrayed. Their Captain was captured and has been experimented on by a bad guy who wants to bring China back to power and is looking to create a race of super-warriors to do it.

Too bad for him his lead researcher is Dr. Catherine Young, and super genius who also happens to be a little bit psychic.  She can “read” people through touch…like the good Captain who wants to warn his team. She sets out to find Mac and his team, determined to make sense of what’s happening with her former company and inside her own mind.

Right from the beginning, when it’s mentioned the team carries pin’s made from the bullet that killed Osama bin Laden, I knew this was going to be a crazy read. I was right. It was way out there. I’m honestly a bit surprised Rice went as far as she did, especially with the treason of the team that killed bin Laden.

I didn’t feel the strong connection between the hero and heroine in this book. Normally I fall right into the relationships Rice writes, but I think the strangeness of the plot took me away from it.

I was WTF’ing through the whole thing. And…I kind of can’t wait to read the next one. clearly I need help.

2.75 out of 5

This book is available from Avon. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.


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