Author Interview (+ a Giveaway): Elle Kennedy

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Recently Elle Kennedy agreed to answer some questions for us about her Killer Instincts series, including her latest release, Midnight Alias.  We’re excited to share that interview with you here on Book Binge.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration for writing female assassins?
I love strong female characters! What appeals to me specifically about female assassins is that they take that strength, power, and self-confidence to the next level.  But my heroines, no matter how lethal they can be, also have a softer, more vulnerable side.  I think women are complex and dynamic; we are strong and powerful, but we also have a strong need for an emotional connection with other people in our lives.

  1. What kind of research did you do?

I do quite a bit of research actually. I try to make sure that what I write about is accurate and believable.  My research can take the form of picking my friends’ brains about hockey or horses, or flying to California to talk to naval officers.  I like to travel to the places I write about, not just so I can describe them accurately, but also to get a feel for the people and culture.  I like to get absorbed in the place—that way, the writing and characters are much more alive for me.

  1. What can readers expect from the series?

They can expect action, a lot of suspense, and some kickass characters whose stories are hard to forget.  Oh, and of course, some hot romance!

  1. Are you planning a set number of books in the series?
Right now I’m contracted for five books, but there are so many side characters who I think should get their own stories!  In my head, I’m envisioning 10 books, but that’s not set in stone.

  1. Will you tell us about Luke and Olivia?

Luke and Olivia are both loyal to a fault, have a need to help others, and will make any sacrifice as long as the people they love are happy.  But while Olivia is serious and in need of some stability in her life, Luke is reckless and always ready for a new adventure.

It was a lot of fun to pair a heroine who’s looking for a “normal”, nine-to-five partner with a hero who lives life on the edge and doesn’t care much for schedules. When the two of them are on the page together, the sparks fly. 🙂


Thanks so much to Elle Kennedy for stopping by the blog to talk to us. It’s always such a pleasure to have great authors on the blog.  

Her Killer Instincts series sounds like a winner so if you’re interested in reading them, here’s the reading order:

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10 responses to “Author Interview (+ a Giveaway): Elle Kennedy

  1. I love strong female heroines with a softer side…too many UF heroines tend to be hardened by ‘life’ or ‘bad experience’

    thanks for the opportunity


  2. Jane

    Congrats to Elle on the new release. I’m hoping Isabel and Trevor make an appearance in “Midnight Alias.”

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  3. I read your review. I can appreciate that this book is darker (and perhaps more realistic). I wouldn’t want to read something like it every day, but I get tired of romantic suspense where the suspense portion is sanitized and barely exists, it’s just an excuse for the couple to be thrown together 24/7.

  4. Congrats on the release. Midnight Alias sounds fantastic.Can’t wait to read it. I love reading stories with strong heroines who don’t need a man to take care of them. Thanks for the great interview and giveaway.


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