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17236443Tracy’s review of Ablaze (Fireside series #1) by Morgana Black

Cheyenne is planning the perfect weekend with her partner to be Collin. But when the weather turns ugly she finds herself trapped in a cabin with dangerously attractive Luke, one of her father’s ranch hands. When the power goes out Luke and Cheyenne make the decision to keep each other warm, in more ways than one.

Cheyenne is planning on spending the weekend with Collin, the man she’s basically contracted to marry. Being the daughter of a wealthy rancher she’s known exactly how her life would play out and that’s pretty much been on track until a storm changes it all. She likes looking at the new ranch hand, Luke, but she knows nothing can happen. When Luke has to take her to the cabin on the snowmobile she enjoys holding on to him but that’s as far as it can go. The storm ends up keeping Luke at the cabin and Collin away. One thing leads to another and the pair end up in bed but Luke knows it was a mistake while Cheyenne knows she won’t give up until she has him.

This short story was a nice little tidbit to a bigger story. We didn’t get too much background about either Luke or Cheyenne and it was more of a lust-come-to-life type of thing. I was actually surprised that Cheyenne ended up having sex with Luke as she just seemed so accepting of her lot in life and how her life had been planned out. It didn’t really flow with how her character was outlined but as the story was so short it was really hard to tell.

There’s definitely more to Luke and his shy self. From the story we learn that he’s not had the best time of it but besides one incident we learned about we know nothing more of him and that was a bit frustrating.

Overall the story was ok but I would have liked it to have been longer. Hopefully Ms. Black will expand on her characters in further stories.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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