Review: Full Throttle by Erin McCarthy

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Easing into the turns…

As one of only two girls on the tween racing circuit, Shawn Hamby has always run with a fast crowd. But now at thirty-two, she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. And she definitely doesn’t need a man bossing her around off of the track…

Putting the pedal to the metal…

But after a silly girls’ night at a fetish club, Shawn can’t get Rhett Ford out of her mind. He’s younger than her, and he’s her best friend’s brother-in-law, which should be red flags. Rhett is looking for someone to lead in bed, but he can’t imagine that Shawn would ever submit to him. Boldly surrendering is more her style. And with Rhett behind the wheel, it’s going to be one wild ride…

Shawn Hamby and Rhett Ford have a very short meeting at a a bdsm club one night and share a dance. Rhett is interested in knowing more about Shawn and when he finds out that she’s one of his sister-in-laws friends he heads to Shawn’s place of business – Hamby Track.

Shawn isn’t in the best mood when Rhett finds her. She had just had a conversation with her lawyer and found up that she’s kind of up shit creek without a paddle. You see the grandfather that raised her had owned Hamby Track and she ran it with him for years. Now that he had died she assumed that it had been left to her but her lawyer told her that she would only own it if she got married and stayed married for a year – a stipulation that her grandfather had put into his will. She needs to get married right away or she doesn’t get the track. Shawn is more than shell-shocked but agrees to go out for a drink with Rhett to calm her nerves.

When they get to the bar Shawn gets the brilliant idea to ask Rhett to marry her. She says that after the year she’ll pay him $100,000.00. Rhett thinks about it but agrees before they leave the bar. Five days later they’re married but Shawn’s not sure she’s going to be able to pull the farce off with her friends who know her so well.

Rhett knows that he and Shawn will be good together. He wants to be in charge in the bedroom but he doesn’t want to be in charge out of the bedroom. Shawn loves their bedroom play but is worried that with that and the marriage she’ll lose herself and her independence.

Rhett and Shawn’s story is one of a struggle between two very strong people. On the one hand they’re so very good together. They get along very well, have a lot of fun together and enjoying being with each other. In the bedroom Shawn is cautious at first because she doesn’t know exactly how kinky Rhett is. She soon realizes that everything that he does for her and to her is wonderful and she almost feels as if she’s never had sex before. Out of the bedroom she’s NOT submissive but in the bedroom it works for her.

Shawn’s worries over losing herself to Rhett are valid. As a woman who’s taken care of herself for years it’s hard for her to grasp her submissive nature in bed. She’s worried that it will translate into her every day life and I got that. I thought, however, that she took that a little too far at times. Maybe if I was in that situation I would have had the same feelings but I just wanted her to trust Rhett consistently instead of turning her trust off and on.

Rhett was nothing but wonderful to Shawn from minute one. Yes, he could be a bit manipulative to get what he wanted but nothing that was hurtful. He treated Shawn with kindness and even when he was incredibly frustrated with her he was still patient. He was definitely intense and wasn’t the charming type (well he was, but in his own intense way) but he was pretty damned fabulous as a hero. I think he really made this book for me – even when he was screwing up a bit. 😉

Overall I think I had a bit of a love/kind of like relationship with this book. I really wanted to love it but I just couldn’t get into the angst the way I think I should have. The resolution was really good though and I loved ending it on a high note. So…a book that had it’s highs and lows but one I think was worth reading in the ending.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Erin McCarthy

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