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Well this should have been a “normal” week for me (whatever that means) what with school starting, etc. but it was far from that as it turned out. My youngest was to start school on Wednesday and of course she’s the one that wants to go to school. Unfortunately she woke up on Wednesday with a high fever. Needless to say she was very upset. She still had her fever on Thursday but it was up and down. On Thursday when I got home from work she was just waking from a nap and she felt like the rays of a thousand suns had been beating down on her. After trying to cool her with cold compresses (which didn’t work) I took her to the urgent care and lo and behold she has strep. She’s been on antibiotics since Thursday night and was feeling better almost as soon as the next morning. Today ended up being her first day of school and she looked adorable, of course. (I had to catch her off guard while she was getting out of the car as she didn’t want her picture taken.)

My oldest started school on Thursday and she wanted nothing to do with pictures. I guess when you’re in 10th grade you’re just too cool for first day pictures. (Why do they take selfies all the time and post them on instagram and facebook but when Mom wants to take a picture of them they cringe?  These and other questions.

) I’ll sneak one soon when she’s least expecting it. lol So far she likes her classes and teachers – well, except for Modern Civ which she says is the most boring class in the universe. I told her to give it time it may get better. I never did for me when I was in school but it could happen. 🙂

I finally went to the Ortho about my shoulder. He said I had no rotator cuff tear or issue and no biceps tear – which is awesome. He said the reason that the physical therapy didn’t work was because they were treating me for the wrong thing. Wonderful…not. He said it was a highly inflamed frozen shoulder with some bursitis thrown in for good measure. He gave me a cortisone shot (in more places than the FP guy did) and told me what exercises to do to “unfreeze” myself. We’ll see how it goes.

To say my reading suffered is putting it mildly. I managed to read even less than last week and I didn’t think that was possible. lol

I started off the week with Along Came A Spider by Kate SeRine. this is book 3 in the Transplanted Tales series and it was a good one. The story was about Trish Muffett who gets attacked and is saved by Nicky Blue – the man she’s been in love with for 100 years (literally). Nicky and Trish end up looking for Vlad Dracula together and trying to bring down the bad guys. I really like the world that SeRine has built here and am looking forward to reading more. You can read my full review here. 3.75 out of 5

Next up was Highland Vow by Hannah Howell. This was the story of a girl who had been in love with a man for years and was determined to have him for life but he thinks himself in love with someone else. It was a good story but I think I still need to punch the hero a bit. lol You can read my review here. 3 out of 5

A Simple Twist of Fate by HelenKay Dimon was last for the week. This was Beck Hanover’s book and he falls for Sophie Clarke who is their cleaning lady. Sophie isn’t actually there for cleaning though, she’s there to try and find some jewelry that was taken from her aunt when she was conned by Beck’s father. There’s obviously angst but it all ended well. A good story but slow in some places. 3.5 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)


My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:
Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh
Guardian Demon by Meljean Brook
Smokin’ Hot Firemen: Erotic Romance Stories for Women edited by Delilah Devlin 

Happy Reading!

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6 responses to “What I Read Last Week

  1. Glad your youngest is feeling better!!

    Hmm, my friend Jeanne is going through some sort of frozen shoulder thing, but it's kind of weird – it's something that strikes unexpectedly, basically freezes your shoulder for a few months to a year, and then gets better on its own. I'll have to ask her what it's actually called…

  2. Chris – Thanks – she is!
    Your friend's should problems sound more painful than mine, that's for sure. Mine is horrible depending on how I move my arm but I can at least function day to day and have strength in it. Hope she feels better soon!

  3. Hers is totally dependent on how she moves her arm, too. She can use it normally, but then she'll forget and move it wrong and…

  4. That sounds so similar to mine, Chris, but most of my pain ends up being referred to my upper arm. I only have pain in my actual shoulder some of the time but they say it's all shoulder related.

  5. Glad your youngest is feeling better and happy that you got a decent diagnosis for your shoulder. If you can find a GOOD one, a massage therapist could help a lot with improving circulation and range of motion–I had a friend who suffered for decades and has finally gotten a lot of relief due to someone who had a lot of education and experience who has gradually worked through some of the problem.

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