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No matter what I write in the future, I think I will always consider my Alliance of the Amazons books some of my greatest stories. Why? Because for the first time, I created a world. I populated it. I set the rules. I could do pretty much anything I wanted. Muhahaha…

Actually, writing urban fantasy feels like playing God in some ways. It’s a thrill to be able to decide what can and can’t happen in a world the writer creates from her own imagination. In the case of my Amazons, I decided to use myths from other cultures…in fact, I decided to use all cultures.

There’s such a wealth of great myths, legends, and stories out there. Why limit myself to just the typical Mt. Olympus deities? I wanted to use the wealth of characters from every culture imaginable! So I did!

Choosing a way to make each warrior special in her own way was a little more difficult. My son and I tossed around ideas until it dawned on me that I wanted them “balanced,” which triggered a notion of how the elements of nature complement each other. My Amazons would represent the four elements. After I made that decision, the women’s characters easily sprang to life.

I spent a lot of time deciding which goddesses would be the patrons for which Amazon. I love studying, and doing the research on different cultures and the divinities they worshipped was a blast. The stories I read about the deities also gave me even more ideas for powers the warriors could receive from their patronesses.

I chose Rhiannon for Earth because of her history of being tied to the Earth—several tales of Rhiannon involve her loyalty and love for her land and people. I also love the tales of King Arthur and Rhiannon as the Lady of the Lake.

Freya was a super goddesses for Fire since some of her Norse mythology involves her ability to use fire. I also loved her handling of animals, especially her hawk. That gave me the idea of letting the Fire Amazon be able to shapeshift into a hawk…and then into other things because I allow my ladies’ powers to grow as they mature. In addition, Freya has a mischievous twin—Freyjr—who has been both a curse and a blessing to the Amazons. He particularly plays an important role in The Volatile Amazon, the fourth book of the series.

The Air Amazon is given her aid from the Mayan goddess Ix Chel. Every piece of art I found for Ix Chel made her look like Cher in her heyday, which I thought could be a fun addition to the story. Her mythology also gave me a lot of “ammunition” to use for her Amazon.

Finally, what better goddess than Ganga for the water element? I was inspired not only for her connection to healing through the Ganges River, but because I have a former student I’m very close to who is Indian. She helped me understand the culture better, and I always pictured her whenever I wrote about my Water Amazon.

The Reluctant Amazon—Earth’s story—released September of 2012. I was thrilled at the response! It’s currently the number one urban fantasy romance for Carina Press. Fire’s story—The Impetuous Amazon—debuted in January and has been an All Romance Ebooks bestseller. The Brazen Amazon releases on May 6th. The series ends in September when The Volatile Amazon—Water’s story—appears.

This is a “closed” series. The Volatile Amazon is the end of the Alliance of the Amazons in many ways, so this generation of Amazons will fade into the sunset. But remember—there can always be a new generation.

To celebrate my series, I’m holding a giveaway through Book Binge. Two lucky winners will be given the first three books in the Alliance of the Amazons series!

Please note: you must include a valid email address with your comment to be eligible. Contest ends 3/20/13 @ 11:59pm.

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28 responses to “Guest Author (+ a Giveaway): Sandy James – Amazon

  1. Jess1

    Sounds like a great series dealing with the four basic elements. Liked how you’re drawing on different influences from around the world too. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  2. Audri

    You are a great author and a great teacher, too! I love your stories and can’t wait to read them all!

  3. Hi, Jess! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post!!

    Audri, you are so sweet! Don’t forget to leave an email address in another comment if you want a chance to win the books!!

  4. Congratulations on the series as well as your two final books. Figures…I find something that interests me and the series is coming to a close.

    thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Please enter me into the giveaway.

  5. I love all of your books! This series touches on the current paranormal popularity but its story is so wonderful and unique. I mean, how many good vampires can there be?! I love these characters and the stories draw you in right away. These books would make a great movie series!! Looking forward to the next two books in the series!

  6. Congrats to Sandy on her series! Thanks for sharing a great post. It’s always fun to find out the “behind the scenes” and what was the inspiration and creative drive. Best of luck in the future!


  7. How exciting it is to create your own world and populate it and design it as you see fit. I love the ideas described for the leading characters. Sounds like strong, fun women to read about! I also love futuristic stories and this series sounds great!


  8. LJ

    This sounds like a new series I’m going to have to get my hands on. Thanks for pointing me in this direction Ms. James!

  9. Natasha

    I have really enjoyed reading the first two books in this series, I was hardly able to put them down! I think you are a great writer and I cannot wait until May to read Air’s story!! I would love for you to create a whole new generation of Amazons!!

  10. I agree, Heather. It’s so much fun to create my own world!

    You’re quite welcome, LJ! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    I’m thrilled you enjoyed the first two books, Natasha! As far as the next generation…you’ll have to read Air and Water’s stories first. A few surprises in store!!

  11. I enjoyed the post. I love hearing how you create the wonderful stories that I can’t wait to escape into. This new series sounds absolutely awesome to get lost in!

    sdarrah29 at gmail dot com

  12. This series sounds awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on the first book so I can start reading 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway as well!

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